Embodying your Intuitive Goddess – 13 Steps into Your Feminine Power

By Regan Hillyer

Guest Write for Wake Up World

A Short Guide for Women to Rise in their Purpose, Business and Life.

The Intuitive Goddess, what does this mean? And what can it mean for you, in your life, business and purpose?

Let me commence by telling a story. Twice a year, I take a select, hand-picked group of entrepreneurial thought leaders and business gurus into the mountains of Peru. Working alongside the indigenous grandmothers from the local tribes, we immerse deeply into a state where, amongst many things, we can release into the next level of calling in total abundance into our lives.

One day I awoke the morning after a powerful ceremony the previous evening and, in the halfway state between total sleep and awake I heard a powerful voice. It boomed at me.

“You need to go to Greece” 

I blinked and then asked … ”When?” 

The voice responded…”NOW.

I’m running a retreat, I’m in deep in the jungles of Peru, I am a facilitator here to a group of people! Why do I need to go to Greece now? 

The voice responded …”That will all be revealed…Just go.

The voice was specific, it included specific instructions around direct travel to the Cyclades Islands, in fact to the sacred, ancient island of Delos. Yes, it was that specific. Miraculously, all of my obligations were easily moved without disappointing anyone and my flights were re-booked simply and easily and I was Delos-bound, following the instructions, without knowing why.

And, on the sacred island of Delos, this is what I found. And, if some of this is making you, the reader, a bit uncomfortable, as it is somewhat outside of the ‘normal’ – relax, everything in this article is shared for a reason. Part of my mission as a life coach and business mentor is to disrupt an existing version of ‘normal’ so that we can live into and call up the life that we truly desire.

I received, directly from that same golden Goddess, a transfer of information on Delos, 13 important steps to Activate the Goddess within you, they have been given to me for all women to embody their purpose and live into the true essence of their higher being.

I have to say, though, that when I received the 13 steps for stepping into your feminine power, I didn’t feel or trust that I was able to translate the joy that I experienced and felt on Delos, to others. Then, I remembered, it was just perfect, and it had come out exactly how it was meant to, simply, so it could be absorbed by people and so that they would be able to grasp and digest it. I was the vessel for this, I was the conduit that had been chosen, and in what was a life-changing moment, I stepped up to the task.

The 13 steps, as I received, are:

  • Honoring the Goddess Within. Know and truly believe that being a fully empowered goddess is your natural state. Tune inwards and feel her presence.
  • The Art of Surrender. Release control, allow yourself to surrender to what is natural and feel right, letting go of all of the control mechanisms that you think you need to have in place.
  • The Complete Activation of Your Natural State. Commence fully seeing, hearing and fully knowing. Allow yourself to dream again and activating your natural God-given talents and gifts.
  • Activating the Voice of Truth. Stand up and speak your truth. Use the Sword of No and the Empowered Yes.
  • Claim Back Your Power. Claim back your personal power so that you can rise into the highest light. Be unafraid to stand fully in your highest power.
  • The Soul Obedience Return. When we live from our soul, we get to create the life that we desire, rather than doing others’ bidding.
  • Return to Radiance and Beauty. Inner beauty is our natural state. Let the inner radiance of your Goddess soul shine.
  • Cellular Embodiment of the Goddess Within. BE the Goddess, at a deep cellular level. Show up unapologetically as the best version of yourself, each and every day.
  • Integration of  Divine Embellishment. Be fully expressed as YOU. Say yes to doing what you really want to achieve. Push the limits and brush away the negative limiting thoughts.
  • The Divine Mother Embrace. Use the natural energy from Mother Earth to nourish, heal and nurture ourselves.
  • Remembrance of the Rising Feminine Collective. We are all one woman and need to support and love each other. Rise up as one connected female spirit.
  • The Polarity Rewire. Reconnect with both your feminine and masculine sides. See and know the divine feminine and divine masculine.
  • The Daily Goddess Ritual. Activations, commitments, and creation of the daily goddess through strength-giving rituals and focus.

You are powerful, you are unique and you are the feminine expression of divine power – the Goddess. Being an intuitive Goddess is a lifestyle that you choose. So, choose to commit to the work so that you can truly have it all, on your terms.

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About the author:

Regan Hillyer is an established Quantum Healing practitioner, serial entrepreneur, success coach. Regan is a certified Master of NLP, Master of Hypnosis, Time Dynamics Specialist and a Success Strategist.

Her website is https://reganhillyer.com

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