A Finger Pointing at the Moon: Astrology Forecast February 2-9, 2020

February 2nd, 2020

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Now that Saturn has separated from Pluto by 1 degree, it’s becoming clear what the epochal Saturn/Pluto conjunction is all about. The key takeaway is: Endings of all kinds, personal, collective and global-the sort of endings that are permanent, irreversible and definitive. Old alliances are being broken, political systems de-constructed, weather patterns made totally unpredictable, China put in lockdown as the threat of a global pandemic ends our naïve expectations of safety.

The endings will continue to ripple out when Mars enters Capricorn on February 17th meeting the karmic South Node of Fate then re-triggering Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in March. Some things are ending for each one of us as huge global events reach into every corner of our lives.

So, in contrast, the airy, progressive frequency of Aquarius -growing more accessible by the week- is a cool wind of promise and of the grace and hope of coming up with unexpected solutions, breakthroughs and applicable technology.

Ceres has just entered Aquarius aligning with Awakener Uranus in Taurus – planet earth is re-wilding and when we look back, we’ll recognise that this is the tipping point for the 99% – not just the outliers – to demand action and take responsibility for action on climate change and wildlife extinction.

The February 9 Leo/Aquarius Full Moon is a “Finger pointing at the Moon”, a clue to what’s to come between March and July and at the December 21st Solstice 2020 when Saturn conjuncts Jupiter at 0 Aquarius and rings the Great Aquarian Bell for the first time in centuries.

It’s time to stop being hypnotised by the 3D dramas and focus on what’s working, instead of what’s not working. It’s time to recognise what you’re finding, not on what you’re losing. It’s time to identify your unique invitation to renewal and innovation.

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The Chandra Symbol for Full Moon Leo 21:

A holly bush covered with berries. It is in the snow.

“Supremely bright. Carrying the inner light. Smuggled in here to balance out the hyper-material tracks of the times. Seeking to make light manifest most especially in dark times and places. A cosmic specialist in the arduous task of making spirit count in the midst of the madness. Always intent on emphasising the Inner Light, the signs and symbols of eternity. Not moderate or modest in any direction. Going absolutely all out to dramatise and give voice to the sacred, the numinous, the redemptive component of Earth existence. Propelled by star guidance to find and restore the alignment with the soul.”


Aries Weekly Forecast: February 2-9, 2020

As an Aries, February is going to be a significant month for you. As soon as your personal planet Mars enters Capricorn in 2 weeks, yet more change is on its way complete with bells and whistles. Your career, your service, your purpose and what you are known for is in a state of real transformation. Be prepared to change direction, to leave an unsatisfactory work place orto start out on your own. You will know when enough is enough. Take heart-Venus enters Aries on Friday 7th, raising your attractor quotient, smoothing your path and bringing luck when you need it most. Venus only visits you once each year, so upgrade your appearance and ask for what you really want, not just what you think you have to settle for. Sunday’s playful Leo Full Moon is a reminder that life doesn’t have to be serious.

Reach for the Moon and even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: February 2-9, 2020

The Sun and Ceres are lighting up the top of your chart this month in Aquarius, shifting the focus to changes in your public image. Your work, your career and your contribution to the collective are going to become much more visible in 2020/21, so start acclimatising to the shift from nose- to- the -grindstone Capricorn learning, apprenticing and exploring to insightful Aquarian teaching, mentoring ,coaching or simply being more seen and valued. This week-as Venus takes refuge in your deep, hidden 12th House-is a time for retreating into a comfortable cocoon somewhere, to go “offline” with plans and to restore your wellbeing. Awakener Uranus in Taurus is shaking up your core identity and parts of you that have lain dormant or suppressed are coming to life.

Watch this space.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: February 2-9, 2020

From the 3rd, when your personal planet Mercury enters Pisces, a change of direction is on the cards. Your place in the world begins to preoccupy you. While Mercury is retrograde until March, don’t rush into anything, use this time to gather information, talk with good friends and lay the groundwork for a project that will use all your skills, talents and resources. Friday’s Leo Full Moon energises your angle of connection and communication, so go out there, meet up with old friends, join an interesting group or get in touch with your tribe. This is definitely not a time to go it alone, so strengthen and expand your support network. Keep in mind that those closest to you at as your echo chamber, so choose wisely.

Setting the scene.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: February 2-9, 2020

For many sensitive Cancerians, January was a brutal month when it felt as if you were up against factors outside your control along with powerful people who refused to listen, negotiate or compromise. This year, your main priority should be on making supportive alliances, gathering supporters, sponsors and collaborators to act as sounding boards and cheer leaders when you most need it. This will be easier than it sounds with the backing of Jupiter in your relationship zone. From Friday 7th when Venus lights up the highest point of your chart, upgrade your self-care and your appearance, polish your image and ask for recognition for all your due diligence. Sunday’s Full Moon focuses you on money-are you being paid what you’re worth? If not, what are you going to do about it?

Coming in from the cold.

Leo Weekly Forecast: February 2-9, 2020

With the Sun in your opposite sign of Aquarius, your focus turns away from yourself to other people. This takes you from obsessively raking over past mistakes or missed opportunities to enjoying the safety net of a community. As a Leo, you thrive when you turn the warmth of your heart to helping others. Create interesting new partnerships and collaborations on creative projects. With your annual Leo Full Moon on Sunday 9th aligning beautifully with Mars in fellow Fire sign Sagittarius, the sky’s the limit. This is not rational head stuff, not about deciding to do something just for the money but about following your passions wherever they may lead. Remember to pay attention to your Big Yes or Big No -your body never lies.

Being a light house in a dark world.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: February 2-9, 2020

All your relationships are up for review starting on Monday February 3rd.That’s when your personal planet Mercury enters Pisces, your opposite sign to stay until April. Mercury slows to turn backwards on February 17th, giving you the time and space to think about what you really want and need in a close partnership. Sometimes it’s easier to settle for second best simply because that seems to be the safe option. That definitely won’t be the case in 2020.Many Virgoans have been almost obsessed with their most important relationship for the last year or so. If that describes you, it’s been distracting you from opportunities in other parts of your life. It’s an excellent time to get a sense of proportion, to decide if you’re either all in or on the way out. There’s no middle ground. Take your time and don’t be swayed from doing what feels right for you.

The magic lies just outside your comfort zone.

Libra Weekly Forecast: February 2-9, 2020

For you as a Libran, there are two big shifts this week and this month. First, on February 7th, your personal planet Venus crosses into Aries your angle of love and relating. Then on February 17th, Mars moves into your angle of home, family and belonging. These are two of your 4 chart angles-the underpinnings and foundations of your life, so this means change. Especially in matters of the heart when a triple conjunction of Lilith, Chiron and Venus brings either an urgent desire to break your own rules and throw over the past or introduces someone who is unconventional and different. The Full Moon on Sunday February 9th could kick things off at home when you are torn between wanting to spend more time with new friends and feeling you should put your family first.

Feeling the winds of freedom blowing…

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: February 2-9, 2020

Make the most of Mars in your angle of income, finances and earnings before February 17th.If you’re self-employed, you could attract a valuable new long term client or if you work for someone else, some sort of bonus or reward for past efforts. When Venus moves into Aries on Friday 3rd, your daily work routine will become easier, more enjoyable and interesting. All this feel good factor is expanded by Sunday’s Full Moon in Leo which lights up the top of your chart. You become much more visible in your career, people notice you and, more importantly, what you’re doing. This could work both ways. If you’ve been cutting corners, better go back and do it properly. Happily, from the 3rd Mercury moves into compatible Water sign Pisces, boosting your creativity and imagination.

Follow the Walt Disney formula-be a practical dreamer.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: February 2-9, 2020

Squeeze the very last drop of juice from Mars powering through your sign. After February 17th,the red planet won’t return to Sagittarius for another 2 years so, if you feel as if you’re on steroids, channel your excess energy into turning opportunities into reality. It’s all about momentum-set it going and you’re unstoppable. With Venus shining brightly in your 5th House of self-expression, creativity and pleasure, find some innovative ways of turning work into play and exploration. Sunday’s Full Moon in compatible Fire sign Leo aligns with Mars-you might have a lightbulb moment in something you’re researching or studying which could be just the breakthrough you need.

On fire!

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: February 2-9, 2020

There’s no sugar coating the fact that change is coming at you from all directions and that sometimes it feels overwhelming. Not surprising with the two reality planets Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, on the one hand giving you more power and influence than you’ve ever had in your life and on the other forcing you to make some really big decisions. Something has to give, so your first priority is to find ways to sidestep burnout. Use the time between now and February 17th to re-charge your batteries and gain some perspective on what January’s epochal astrology means for you. After the 17th, Mars enters Capricorn giving you a shot in the arm and a burst of momentum. There have been and will be permanent endings and departures. Think of it as a rare opportunity to clear the slate ready for a fresh start on your own terms.

Watching the dust clear…

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: February 2-9, 2020

Now that the Sun’s returned to Aquarius, this is your personal New Year and after the brutal events of January, it‘s a welcome opportunity to let some of the dust settle and get your bearings.2020/21 is when you really start to come into your own as first Saturn then Jupiter return to Aquarius operating on your frequency and wavelength to create a more progressive future. Think back to 1991/2, the last time the Lord of Time and Karma was in Aquarius. What did you change? What did you begin? What did you walk away from? Meanwhile Ceres-archetype of abundance-is nudging you to create beauty, peace and fulfilment right where you are. You might get the urge to de-clutter, to plant a garden or window box or learn to cook new foods-whatever makes you feel at home, nurtured and loved.

A sense of belonging.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: February 2-9, 2020

Make the most of Venus in your sign until Friday 7th to polish up your appearance and self-image. With the Sun in the most hidden part of your chart, your batteries are flat until March 21st, so take some down time to recover from January’s rather brutal events. From the 3rd, Mercury enters Pisces to stay until mid April, an unusually long time. The next two weeks before Mercury turns backwards are perfect for daydreaming, visioning, brainstorming and mind mapping. Let your innate creativity and unconventional thinking off the leash. Sunday’s Full Moon shines a spotlight on all your habits and your routines-especially at work. Are you in a rut? Or are you well organised so that everything flows smoothly? Notice which behaviours sabotage you and which support you. Ask yourself what drains you and what energises you and eliminate the drains.

Making life easier on yourself.

Originally published at hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk and reproduced here with permission.

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