Discover the Healing and Transformative Power of Your Voice

Music bridges the physical and spiritual realms, and few can navigate this bridge as masterfully as sound healer and melodic narrator, Fred Johnson. Through his unique art of combining joyful, energizing rhythmic patterns with communal participation and emotional expression, Fred facilitates powerful healing for the body, mind, and spirit.

This free online event is your gateway to liberating your authentic voice and experiencing a profound personal transformation. It’s not just an event; it’s a celebration of sound, spirit, and the joy of vocal expression!

What You Will Learn

Experience the Joy of Ancient Chanting Traditions

During this special 60-minute session, Fred Johnson will introduce you to the enchanting world of sound healing through the ancient chants of “The Quiet Callings” and “Seeds of the Lotus.” These practices, derived from the African Diaspora’s rich traditions, offer spiritual upliftment and tangible health benefits.

  • Reduce Stress and Achieve Emotional Balance: These chants’ rhythmic and melodic structures are designed to soothe your mind and promote emotional equilibrium.
  • Awaken Your Inner Voice: Engage with sound healing to discover the profound capabilities of your own voice, which can help deepen your self-understanding and enhance your life.

The Seeds of the Lotus and The Quiet Callings

The session will guide you through these powerful chanting techniques, teaching you how to use your voice to significantly quiet your mind, amplify your healing, and deepen your overall connection to yourself.

Who Can Benefit?

Everyone Is Welcome!

You don’t need any prior singing experience to join us. Fred Johnson’s approach is accessible to all, regardless of musical ability. Whether you are new to sound healing or an experienced practitioner, this event will offer you valuable insights and techniques to enhance your daily life.

Why Should You Attend?

Transform Your Life Through Sound

Employing these sound-healing practices in your daily life can transform your understanding of being whole and healed. Tuning into the rhythm of your breath and heart can unlock new levels of wellness and spiritual connection.

Special Insights from Fred Johnson

Fred will share his extensive knowledge and experience, providing insights into a rich musical history and tradition originating from Africa. You will learn about the significance of ancestry in sound healing and how the “ancestral staircase” can enrich your journey towards wellness.

Don’t Miss This Free Online Event!

Join us for this enlightening hour, during which you will gain a profound understanding of the vital role your voice can play in enhancing your life. Discover ways to voice your melodic narrative through Afri-Sufic sound, sacred, creative, and uplifting sound-healing practices born of the African Diaspora.

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In Discover Ways to Voice Your Melodic Narrative Through Afri-Sufic Sound, you’ll:

  • Discover the power of chant through practices such as The Quiet Callings and Seeds of The Lotus.
  • Gain insights into a rich musical history and understand the significance of ancestry in your sound-healing journey.
  • Experience silent meditation intertwined with sound healing to enhance self-care and healing.
  • Enhance your daily life through practical applications of these teachings, fostering a deeper connection with yourself.

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