The Aquarius Full Moon: Seeing Ourselves More Clearly

August 14th, 2019

By Nikki Harper

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 15th is a tense affair; it occurs opposite a stellium of planets in life-affirming Aquarius, and the oppositions between the Full Moon and Venus and Mars are particularly potent. Additionally, the Full Moon is in difficult aspect to Pluto and embroiled in the build up towards next year’s rare and powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

Traditionally, a Full Moon is a time of fulfilment, closure, endings and culminations. It’s also a period of peak emotion, when everyone’s heart is a little closer to their sleeve than normal. Aquarius is a very detached and rational zodiac energy, and any Full Moon in Aquarius is a difficult balancing act between logical objectivity and emotional closure. This one in particular, however, because of the tricky astrological aspects involved, marks a period when balance is very hard to find.

The Full Moon-Venus opposition suggests tension and drama in personal relationships, and with Mars in the mix, there’s definitely an undercurrent of anger and aggression. Pluto’s energies are all about manipulation and control, so you can see why this Full Moon is not exactly set to be roses, rainbows and kittens all round.

On a wider world scale, this Full Moon is about speaking truth to power. Aquarius is a bringer of truth: cold, hard, objective truth. Truth we get to own even when we really, really don’t want to. Aquarius delivers this truth impartially and without personal judgement; we’re reminded here of cause and effect. What we’ve done before directly affects what we now experience. Where mistakes have been made – and who hasn’t ever made a mistake? – we have to face the consequences. On the world stage, this Full Moon energy reminds all of us that our collective choices have brought us to this point, no matter how much we might wring our hands and try to absolve ourselves of blame.

We’re set for a difficult and emotional day, then, but there is always hope. On a personal level, we can learn from this Full Moon, looking into our own issues around jealousy, suspicion and manipulation. On a wider level, we can wake up and realise that the choices we make now, today, this minute, will feed into the future. So, we’d better start making wiser ones.

Aquarius Full Moon for Aries

When you interact with others, what are your motives? This Full Moon is your chance to re-set or re-calibrate the way you lead. Put aside selfish desires or a hunger for glory or praise and understand the truth of how you sometimes come across to others. Humility is the way forwards, because that way you can truly inspire others.

Aquarius Full Moon for Taurus

Don’t be surprised if your career path suddenly feels empty or meaningless. It probably isn’t, but you do need to get back in touch with your authentic purpose. Do some inner work to rediscover the real you. Does that real you line up with what you do for a living? If not quite, what can you change so that you are living your calling?

Aquarius Full Moon for Gemini

This Full Moon blesses you with an important shift in perspective. Some of the things you thought you believed in or knew for sure are on shakier ground now. It’s OK to change your mind and to grow with the information you have. Open your mind to alternative ideas and explore the unthinkable: that sometimes, you might be wrong.

Aquarius Full Moon for Cancer

A shock to the system involves either money, or love, or both. This is not likely to be a whole lot of fun, but the key is to understand how your own attitudes to these issues have got you to this point. You can salvage the situation if you want to; it’s never too late to heal, whether that’s a love relationship or your own relationship with money.

Aquarius Full Moon for Leo

This is a chance to view your closest relationships through a more objective lens. You get all too easily caught up in the drama of things, whether good or bad, and that leads to some reckless or unhealthy choices. Evaluate your relationships now and listen to your intuition. Highlight what’s good and healthy; move away from what isn’t.

Aquarius Full Moon for Virgo

By going along with things and not resisting, you’re complicit in some of the very things you disapprove of. This Full Moon invites you to step into your power and to give voice to your concerns. Stand up for what you believe and start rocking that boat. The truth this lunar insight brings is that you’ve been quiet for too long.

Aquarius Full Moon for Libra

Time for some adulting? You’re a free spirit and you just want more of whatever makes people smile. However, the Full Moon reminds you that tough issues need a tough stance. You may have to stop playing for a while and start taking responsibility for some difficult choices. Even – or especially – when those choices bring tears.

Aquarius Full Moon for Scorpio

Cuddle someone. Whether it’s a loved one, a pet or a random stranger (ask first!), you need a deeper sense of connection right now, as the Full Moon may bring you a sense of lack and a feeling of rootlessness. Closure and fulfilment will come from a better understanding of your childhood and family past.

Aquarius Full Moon for Sagittarius

Too much information? Privacy is a concern during this Full Moon and you’re over-sharing like crazy. Be careful with social media in particular. Giving away too much of yourself leaves you emotionally vulnerable during this period, because sadly, not everyone reading your posts has your best interests at heart.

Aquarius Full Moon for Capricorn

On a practical level, this Full Moon could be a financial wakeup call, with debts being recalled or income drying up for a while. On a deeper level, this is about inner insecurity. Your challenge is to find stability within yourself, so that you no longer feel so buffeted by daily fluctuations in material fortunes.

Aquarius Full Moon for Aquarius

A Full Moon in your own sign is usually a very emotional affair, but it’s also a chance for better self-understanding. Take an honest, objective look at yourself and your behavior. Celebrate your many talents and special qualities, but quietly acknowledge too your faults. You don’t have to be perfect. Nobody is. But you do need to be conscious of who you truly are.

Aquarius Full Moon for Pisces

This Full Moon’s energy is all about judgement as far as you’re concerned. You won’t enjoy being judged by others (who does?) but remember that you’ve judged others too. Clear unconscious prejudices and biases from your mind and make a determined effort to view your fellow humans with acceptance and love.

About the author:

Nikki Harper is a spiritualist writer, astrologer, and current editor for Wake Up World.

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