Change Unhealthy Patterns – How the Quantum Qualities of Consciousness Can Help Us

By Althea S. Hawk

 Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Patterns of consciousness govern every aspect of our lives and are at the core of what we see, think, feel and do. They are the filters through which we perceive the reality we experience. Our ability to respond to the world more objectively and to function in truly healthy ways is obscured by them.

Patterns inhibit natural processes of conscious thinking and decision-making that should naturally (and by design) be based on our true, authentic self, which ends up being hidden by these patterns instead. Therefore, they detract us from our completeness as an individual and inhibit the manifestation of our true and highest potential.

These patterns are actually quantum in nature and are created as a result of invisible, “energetic information” which we ourselves generate, and also receive, assimilate and process. They operate at deep levels of the consciousness, so we are typically unaware of their existence or effects, without a greater degree of self-awareness or self-realisation.

We have been conditioned to accept certain personality traits as “just the way we are.” They are thought of as being permanent, a demonstration of our patterns. These patterns manifest in an infinite number of ways and are unique to the individual. They can be recognised by the attributes or qualities we display in our approach to life – in our choices, behaviour, relationships, activities and our health. A few of the hallmark signs that our patterns are at work are in circumstances where we:

React to our experiences with strong emotions

Feel stuck in our lives and have difficulty seeing a way out of our problems

Continually attract people and relationships that do not serve us in positive ways

Are in poor health (mental or physical) or have chronic health conditions

Feel it is too difficult or unnecessary to change the way we are

Are in denial about our issues and challenges

A plethora of adjectives are used to describe these qualities, and the manifestation of patterns, such as judgement, intolerance, blame, impatience, self-obsession, victimhood, stubbornness, indifference, self-righteousness, control, co-dependence, dishonour, or selfishness, to name a few. Upon open and honest self-reflection, it becomes apparent that each of us, to some degree or other, has patterns at play in our lives.

Patterns Become a Deceptive Controlling Force

Patterns are formed naturally throughout the course of our lives when information that describes our experiences is received, processed and used in the same way repeatedly by us. Thoughts and emotions, particularly those that are negative, self-limiting or biased, repeatedly circulate through our minds and bodies. They become fixed ways of dealing with any incoming information, and we use them so frequently and consistently that we become habituated by them. Existing patterns give rise to new patterns. As they persist and grow throughout adulthood, patterns form a complicated, interconnected network of information that is behind every decision and judgement we make, every action we take. They are thoroughly ingrained or entrenched as a part of who we have inadvertently become. We are controlled by their influence instead of by our natural states of being, which involve a more complete and accurate picture of reality and sense of our true self.

Until we make a concerted effort to understand and transform patterns of consciousness, we are predisposed to experiencing problems and exhibiting less than ideal approaches to life, over and over again. Patterns are particularly insidious because they become fixated in us as they create preferential nerve circuits. In this way, the same pathways are always selected by us when we respond to any situation. Although invisible to us, from a quantum perspective, they have a matter (physical) based component. If we were able to view the quantum energy field (i.e. the aura or light body), that surrounds us, patterns might look a bit like indelible marks or etchings in a pane of glass. Because patterns are made up of incoherent energetic information, they represent unnatural anomalies or disturbances in the overall harmony of our field.

This is one of the reasons why external approaches to our problems tend not to work so well and aren’t always a permanent fix. We can’t just take a meditation or yoga class or get a personal coach to suggest ways for us to improve. If we have experienced chronic health problems, the presence of unresolved, imbedded patterns is often why our condition doesn’t improve and we can’t heal. No matter what we do, patterns of the consciousness are an internal issue that cannot be fixed from the outside. It is impossible to make true and lasting change in our lives through action alone without understanding WHAT we are thinking, feeling or doing, and WHY we might be manifesting these patterns. It is critical to understand the internal information that is behind them.

The Quantum Nature of Consciousness

So that we can appreciate the true nature of our patterns more fully, it is important to understand a little about consciousness. Consciousness is everywhere in the universe – it is in everything. From a quantum perspective, consciousness is a field. A field is something objectively present in nature, an invisible integrated medium containing energy, matter and information. As a field, consciousness is capable of interacting with observable matter (including the human being as an object in the field) and can influence its form, development and function. In other words, consciousness, to a large degree, makes us who we are and defines our reality.

On the human level, consciousness is a manifestation of two aspects:

The information content of our internal reference system, or in quantum terminology, our “event history,” which is stored as a dynamic record in the field in a unique way. The information is being created unconsciously and continuously by us throughout our lives (including past lives) as a result of the “states” we have already produced and will continue to produce as we respond to various stimulus in our external environment. These states are ongoing responses (i.e. reactions, discernments or determinations), and as they occur repeatedly they become embodied in this reference system.

The information generated by the inter-relationship between aspects of our true self and our consciousness, when they operate within us inseparably. This, in a broad sense, is the enduring aspect of our identity that describes “who we are” at a deep level, and it is also stored in this field. As a unity and a special form of information, together these two aspects govern our body, our energy and our life.

Consciousness Receives, Stores and Transmits Quantum Information

More specifically, every conscious object in the field of consciousness, including us, is influenced by the information in the field, and at the same time is contributing to the information in the field. We are in constant communication with this field by invisibly transmitting information about our states (from our reference system and who we are) to the field, where it is recorded as a quantum hologram. The hologram is like a recording device, created by the interference of waves emitted by conscious objects entangled within the field. Essentially, waves are just a form of frequency information. Therefore, the quantum hologram is a recording and enduring memory of everything that has ever occurred in the field. It is an evolving energetic record of information about every objective, subjective and physical experience we (and all other conscious objects) have ever had. In return, we are drawing in and receiving information from this record that we translate through our consciousness to define ourselves and our reality.

Our consciousness is the means by which we interpret this information. When patterns are present they will dictate how the consciousness functions. They govern how the information is “encoded” by us, in other words, how we receive, read and translate the information to generate the responses we have, which are characterised by our thoughts, actions, and even our state of health. Consciousness uses energy as its vehicle to manifest its influences both on physical and non-physical levels – it is what connects the information contained in the field to our minds and bodies. Under the influence of the brain and the nervous system, consciousness is undergoing interactions as a very fine form of energy which infuses them. Within the body, the information carried by energy is conveyed and influences us in a quantum way via our quantum energy fields and energy channels (meridians).

Mis-Information Contained in Our Consciousness Creates Patterns

Throughout our entire history as a conscious object in this quantum field, we have assimilated and recorded information as memories of our states of being, generated from influential events that have occurred during our past lives or pre-natal, post-natal and childhood stages. While the information about the positive and productive ones constitute a favourable influence on us, building upon themselves within our reference system, obviously the negative ones have the opposite effect. We may have made oaths or vows to others or to perform certain deeds, undertaken some act of reparation or atonement, without regard to the full or real picture surrounding our circumstances. We may have experienced terrible hardships and trauma. During childhood, we may have internalised confusing circumstances in a negative way, by misinterpreting their intent or meaning through the filters of already existing patterns. Other potentially destructive patterns stem from deeper spiritual origins and are related to aspects of the soul’s identity and make-up. Some patterns are also created as a natural by-product of the evolution of humanity from our social conditioning or societal constructs and instincts. Even attitudes about life in general, views about illness, or strong beliefs about society or religion, can be passed down through our genes for many generations and will often create patterns.

Regardless of their origins, these generate a wealth of information pertaining to these experiences. If the negative information remains unchallenged or unresolved or is based on an inaccurate and incomplete view of ourselves, others or total reality, misinformation is received, stored and transmitted to and from us, through our consciousness. Mis-information is what creates the psychological and social problems we experience and is one of the major contributing factors to illness and disease. The presence of mis-information is often evidenced by the prevailing emotions of fear, guilt, remorse, unforgiveness, imperfection, and suffering which we exhibit. These form the basis of the ideas, conclusions and judgements that make up our belief system, the cornerstone of our patterns. Thus, the energy of experience is what drives what we see, think, feel and do in every waking moment. Perpetuated beliefs become the patterns of the future.

Quantum Characteristics of Consciousness

Fortunately, because of the unique characteristics of consciousness, the very thing that fuels the development and perpetuation of our patterns is also the solution to them. Because consciousness exists as a field which has quantum properties as we have learned, it is completely ubiquitous and unrestricted in its reach. It operates irrespective of the location of the object or its form, exerting its influence on it, regardless of distance. Neither is consciousness limited by time or space because it consists of a very fine form of energy, and can penetrate all physical objects including the human body. It can integrate with any other form of energy, including the energy in the fields surrounding our body, organs and cells, as well as through the energy channels that flow throughout the body. Our consciousness is also intertwined with the activities of the brain and the nervous systems in special quantum ways.

Of equal importance is the fact that consciousness is not limited by what information or how much information it can hold in its field because it reflects the total information about our reality, recorded at a quantum level. Therefore, total information, or “totality” as it is often called, is comprised of the event history of humanity as a whole, in addition to the event history or reference system for the individual. We can access the infinite resources stored in the field, including all of the information contained in the records that is positive and represents an accurate and complete view of reality. A more complete database of information offers us a more balanced and unbiased way to understand and view ourselves and our circumstances. Totality exists objectively outside our own subjective consciousness, which as we now know, is cluttered with mis-information and patterns.

Consciousness not only has the ability to receive, read, translate and transmit information, it can replace existing mis-information by creating new information, independent of our subjective experience. It is a self-governing entity and can operate independently of the activities of the brain and stimuli from the external environment.

Consciousness Has the Power to Create Change

What happens when we replace or transform the mis-information that feeds the patterns of the consciousness? We create change. From a quantum perspective, our consciousness field is represented by more positive, productive, beneficial frequency information which more accurately reflects the truth about ourselves and our reality. It starts to contain more information that is created in accordance with the natural laws of human life, reflecting the true balance between our inner and external worlds. The energy that carries the information from the consciousness increases in vibration as the dysfunctional frequencies are altered. At higher levels of vibration, our field becomes more coherent. Coherence means harmony, and when this condition is present, better communication is established so that the information is exchanged more efficiently and in an enduring way. We begin to see changes in our health and our lives in every way.

It is information that guides the change. As we have seen, it determines how energy and we, as a form of physical matter, interact and change form. We want to focus on creating information with our consciousness that is focused on responses to our internal and external environment which cultivate and reinforce constructive and enduring human qualities such as:

Respecting and loving ourselves and others

Showing openness and trust

Being grateful

Embodying a strong sense of well-being

Viewing ourselves as being healthy and vital

Knowing we are the co-creator and master of our lives

It can be helpful to remember that our problems are only a temporary manifestation of reality. Since energy is dynamic and the quantum records that contain our information always evolves, the reality we have co-created will shift and be re-created when the information itself changes. Everyone has a deep place inside that recognises truthful information about themselves, others and about life. We literally resonate with it. We are guided to that place of deep knowing and wisdom by our inner-sight, senses and intuition. Our consciousness expands into the truth that resides there, and profound change can be activated, if we allow it.

The quantum characteristics of consciousness truly are nature’s way of enabling us to co-create the reality we want to experience, by tapping into the incredible potential it holds. In the truest sense, our consciousness is the bridge between us and all forms of information, energy and matter, which we can readily access to manifest change at all levels of life.

This exclusive article first appeared in New Dawn 167 and is reproduced here by permission of the publisher. Ancient Wisdom, New Thinking – check us out at

About the author:

Althea Hawk is a practitioner and teacher who works with mind-body-spirit medicine modalities involving quantum and spiritual healing. As a highly attuned intuitive who bridges the physical and non-physical realms, she inspires those on the path of healing, awakening and consciousness expansion, to discover the true nature that lies within each of us. In this manner, she offers transmissions of sacred knowledge and energies to assist in shifting and activating their DNA, along with the memories and gifts that these represent, enabling them to achieve their soul’s highest potential. She lives and works in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. For more information, visit Althea’s website at

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