The New Light: Astrology Forecast July 28th – August 4th 2019

July 29th, 2019

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Whilst you are still dealing with the fallout from July’s eclipse, August starts and ends with 2 Super New Moons. There’s no more transition time between Life Shocks.

Stealth Super Moons – at their closest to Earth – operate under the radar creating seismic storms both inside and out. Both of August’s Super New Moons deliver extra geophysical stress. Expect drama in the outer world, but create neutrality in your inner world. Neutrality is not passive; it is a very present and empowered engagement with what is presenting in the Now.

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This week you will really feel-deeply and somatically- the accelerating shift on to the 2020 time-lines as the 8:8 Lion’s Gate swings open, bathing you in the new photonic Light of the Sirian Central Sun, Mercury turns direct and futurist Uranus wires your nervous system up to the mains. This level of inner electricity is going to be the new normal. Sideways elevators can arrive at any time to offer a vector you didn’t realise was there. Whenever these show up, take the ride into radically new, uncharted and visionary territory.

Leo Super New Moon August 1 2019

Mercury stations to turn Direct opposite Saturn and Pluto for the 2nd time at this potent Super New Moon, reactivating July 16th’s eclipse degree. Mercury’s storm will amplify the seismic Super Moon window throughout the entire week. Expect revelations on the world stage to do with the use or misuse of power. The Super Moon is fuelled by volatile unpredictable Awakener Uranus. A Grand Fire Trine between Jupiter, Chiron and Sun/Mars releases a wellspring of creativity. Time to ignite your dreams into inspired action.

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The Chandra Symbol for the Leo New Moon:

A young woman sits at a piano and improvises beautiful music

“Making yourself fluent, open, alive, responsive to currents of spirit inspiration. Tremendously disciplined and coherent. Putting everything on the line with a sense of having vowed to do these things before and now following through. Graced with extraordinarily supportive factors of many kinds. Being generously endowed with timing grace and loving or admiring people around. A charmed life. Moving from one success to another. Always able to take it further. Not restricted by the usual factors. Perhaps even able to create and co-create with immense freedom and evocative power.”


Aries Week Ahead Forecast: July 28- August 4, 2019

The roller coaster ride through the two eclipses may be ending but a seismic Super Moon window opens on Wednesday 31st , accelerating the momentum. For you, as Mercury turns forward again, there may be some kick back or unfinished business from the July 16 eclipse connected with home, family and tribe. If so, draw a line under it, resolve it and move on. The beautiful New Moon in fiery Leo switches on your creativity, inspiration and faith in the future, so waste no time looking back-turn all your attention to bringing something new and close to your heart into the world.

An injection of hope.

Taurus Week Ahead Forecast: July 28- August 4, 2019

You may feel as if you’re plugged into the mains this week as the New Moon and your personal ruler Venus align with volatile Uranus in your own sign. Not for nothing is this planet known as the Great Awakener. On top of that, Wednesday’s stunning New Moon in Leo is a Super Moon intensified by Mercury turning forward again. Your home, family and tribe will bring out of the blue surprises or you may shock yourself by considering a radical move of some sort. It’s definitely time for a change, for letting in some fresh air , even if it’s only a de-clutter or a renovation.

Changing your environment.

Gemini Week Ahead Forecast: July 28- August 4, 2019

Any week when your personal ruler Mercury changes direction is a time to sit up and pay attention. And right on the stunning Leo New Moon on Wednesday, the Messenger turns forward kicking up a dust storm in the Super Moon seismic window. With volatile unpredictable Uranus in the mix, messages of all kinds will bring a wakeup call of some sort. Whether it arrives via symbols, dreams, inklings, ideas or face to face communication, you will know when the information has landed. Then just watch for your Big Yes or Big No-your body never lies.

Opening to the New.

Cancer Week Ahead Forecast: July 28- August 4, 2019

This is a week and a month when the future pays you a personal visit. It arrives in the seismic window of Wednesday’s Super New Moon, with Mercury turning forward in your own sign right on the July 16 eclipse degree at odds with Saturn and Pluto. Something that surfaced during the eclipses comes back for resolution and completion. Or you suddenly connect the dots in a situation or relationship- a lightbulb moment! As the fiery Leo New Moon starts a welcome new cycle of finances and income, turn away from the past and let the light of a more optimistic future guide you.

Fierce hope and bright faith.

Leo Week Ahead Forecast: July 28- August 4, 2019

Every year at this time a Leo New Moon arrives but it’s rare to experience a Super New Moon in your own sign, signalling a whole new chapter. Not only that but Mercury turns forward again kicking up a storm just as unpredictable Uranus is amping up your nervous system. Expect fireworks on August 12th. It’s time to make a leap of faith, to ratchet up your self-belief, courage and determination. If someone or something is holding you back, draw a firm line in the sand. That belongs to the past-the only time that matters is the Now and the New. Trust the surge of optimism and creativity-it’s real, it’s accessible, all you need to do is channel it into turning dreams into reality.

Just feel your batteries re-charge.

Virgo Week Ahead Forecast: July 28- August 4, 2019

Without any exaggeration, it’s going to be a volatile week for everyone. First, there is a seismic Super New Moon on Wednesday in your 12th House just as your personal ruler Mercury turns forward right on the July 16th eclipse degree. Second, Uranus, the Great Awakener is plugging you into the mains, disrupting plans and making you feel edgy and overly sensitive. Third, with the Sun in Leo until August 21st, your solar batteries are flat. This is a recipe for burnout -feeling both tired and wired. So be gentle with yourself, stay away from people who press your buttons and do something to enhance your physical wellbeing that makes you feel wonderful.

“You are the sky. Everything else is just weather” Pema Chodron

Libra Week Ahead Forecast: July 28- August 4, 2019

The big question for you this week is: Can you keep a radically open mind? Once you master this, the art of no expectations will turn you into an Akido Master, responsive not reactive, no longer buffeted by events outside your control. The environment maybe volatile with a Super New Moon amped up by Uranus plus Mercury turning direct kicking up a trickster storm, but how you respond to it is totally up to you. You may think you have a reality problem, when in reality you have a thinking problem. Turn your face to the future and channel the wonderful Leo New Moon energies into expanding your goals, priorities and alliances.

Your thought stream becomes your life stream.

Scorpio Week Ahead Forecast: July 28- August 4, 2019

It’s not very often that a Super New Moon activates your axis of life direction, throwing you into a whole new chapter of career, purpose and service. So, when it does-as on Wednesday-you need to grab the opportunity with both hands. On top of that, Mercury turns forward on the same day leveraging you some unexpected room for manoeuvre in a work situation that you thought was blocked. Frame the unpredictability, the volatility as the ace in your hand and be ready to switch tactics and surprise yourself with a radical change of heart. One inner shift is all it takes.

A blast of fresh air.

Sagittarius Week Ahead Forecast: July 28- August 4, 2019

A wonderful New Moon in fellow Fire sign Leo on Wednesday turns you firmly towards new and bigger horizons. Not only that but it’s a seismic Super Moon, aligned beautifully with your personal planet Jupiter in your own sign and futurist Uranus. Expect new insights, light bulb moments and epiphanies. Mercury turns forward again so the big question only you can answer is: How have you been underestimating yourself? Ask it and listen to what comes immediately to mind. Then make it your agenda for change during August- a month of accelerated growth.

Faith, hope and optimism.

Capricorn Week Ahead Forecast: July 28- August 4, 2019

You won’t be able to miss the new shoots of growth this week or throughout the whole month of August. You’re in uncharted territory when your usual kneejerk reactions won’t work any longer. That’s great news as it means you have to have a completely open mind, drop expectations and meet each moment as it comes. Wednesday’s Super New Moon puts your finances to the spotlight just as Mercury-planet of business- turns forward again right on the July 16th eclipse degree in your angle of contracts, partnership and agreements. Take a fresh approach and expect to be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Choose the new and untried over the old and tested.

Aquarius Week Ahead Forecast: July 28- August 4, 2019

Each year at this time you experience a New Moon in angle of relationships. But this year it’s a seismic Super Moon aligned with your volatile personal planet Uranus. The message is in flashing neon lights: change is not an option. Since Mercury turns forward on the same day, experiment with tweaking your usual habits of communication to see if you could get better results. What you’re after are win/win scenarios, not one-upmanship or confrontation and that‘s achieved through rapport – by walking in your partner’s shoes. If plans are changed at a moment’s notice, just wait and see what happens instead. It may be better than your original idea.

Updating your modus operandi.

Pisces Week Ahead Forecast: July 28- August 4. 2019

The entire month of August is all about focusing on the new, the fresh and the innovative. And it starts at Wednesday’s Super New Moon, nudging you to take a monkey wrench to your encrusted habits and routines and do something different. As Mercury turns forward again and volatile Uranus electrifies your zone of connection and communication, expect plans to be disrupted by events outside your control. This gives you the gift of having to creatively solve problems and come up with new answers to old issues. Don’t worry about seeming radical-radical is what’s needed.

Your intuition is your greatest asset in these times.

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