Women’s Awakening – How to Reclaim Your Creatrix Self and Magnetism

By Juliet Tang

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

All of us, women and men, are birthers of miracles.

As physical expressions of an infinite creative energy that is forever evolving and expanding, we are the channels that allow divine to live, and express through.

As a transformation and feminine leadership mentor for women coaches, mentors and healers, I want to dedicate this post to help women awaken and reclaim their creatrix self and magnetism, as well as the common blockages I’ve witnessed.

Your Soul Radiance

As multidimensional beings, the more soul radiance we can register, hold, and radiate, the more we can properly channel life force energy in manifesting our missions, abundance, desires, and purpose in our personal, professional, and spiritual lives.

Our ability to allow ourselves to shine from the inside out, and hold this light, is the KEY in our self-image, our relationships, our sexuality, our self-expression, our physical and emotional health, our businesses or careers, our financial freedom, our leadership, our sacred service, and our legacy of love.

Until we become aware of this, until we do this self-work to reprogram ourselves, our soul radiance is more or less blocked by unconscious energy templates that are operating below our consciousness on auto-run.

The Wounded Feminine Template

Some of the primary traits of the wounded feminine template (a template is a consciousness we are operating from, unless an awakening occurs, it is unconscious) shows up as:

  • Feeling fearful, disempowered or victimized as the damsel in distress
  • Coming from a place of entitlement and demanding attention, things or services without understanding the energy of giving and receiving
  • Being prone to emotional drama and tantrums while unable to hold space for healthy emotions to come through in self and others
  • Being ungrounded and unrealistic, and not committed to taking aligned actions to create results.
  • Having poor boundaries while feeling responsible for others’ wellbeing.

The most common trait I see in women service entrepreneurs in the transformation industry who unconsciously operate on the wounded feminine template is money drama – the inability to allow, receive, or accumulate sustainable income.

It mostly shows up as fear and shame in marketing and selling their services, or not feeling comfortable with receiving compensation for the gifts and value they provide.

A lot of this goes back to the way we related or we relate to our fathers. Since our fathers are the primary men in our lives, that relationship automatically serves as a prototype for us to relate to our future partners.

Personal power, boundaries, commitment to our vision, and money are all divine masculine energy.

Being such, women who operate from the wounded feminine template are unconsciously playing out those patterns. If you want to activate your creatrix self, access my free 4-day training Creatrix Activation here.

The Wounded Masculine Template

This can be a tricky one because there is a fine balance between hustling, grinding, pulling and pushing, vs taking aligned and necessary actions to support the feminine energy of expansion and create results.

The first one is ego-chasing, and the second one is soul expansion. Both get results, but the first one is draining and misaligned on every level, and comes with a heavy cost of personal and relationship health.

A lot of my women soulpreneur clients are detoxing from what I call “the toxic type A.” For women, when we try to “man up,” we are actually cutting off our feminine flow and magic.

The belief of working like a donkey under the hot summer sun from sunrise to sundown in order to succeed is a patriarchal wound that is deeply embedded in the collective psyche.

It looks like this,

“To succeed and to get results, you gotta toughen it up. Get up at 4 am, work your ass off, master your mindset, and put in your 80 hours a week!”

Is taking massive aligned actions crucial? ABSOLUTELY. No vision can come into fruition unless we act and co-create with other human beings on this planet, and avoiding taking action in the name of spirituality or surrendering to divine timing is a gigantic unconscious feminine wound for many women soulpreneurs, especially healers and lightworkers.

But an aligned action is very different from blind doing, hustling, pushing and pulling that result in hormones out of whack.

Some common traits associated with the wounded masculine are:

  • Over-identifying with the mind, and creating reality solely from the mind’s intellect and logic
  • Feeling disconnected, withdrawn and egotistically competitive, not feeling a deeper sense of joy and fulfillment despite how much has been achieved
  • Over-thinking, harsh self-criticism, working on overdrive, and burnout.
  • Controlling, manipulative, aggressive, and forceful
  • Lack of intuition and flow, and overly relying on systems and structures
  • Seeing achievement as an external goal and over-identifying with achievement, meaning, you unconsciously measure your self-worth with acquiring more money, status, fame, and validation from others

It is possible to for many of us to have traits from both the wounded feminine and masculine. Know that if you see some of these in yourself, this isn’t about self-judgment.

Rather, this is awareness, and awareness is the first step in inner transformation and the reclamation of your creatrix power.

I would love to share three creatrix codes for you to activate your creatrix. To dive deeper, access my free 4-day training Creatrix Activation Kit here.

1. Innocence

Each of us is born with child-like innocence, and sadly, this innocence dissipates as children go to school and start to receive rigorous limiting mental programming.

Can you imagine babies holding self-judgment and shame? No, babies are giggly and innocent. They are so self-expressed.

Unleashing your creatrix self invites you to embrace your innocence, and to activate the part of you that is pure, that is curious, and that is so in touch with your needs and joy.

Children are so curious because everything is magical to them. The magic hasn’t been lost, you just forgot how to see it and harness it.

It’s in you.

2. Essence

Each of us has unique essence, no two are alike.

When you are in your essence, you are glowing. You are home. You are in your authenticity and authority. You are leading. You are sexually charged. You are that woman who walks into the room and turns heads that has nothing to do with your looks, weight, or wardrobe choice.

When you peel back all of the shadow programming and shed the illusions of shame and guilt as to why you aren’t beautiful, smart, or capable enough just as you are, you reclaim your power, your sovereignty, your gifts, and your purpose.

Your essence isn’t something you need to cultivate, it is already in you, waiting to emerge, remembered, activated, integrated, and embodied by you. It will be here for as long as you live.

3. Sacredness

When I say sacredness, the energy of it is also tied to beauty, magic, and miracles.

Again, because of limiting mental programs and possible traumatic experiences since childhood, a lot of us focus way too much on getting by, being practical, not being “wasteful” in treating ourselves, and making this existence all about the mundane such as deadlines, putting kids to bed, and making sure everyone’s needs are met.

When we are not consistently in tune with our sacred nature, we are not consistently creating, or seeing, sacredness, beauty, magic, and miracles in our day to day life.

Since our reality is created from our individual perspective, if we are not in the perspective of the sacred, the beautiful, the magical, and the miraculous, how can we create these things in our lives, work, finances, romantic relationships, and legacies?

The Embodied Creatrix – a Union of Feminine and Masculine

Ultimately, each of us is the sum of two polarities – the divine feminine and divine masculine, and this has nothing to do with gender or sexual orientation.

Each of us is the union of shatki and shiva, Goddess and God, and yin and yang.

The feminine is desires and expansion, while the masculine is structure and action. The union of these two creates life.

When we heal those two counterparts, and integrate their shadow sides so we are operating from their light, we are in the flow of life, creativity and focus, and we enter a rhythm of beauty, magic, love, fulfillment, abundance, and soul-aligned success.

If you are a soulful and driven woman who is ready to activate her creatrix self, my free 4-day mini training Creatrix Activation HERE is for you. We kick off with a powerful DNA activation to awaken both your feminine and masculine creative energies that leads to clarity and aligned actions to call your vision into reality.

To Your Highest Creatrix Self,

Juliet Tang

Transformation and Feminine Leadership Mentor for Women Soulpreneurs

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About the author:

Juliet Tang is a psychedelic integration and embodiment coach and mentor. She supports conscious and driven entrepreneurs, leaders and creators in embodying their highest creative level, and bridging vision and reality in their personal, professional and spiritual lives – in alignment with their purpose, vision and sovereignty. You can find out more about Juliet and explore working with her here. Follow Juliet on Instagram for daily insights.

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