Creating the Future: Astrology Forecast 16th – 22nd September

September 16th, 2019

By Nikki Harper

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Most of this week’s astrological aspects are positive and encouraging, so it’s a good week for looking forwards with optimism. For a start, Saturn ends its retrograde period and turns direct once more in Capricorn – this is a definite invitation to leave the past where it belongs, firmly in the past. The retrograde period has allowed time to process past trauma and most of us are now in a healthier position, psychologically.

Mid-week, a hugely positive trine between Mars and Pluto provides plenty of opportunity for all. Power struggles can be decisively resolved via this energy, and those who have previously tried to manipulate the outcome will be thwarted by the rest of us and by the collective will. This energy is good for business ventures and important projects, but it’s also important for the collective direction of humanity and the emerging sense of “people power”.

Later in the week, a tricky square between Jupiter and Neptune warns that unbridled, unrealistic optimism can waste a lot of time. This energy reminds us that it’s better to be realistic, and to deal with issues as they arise, rather than to live permanently in the clouds. Sure, a positive mental attitude is a healthy thing, but the Jupiter-Neptune square rewards realistic, practical solutions rather than woolly pie in the sky aspirations.


The Mars-Pluto trine energizes your career ambitions and helps you to power ahead towards your chosen calling. If you need to make a good first impression on someone, you can rely on your natural confidence to see you through. Whether you want to launch a new business or mentor someone else doing this, let your talents shine through and don’t take no for an answer.


Be careful with your motives this week. You could get away with breaking the rules – or even breaking the law – but that’s not a reason to do so. If you’re tempted to do something illicit, give yourself a talking to. You’re better than that. Focus this week on your highest motives and the collective good. It’s important that you don’t do anything now which might make you feel ashamed later.


This week’s confident astrological aspects expose your occasional lack of inner confidence. Fortunately, these aspects also provide you with the energy and impetus to overcome these issues. It’s a good time to seek therapy or assistance for a fear or phobia, and it’s also a wonderful time to simply share your fears with understanding loved ones. The more you talk, the more your fear will evaporate.


With a focus on your closest relationship, this week’s astrology furthers your spiritual growth via opportunities to connect with your soulmate. You’ll come to understand how much you are loved, and hopefully you’ll be able to express that love to someone else in return. If your relationship has been going through a rough patch recently, this is the impetus you need to focus on getting it healed.


You have the freedom now to change your working life, if you want to. You could change jobs completely, switch direction, go back to school or discover your calling. Look for work which lights your inner fire. Life is too short to spend time doing something irrelevant or boring. Your gifts are needed; your challenge is to find out where, and you can make a good start on that this week.


It’s all about the creativity this week, Virgo. You’re much more talented than you realize in this area, and these energies are starting to increase your confidence. Exploring your creativity will also bring you peace of mind and some lovely, quiet, restful moments. The more creative you get, the more you’ll feel in touch with your spiritual roots too, so this is definitely worth exploring.


Family dynamics are not straightforward at the best of times, but you have the energy this week to put a stop to any rifts or disputes. Remind your kids – and your older adults too – that you won’t tolerate selfishness or unpleasantness. Remind everyone that you’re a team. You may face some push back from certain family members, but ultimately your efforts to reunite the family will be successful.


What exactly is it that you want, Scorpio? My bet is that you’re – still – not really sure. The decisive energy of the Mars-Pluto trine will help you decide, but once you’ve made that decision, please stick to it. Indecisiveness has held you back recently and that needs to stop. It doesn’t matter so much what you eventually choose to focus on, so long as that focus does happen.


Never the most materialistic of signs, recently you’ve felt that your relationship with money has come under question once more. As much as you’d like to trade it all in and go back to the barter system, you’re going to need to get to grips with your finances this week. Learn to appreciate money for the freedom it buys you; and learn to save it for the very same reason.


This week’s energy puts you firmly back in charge of your own life, Capricorn, much to your relief. Decisiveness will help you to feel authoritative, whether at work or in your personal life. If you believe whole heartedly in a decision you make, the cosmos will back you up. The problems only start when you waver and dither, because you cannot manifest something you’re not fully sold on.


Some psychological trauma has still not been processed from your past. This week call on those who love you the most and allow them to support you and comfort you. If you do seek counseling or therapy, you’ll find that you can now address these issues head on – but what matters most is that you rediscover your support network. You are not alone in this world, and there is always someone there for you.


Let your leadership skills shine this week. You’re not the loudest of people, but you now have a quiet authority which will turn heads. At home and at work, you can persuade people to follow you – and follow you they will. So, don’t let them down. Focus on doing the very best you can, so that those who support you will know they haven’t made a mistake.


About the author:

Nikki Harper is a spiritualist writer, astrologer, and current editor for Wake Up World.

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