The Leo New Moon: Conscious Creation at Its Best

31st July, 2019

By Nikki Harper

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Depending where you are in the world, the Leo New Moon occurs on July 31st or August 1st. If you’re in the US, it’s a black moon – the second New Moon in a calendar month, said to be extra potent in its influence. But what energies does the Leo New Moon bring us and how can you best use them according to your zodiac sign?

Leo energy is centered on willpower and ego; in order to attain a higher state of consciousness, Leo energy has to work through ego issues to get to a point where willpower can be channeled and applied for the greater good, rather than for personal gain. Every Leo New Moon is a chance for us all to work on this. It’s a time to gain knowledge and spiritual understanding so that we may lead and inspire others, rather than to attain personal glory or recognition.

This Leo New Moon is a little different from others. Mercury finishes its retrograde period on the same day and turns direct, which makes communication easier – but it does mean that the New Moon energies are charged with the need for us to learn from the recent eclipses and from any difficulties Mercury retrograde has highlighted. Leo New Moons teach us that we are truly the co-creators of our destiny, but this conscious creativity must be grounded in what has gone before.

The New Moon also occurs against the backdrop of a Venus-Uranus square. On a mundane, personal level, this energy brings potentially explosive issues in love or money, but on a more spiritual level, we’re reminded of the need to break rules in order to put love first. We can use the courageous, bold, brave energy of the Leo New Moon to turn our backs on conventional excuses and to love anyway, fiercely, passionately and with total compassion for our fellow humans. This is a very potent time to show love and support to the downtrodden, the victimised, the forgotten and the lonely.

Leo New Moon for Aries

Set an intention to use joy and creativity as your path to growth during this lunar cycle. This means doing more – much more – of what makes you smile, and it also means prioritising joy in your schedule. Set an example to others by putting love first on your agenda, regardless what else is going on in your life. Embrace creative activities such as art, drama or music-making – anything which allows your innate love of life to spill out into public view. This will benefit you, but importantly it will inspire others too.

Leo New Moon for Taurus

Personal growth this lunar cycle comes through opening up your home and your heart to others, including strangers. Put your own domestic privacy on the line in order to make someone else feel comforted, included or loved. Set an intention also to break free from the past patterns which are holding you back. Just because you’ve “always done it this way” is not a reason to keep doing it! In fact, during this period of new opportunities and fresh starts, the opposite applies!

Leo New Moon for Gemini

Communication is always a key skill of you and it’s your biggest spiritual strength too. Use these New Moon energies to talk to others about the ongoing shift, the crisis facing humanity and the love-centered solutions which will be necessary. Yes, you’ll get some weird looks. It’s not always easy being awake when others are sleeping. But you have the ability, particularly now, to open eyes, hearts and minds, so use your talents to their fullest by spreading the most important messages for the world right now.

Leo New Moon for Cancer

Fight the urge to fix the world by buying stuff. That’s simply not going to happen, as you well know in your saner moments. This New Moon energy challenges your values, but it’s also an opportunity for you to shift your relationship with money and to move beyond the traps set by our everyday financial systems. Set an intention this lunar cycle to manage with less, materially speaking, and to investigate new ways of buying less, using less and squandering fewer of the planet’s resources.

Leo New Moon for Leo

The New Moon in your own sign is your opportunity to step into and fully embrace your astrological Leo birthright. It’s time to take the lead among your family and friends and to stage a few wakeup calls. You may have to use some dramatic flair – you’re good at that – to get the message across, but your intention this lunar cycle should be to draw attention to the spiritual knowledge you’ve gained. You have insight which needs to be shared, and the sooner the better.

Leo New Moon for Virgo

This New Moon is potent, symbolic and possibly painful for Virgo, pulling as it does on your deepest and most compassionate instincts. Your challenge during this lunar cycle is to fight against despair. It may seem that nothing is changing, or you may feel powerless, but you’re under-estimating your own role in the current spiritual shift. Don’t give up hope. Use your infamously sharp critical skills to tell the world loud and clear that the emperor has no clothes – and keep saying it, even when you’re shouted down.

Leo New Moon for Libra

Friendship, fun and companionship are key energies swirling around Libra during this New Moon and indeed it’s the ideal time to expand your social life. Set an intention to meet more like-minded folk during this lunar cycle and allow yourself to gravitate towards people who are walking an unusual path. If you find the right company, you can play a big part in a reality shift this month, but it’s essential that you figure out who is on your wavelength and who isn’t.

Leo New Moon for Scorpio

Love bomb the powers that be. You’ve probably figured out by now that anger and disgust roll off the backs of the elite as if these emotions didn’t even exist. Love is our shared vibration, even with those who don’t appear to be very loving, so use that to your advantage during this New Moon. Get creative if you want to argue with someone and don’t lose your temper. It’s a good time to stand up for what’s right, especially in your working or professional life, but do it with a touch of Leo flair and flamboyance – and humor – for best results.

Leo New Moon for Sagittarius

Leave your four walls far, far behind. You can’t express this Leo New Moon energy from within the artificial confines of your home, however much you love it. In order to inspire others, you’re going to have to endure some discomfort and restlessness yourself. During this lunar cycle, show what can be done and show how adventure and courageous leaps of faith can truly make a difference, both on a personal level and on a wider spiritual level. Be a trailblazer, because someone has to be, and Sagittarius does it so well.

Leo New Moon for Capricorn

Use these New Moon energies to forgive the unforgivable, for your own sake if not for the sake of the person or institution who has wronged you. This energy is a wakeup call, warning you that you’ll struggle to make further spiritual progress if you remain quagmired in blame, resentment or anger. Consciously create a new reality, in which you have forgiven and moved on – by visualising this and living it, you’ll ease personal tensions, enabling you to shake off the blues and step back into your best life.

Leo New Moon for Aquarius

Look into the karmic links which underpin your closest relationship. If you’re happy together, it could well be that you have some joint spiritual work to undertake – and that work can start now. If you’re not happy, could there be a karmic reason for that? It goes without saying that you must not tolerate abusive behaviour from your lover in any way, shape or form – but if you’re just struggling through an ordinary tough patch, try to figure out when it began and what spiritual needs or wants lie beneath the drama.

Leo New Moon for Pisces

Meditation, mindfulness and dreamwork can all have a positive impact on your mental and physical health during this Leo New Moon period, so make as much time as you can in your schedule for this kind of spiritual peace. Meanwhile, set an intention to bring light and joy to work with you – even if, or perhaps especially if, you work in a difficult or hostile environment. Your own attitude and your ethereal nature can truly shift the balance among colleagues, and this matters. Change starts right where you are.


About the author:

Nikki Harper is a spiritualist writer, astrologer, and current editor for Wake Up World.

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