Lunar Eclipse in Cancer: Protect Your World

January 10th, 2019

By Nikki Harper

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

The first Full Moon of 2020 is also a Lunar Eclipse, occurring in Cancer. Traditionally, it is known as the Wolf Moon, because indigenous tribes in the US believed that wolves howled more frequently during January, perhaps due to hunger.

Although Cancer as a zodiac energy is deeply caring and nurturing, it’s important to remember that this Lunar Eclipse has a potential sting in its tail. In astrology, we look at eclipses in pairs, and this one’s partner in crime was the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on December 26th. Where that eclipse spoke of authority and good fortune, this Lunar Eclipse speaks of a need to protect ourselves – another key Cancer energy instinct – quite possibly from the power grabs of those who were most fortunate in the December eclipse.

A Lunar Eclipse in sentimental Cancer also brings memories – good and not so good – to the forefront of our minds, and there is a karmic link to the past here, so it’s important to process past hurts and betrayals in a healthy manner. This eclipse is almost in exact opposition to the intensely powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which becomes exact a mere two days later. During the eclipse the Sun is conjunct Mercury, so we may find that communication is manipulated by the powers-that-be, or that somehow, some way, we’re not being given the full picture. Protection therefore becomes even more important.


How is your work-life balance, Aries? Expect to feel guilty if you’re not spending enough time on either of these priorities, but your challenge really is to accept that nobody is perfect. You are doing your very best, and you cannot ask more of yourself. Family tensions may increase and something dramatic may occur under these eclipse energies but hang on in there. When everyone has said their piece, a better understanding is possible.


Look to those either much older or much younger than yourself for answers during this Lunar Eclipse. You’re not very good at taking advice, but your trademark common sense is deserting you right now and you ought to listen to those who love you. If not, you risk repeating mistakes from the past. Open your eyes and learn from what has gone before or learn from the innocence of those who have yet to follow a tainted path.


You do matter, even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. Expect to feel rather hard done by during this eclipse period, as if nobody is listening to you and as if what you want is at the very back of the queue. The key here, Gemini, is to be your own best cheerleader, rather than to expect others to support or validate you. You don’t need conformation from someone else that you exist if you are strong in your own self-esteem.


This powerful Lunar Eclipse in your own sign is cathartic for you, Cancer. At long last, make yourself heard. Allow your emotions to speak and expect – no, demand – that others listen to you. What you need to get off your chest is very important, so even though this is not likely to be a very pleasant experience, you will feel much better once the dust has settled. Speak your truth and don’t back down.


You’re known for your warm heart but sometimes you simply don’t have much time for others, preoccupied as your sign is with number one. During this eclipse, however, you have so much to offer as a voice for the downtrodden and the forgotten. This energy brings out your talent as a mentor and a healer. Help someone you care about express themselves and show someone who is lost how to find their way.


It’s all about taking charge now, Virgo, whether you want to or not. Someone has to, and you’re ideally placed. From extra tasks at work to more domestic responsibilities and increasing demands in love and friendship too, there’s so much on your plate. However, if you face this eclipse energy with confidence, you can grow through the pressure. You’re run off your feet, but you’re fortunate to be in such demand.


The Lunar Eclipse brings good news for your career, Libra, but at a potential cost. For some reason, your success may have a negative impact on your family, at least in the immediate or short term. Is the pain worth the gain? Yes, very likely – and it will get better. But communication is important here, if you’re to help your family understand why sacrifices ought to be made.


Have you been less than honest recently, Scorpio? Or maybe you’ve exaggerated something, and now you’re caught in a fib? Truth may come to haunt you during this Lunar Eclipse. Your best option is to fess up immediately and with genuine humility. This isn’t a major crisis, but it does teach you something about yourself. In future, put in the hard work necessary so that you don’t have to bluff.


The Lunar Eclipse highlights debts, whether they are emotional, practical or financial. It’s time to repay kindnesses and indeed to repay money too, if you can. This energy also urges you to step away from this kind of indebtedness, for good. It’s time to become more self-reliant for the future. Financially, you can do this by focusing on a lucrative side hustle. Emotionally, it’s a matter of standing tall and becoming someone else’s rock.


The Lunar Eclipse occurs in your love zone, which is something of a mixed blessing! In a weak or dying relationship, there could be drama and a sudden ending, for sure. However, in a relationship which you genuinely value, any such problems bring an opportunity for healing. If you can speak from the heart and show sincerity and humility to your partner, you can resolve this – and you’ll emerge the other side stronger than before.


You’re never happier than when playing the rebel, and this Lunar Eclipse provides you with the perfect opportunity to do things your way – and to heck with the rules. From work to family to business, the old regulations no longer seem to apply, momentarily at least, so you can be inventive and innovative and strikingly original. Just be careful to stay on the right side of the law, both literally and morally.


Sudden chance encounters are a hallmark of this Lunar Eclipse as far as you’re concerned, Pisces. Whether it’s a new romance which arrives at breakneck speed or a surprising chance meeting with someone you haven’t seen for decades, look for the coincides and the signs and signals they may bring from the cosmos. There’s a deeper meaning to what’s going on here – can you interpret it?

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