Everything Counts: Astrology Forecast February 9-16, 2020

February 10th, 2020

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

This is a week when everything counts, when everything matters. When the endings and changes going on behind the scenes are immense. It’s dawning on us that the old ways of doing things, of papering over the cracks, of thinking that someone else has the answers and our best interests at heart, of hiding our heads in the sand, are now permanently over.

The entire week plays out in the seismic window of Sunday’s Full Moon in Leo and the Mercury retrograde Trickster storm as Mercury at maximum impact stations to turn backwards on February 16/17th.The Messenger is in Pisces, so just at the time we need truth not disinformation, we walk into a hall of smoke and mirrors. Combined with a Full Moon in Fixed signs, expect disruption in the weather, in geomagnetic activity, in our energy infrastructure.

Since slippery Neptune rules Pisces, the Corona virus rumour mill of fear, doubt and uncertainty will be working overtime.

Pay attention to Mars moving across the Galactic Centre and entering Capricorn next weekend. Between February 17 and March 10th, Mars will re-trigger, re-activate and wake up the Saturn/Pluto super stellium in Capricorn. First Quaoar, then the Karmic South Node of Fate, Jupiter, Pluto, Chariklo and finally Saturn.

Mars will be insistently askingthe big question:” The blinkers are off. Everything’s changed. What are you going to do about it?”

It is time for those of us who for years have been in the shadows holding the light to step forward, to come out of our caves and safe sanctuaries where we retreated for fear of not belonging and to become visible as beacons to a world in transition. You are needed to stabilise and anchor these profoundly extreme times and shifts

Whether you recognise yourself as or have ever been called a healer, a teacher, a sensitive, an empath, a way shower, a path paver, a word weaver or a psychic mender, it’s time to drop your reluctance to come forward and to become someone who blazes a path that others can follow.

No more keeping your medicine only for like-minded souls, no more waiting to be asked, no more apprenticeships, no more waiting for approval.  You must have a presence, a strong physicality and be willing to attract attention. No matter how flattened, ragged, bereft, raw, heartbroken or exhausted you feel, your very presence makes a difference.

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The Chandra Symbol for Mercury Retrograde: PISCES 12

A woman asleep in a ring of flames.

“Drama, colour, sound. Magnitude and shakings. You dream through it all in an enchantment which simultaneously protects and stifles. An ancestral power of suspended life-force held away, while great events surround and envelop you, yet do not penetrate. You experience a most unusual soul-disposition of deep sleep in the teeth of collective and ancestral events and experiences which are huge and never-ending. Is it a grace or a curse? It can be either. It becomes a grace if you awaken in ripe timing and move on from here. It can be a curse if you stay down under too long and miss the cue to stir and look around and discover that the future has dawned and the old ways have fallen away. Sleeper awake!”

Aries Weekly Forecast: February 9-16, 2020

February and most of March are bringing a long personal cycle to completion, so it’s not the time to push ahead. If you do, it will backfire. Add to that, planet of communication and commerce Mercury slowing all week to turn direct on Sunday 16th in the most hidden part of your chart, and nothing will be straightforward. This is Mercury as Trickster. Not only that but Venus in your sign is at odds with Mars at the very top of your chart, making everything you do much more visible than usual, so tread carefully. Mars is your personal planet and your usual superpower of jumping first, reflecting later, isn’t the way to go just now.

See this period as an opportunity to retreat, to let go of what is dead in the water and prepare for full steam ahead from the middle of March.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: February 9-16, 2020

Your week begins with a Full Moon lighting up your home and family. With your personal planet Venus tucked away in your remote 12th House, enjoy some downtime in your own private sanctuary. Mercury is slowing down all week in your angle of friendships, alliances and networks. It’s a perfect time to contact old friends you’ve lost touch with to strengthen the bonds and build bridges. Also, to test run or beta test an idea, project or publication with those who know and support you. Just double check everything you post, text or  email for potential misunderstandings. From next weekend, momentum planet Mars kickstarts your angle of teaching, learning, travelling and exploring, so start planning some adventures.

Reconnecting with people from your past.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: February 9-16, 2020

Any time your personal planet Mercury changes direction, you feel the impact and this week will be no exception .On the heels of a Full Moon in your communication zone-when something comes to a permanent end-Mercury slows right down at maximum impact all week turning backwards on Sunday 16th.The Messenger is at the pinnacle of your chart ,turning your thoughts to a change of direction. Use the weeks between now and March 10th to get back on your feet if you’re feeling battered by recent events, to canvas ideas and opinions from people you trust and gather information. Check your resources, your financial security and your assets when Mars moves into your 8th House on Sunday and come up with some creative ways to attract extra income.

What is for you will not go by you.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: February 9-16, 2020

You have some decisions to make, especially where friendships are concerned, but take your time and don’t be rushed into burning any bridges this week. Life really will start to feel like a hall of mirrors as Mercury slows all week before turning retrograde next Sunday 16th.If you expect and prepare for a Trickster storm of glitches, miscommunications or broken promises, you’ll sail serenely through the twists and turns. Keep telling yourself that it’s not personal. What is personal is Mars lighting a match under your relationship zone between February 16th and March 10th.As he crosses over all the Capricorn planets one by one, this time you get to choose who stays and who goes. All the opposition you’ve been experiencing is revealed as a paper tiger.

Stand your ground.

Leo Weekly Forecast: February 9-16, 2020

The week kicks off with your annual Full Moon in Leo, bringing one cycle to completion. You may need to clear the air with someone who’s been taking advantage of your good nature. Meanwhile, Mercury is at his tricksterish best-or worst- preparing to turn backwards next Sunday 16th.The Messenger will stay an unusually long time in this angle of your chart-until April 11th-so prepare to dive deep. Your 8th House of endings, beginnings and life’s big questions is under reconstruction. Think about if you’re really living out your values and walking your talk. Maybe it’s time to update some of your habits. From Sunday, Mars in your 6th House will increase your work load but also give you the energy boost and momentum to move mountains.

May the force be with you.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: February 9-16, 2020

All week your personal planet Mercury slows right down, kicking up a dust storm, to turn backwards on the 16th/17th February. The Messenger is in your opposite sign of Pisces and stays for an unusually long time, right through to April 11th.This part of your life is sometimes hard for you to figure out, ruled as it is by slippery Neptune whose an adept at creating smoke and mirrors. This is the perfect time to take along hard look at your expectations around relationships of all kinds and especially one to one partnerships. Ask yourself: What are they based on? Are they based on parental /childhood imprinting or on who you are now and what you value most? Think about the habitual dynamics. Do you tend to live at one end of the dependent-co-dependent-independent spectrum? Seek some feedback from close friends or partners and return the favour.

Expect some lightbulb moments.

Libra Weekly Forecast: February 9-16, 2020

For you as a Libra, all your relationships are in the spotlight. Your personal planet Venus is in your relationship zone-just in time for Valentine’s Day- along with Lilith. It might be time to rekindle the ashes of an old romance or, more likely, to follow your heart’s desire and seek out a more unconventional partner-one who is not a stranger to amazement. All week, Mercury kicks up a Trickster storm before turning backwards in your angle of creativity and self-expression. What you see is not what you get, so, With Mars stirring up life at home with your family, watch for crossed wires, glitches or disagreements with children or other family members. Take a step back, remember to breathe and whatever you do, don’t take it personally.

Mixed messages.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: February 9-16, 2020

For you as a solar Scorpio, this astrology is all about people. How you connect, communicate, influence and negotiate. Be prepared for many of your usual ways of operating to be thrown up in the air this week, as they fail to deliver their usual results. Mercury is in slippery Pisces at his tricksterish best/worst, slowing to turn backwards on Monday February 17th creating a hall of mirrors when up seems down and vice versa. Meanwhile Mars starts to shake up your 3rd House of communication next weekend and will re-activate all those Saturn/Pluto super stellium planets one by one until March 10th.Your words will have an extra edge to them, hitting their target head on ,so monitor not only what you say or write extra carefully but also the way you deliver it. Your natural incisiveness -actually one of your gifts-can be overwhelming for the more sensitive signs.

Softly, softly….

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: February 9-16, 2020

Expect to feel a definite change of pace from this week, Sagittarius. Even you have to take a break from seeking new horizons and dragon slaying and this is certainly one of those times. If you want to avoid burn out, keeping on keeping on is counter-productive. Mercury is slowing right down in your 4th House of home, turning backwards and staying until March 10th. It’s time to hunker down, create the sanctuary you’ve always craved and re-connect with your nearest and dearest. Meanwhile Mars moves into Capricorn next weekend putting money at the forefront of your mind. As the energy planets re-activates no fewer than 5 Capricorn planets over the next month, including Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, the money could pour in or drain away. It’s a reminder that you need strong foundations to build a future around.

Home is where the heart is.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: February 9-16, 2020

Seize the chance to re-charge your batteries this week before Mars bursts into your sign next Sunday February 16th and re-activates all the Capricorn planets one after another until mid March. This is going to be a huge power surge so think about how you’re going to channel it. Mercury is in your 3rd House of connection for an unusually long time-until March 10th-and slowing to turn retrograde on the 17th.Expect to experience the usual tricksterish glitches, delays and miscommunications and double check emails, texts and posts. If you have anything to revise or re-draft, now’s the time. Keep in mind that hard hitters Saturn and Pluto are still together in your sign and cut yourself some slack.

Make your wellbeing your top priority.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: February 9-16, 2020

Sunday’s Leo Full Moon lights up your relationship zone, reminding you that to receive love, you have to give love. And that includes love for your self- your most important relationship. Treat yourself gently. It’s set to be a tricky week when nothing is clear, straightforward or easy as Mercury slows to turn backwards in slippery foggy Pisces. Refuse to allow crossed wires to de-rail your closest relationship and be extra tolerant. At the end of the week, Mars moves into the hidden, deepest part of your chart until March 10th.This means yet more inner work, discarding ideas and beliefs you’ve clung to for years. It may feel as if you’re being scoured out from the inside. It’s important spiritual work clearing the way for a re-birth in 2021/22.

Finding what makes you happy.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: February 9-16, 2020

While many of the other signs are finding Mercury in Pisces confusing and disorienting, you’re in your element. The Messenger will light up your sign for an unusually long time this year, from February 3 to April 11th.You can tap into your amazing ability to communicate through the emotions, through pictures, metaphors and dreams. All this week, Mercury is at his most tricksterish ahead of turning backwards on Monday 17th.It’s a great time to reconnect with old friends or lovers, to revive ideas you left by the wayside to see if they are viable. Other people will be more receptive to you than usual as Mars lights up your 11th House of friendships, alliances and networks. You may find yourself drawn to new associations, to working collaboratively in support of a cause close to your heart.

In to the dream time.

Originally published at hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk and reproduced here with permission.

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