One Step at a Time: Astrology Update 9th – 15th September

September 9th, 2019

By Nikki Harper

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The Sun and Mars both oppose Neptune this week, so don’t be surprised if you feel confused or washed away by conflicting emotions. Mars is in square aspect to Jupiter, which can add to the confusion by making us too keen to run with what later turns out to have been a mistake. The key is to scale back the grand ideas, just for now, and to keep things small, manageable and contained. Monday’s Mars-Saturn trine is full of earthy focus and determination, so the best way to navigate the week is to take it one step at a time, one day at a time, even one hour at a time.

Friday’s super-sensitive Pisces Full Moon offers transformational opportunities; if you’re in touch with your spirituality, you’ll sense that the collective consciousness is about to take a great leap forward. On a personal level, however, the emotional fall-out from this Full Moon is a lot to handle. Allow and accept the energy over the weekend, even if it brings tears. Emotions will settle at the end of the week, when both Mercury and Venus shift into rational Libra, allowing us a more objective view of what was previously too painful to see clearly.


The answers you’re looking for can only come from within you. Spend time meditating this week or try freewriting on life’s big questions and see what comes to you from your subconscious. The worst thing you can do right now is to take someone else’s word for anything; you need to experience this spiritual shift yourself, with your own senses. Don’t stop asking questions but do re-frame where you get your information from.


Someone’s likely to let you down, and that stings, especially where you consider this someone a friend. The energies this week may be warning you that this particular relationship has run its course. By all means offer a second chance, but it’s important that you start to put yourself first – and that means potentially walking away from those who don’t give you the respect you deserve. Other souls are waiting in the wings to meet you.


Drama in your career or working life is uncomfortable and you may find yourself forced to take the lead. Given the sensitivity of this week’s energies, this could stir up a lot of anxiety, but this is an opportunity in disguise. Force yourself out of your comfort zone – slowly, sure, but do it, nonetheless. Your sign is great at adapting to change, but not so great at instigating it. The cosmic energies here and now are trying to help you get something new started.


A lot of fuss about nothing? Someone around you doesn’t like your point of view, your beliefs or your life philosophy. And? Why is this a problem for you? Asserting your individuality doesn’t always come easily to you, but now it’s time for you to stand away from the crowd and to be your true self. You won’t win universal admiration, because that’s not how life works. But you will win the hearts and minds of the people who really matter.


Your confidence takes a knock this week; psychologically, there’s a lot going on, and some of it’s not all that pretty. You have two options: hide under the duvet until the week is over or come on out fighting and confront your own fears once and for all. You’ve been here before and you chose to hide last time. Did that work? Doesn’t feel like it. So why not choose the warrior option this time? Even if it doesn’t work, at least you’ll be one step closer towards overcoming a past trauma.


Tension in your love life isn’t easy to deal with but you’re at risk of making some rash decisions on a whim this week – every unlike you. Avoid doing anything you can’t later undo and try instead to take a brief step back from the emotions. If you can stay calm, you’ll discover later that this week’s revelations have actually brought you closer together. You tend to panic when all is not well in your relationship, but by giving the problem some breathing space it may well solve itself.


An exceptionally busy week for you, just when emotional energy is drained – you’re going to need a lot of sleep. Chances of you getting it are slim to zero, but you can hope! In the absence of enough physical rest, try to at least allow your mind to rest. Daydreaming, doodling and creative hobbies will give your intellect a chance to unwind and your emotions a chance to cool down. The worst thing you could do this week is to work, work, work with no safety valve or cool down period. Rest.


The emotional intensity of this week hits you slightly less than other signs – but only because you’re used to living in an emotional furnace at the best of times. Still, it does bring out your restless edge, and you may find yourself struggling to fulfil your responsibilities or casting around for excuses as to why you haven’t done what was required of you. Better time management might help, as would meditating for mental clarity.


Issues around the home and family are painful but transformational this week. Long buried trauma from your past may surface, but you’ll have the opportunity to forgive someone, if you so wish. Do it for you, so that you can release that trigger and move on more positively. It’s not a great time for major domestic decisions, as some key facts are not yet known about your future plans. Don’t rush into anything; keep your options open.


Someone from your past may change your future. There’s a strong connection to your childhood this week and a definite sense of nostalgia – explore how you got to where you are now, and don’t be afraid to step back in time for a while. Because you’re able to channel and navigate this week’s intensely emotional energy in quite a rational way, you’d be the perfect mentor or rock for someone who’s having a tougher time of it right now.


You already have everything you need. You may think you need more of this, more of that or indeed less of the other, but the energies this week are trying to help you grasp that right now, in this moment, you have what you need. The key is to learn to use what you have instead of wishing for something else. That resourcefulness comes naturally to your inventive mind, but only once you’ve accepted where you are. Stop asking. Start doing.


With the energies building towards the transformative Pisces Full Moon later this week, it’s a tumultuous few days for you. Seek peace and quiet, wherever you can find it, preferably outdoors. You may feel almost nocturnal or have an affinity with the heavens for a while; this is representative of your instinctive need to stay in the darkness and to protect yourself from the emotional onslaught. You’ll emerge back into the sunshine soon enough – until then, do what you need to do.

About the author:

Nikki Harper is a spiritualist writer, astrologer, and current editor for Wake Up World.

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