Clearing Away the Rubble: Astrology Forecast February 16-23, 2020

February 17th, 2020

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Fresh off the Galactic Centre, between February 17 and March 10th, Mars crossing Capricorn will re-trigger, re-activate and wake up the Saturn/Pluto super stellium conjuncting Quaoar, the Karmic South Node of Fate, Jupiter, Pluto, Chariklo and finally Saturn in a domino effect.

With Mars at Max, anything still standing from the ongoing Saturn/Pluto collapse-collectively, personally and politically- will be tested for resilience and relevance. This is another step in the ongoing physical Embodiment process and you’ll feel the squeezing, contracting, condensing Earth energies working to clear away the dross. We’re all climbing, falling to our knees, getting back on our feet, building strength and removing the rubble of an old life gone dark. Your Body is taking You along for the Ride

 Something very significant is happening. You’re making the shift from:

 3D – when you tried and failed to liberate yourself from your body by spiritual bypassing

4D – when you are caught up in swapping stories about dramatic “ascension symptoms”, stuck in the illusory glamour of feeling special

5D – the understanding that rather than the body being collateral damage in this process of awakening, it is instrumental. That rather than being an inconvenience, the body is the vector for enlightenment. It is literally the delivery mechanism by which you experience the vastness of you really are—at least while alive.

Mercury turns retrograde on Monday February 17th in Pisces, the first retrograde of 2020, followed by a New Moon in Pisces on Sunday 23rd.Nothing will be clear, resolved or finished. This is a place of Not-Knowing and Un-Knowing when we are transitioning to living in the Now, one day or even one hour at a time, constantly clearing and re-clearing our own ecology, our own energy frequency and our own field of influence. No comparisons-this transformation comes perfectly personalised.

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The Chandra Symbol New Moon PISCES 5:

Thousands of gold nuggets glistening at the bottom of a clear stream

“Gifted with subtle faculties which work through the subconscious mind. This presence can be felt deep down underneath and can be sensed as opening a door into worlds otherwise held away. The masterful smuggling in of psychic gifts, sacred tasks and   boundless cosmic realities given just enough elusive properties to keep the ball rolling, make the spark the only thing we care about. Suspended within a stream of consummate revelation. Allowed to wander there freely.”


Aries Weekly Forecast: Feb 16-23, 2020

You may feel as if you’re stepping though a minefield -so slow down and tread very carefully. On Sunday 16th, Mercury turns backwards until mid -March just as your personal planet Mars enters Capricorn, following in the very large footsteps of Saturn and Pluto. This has big implications for you as this is your status sector, symbolising your public image, your career, your reputation. Mars is going to re-activate all the Capricorn planets one by one between now and March 10th, so chickens will come home to roost. You’ve been dealing with turmoil and big changes in this part of your life for the last couple of years and now it’s time to take back control. If you’re in a job you hate, move on. If you feel stuck, do something different. This is tremendous energy for becoming self-employed or working two roles at once. Whatever you do, don’t tread roughshod over other people’s sensitivities as it will backfire.

It’s make your mind up time.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: Feb 16-23, 2020

This week as Mars follows in Saturn and Pluto’s giant footsteps crossing your 9th House, anything to do with learning something new, going somewhere different or escaping your comfort zone is well starred. Giving you some respite after the events of the last 6 weeks, Mercury turns backwards on Sunday 16th in Pisces, a sign which is very compatible with yours. This is followed by a beautiful soft Pisces New Moon next Sunday 23rd which lights up your 11th House of friends, alliances, groups and networks. This also includes clients or customers or work colleagues. This is a lovely time to re-connect with old friends or make new ones- watch as your people landscape grows and grows. If you write, publish, blog or communicate with large groups of people, channel this Mercury retrograde into doing something different, something heartfelt. But remember to doublecheck everything you tweet, post or text for slip ups.

Opening up.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: Feb 16-23, 2020

It’s a strange mix of energies this week. On the one hand, action planet Mars now at maximum impact returns to Capricorn-your 8th House of finances and resources- and re-activates all the Capricorn planets between now and mid-March. Your income stream will definitely be under review and restructuring. On the other hand, your personal planet Messenger Mercury turns backwards on Sunday 16th in Pisces, right on the pinnacle of your chart. You become more visible, your actions and reactions noticed, so take extra care with other people’s sensitivities. The annual Pisces New Moon next Sunday 23rd is your opportunity to think about setting your intentions for the year ahead. How do you want to feel? How do you want to live? What are you choosing to base your life around?

Food for thought.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: Feb 16-23, 2020

Mark Sunday February 16th in your calendar. There are two big planetary shifts-first Mercury turns backwards in Pisces for the next 3 weeks then Mars rockets into Capricorn to follow in Saturn and Pluto’s Men in black footsteps, reactivating all the Capricorn planets one by one. In your solar chart, this means that relationships-yet again-are going to be right in the frame, but this time, you’re the one ending toxic friendships or refusing to compromise to keep the peace. Over the next month, this will make space for new allies or partners who have your highest interests at heart. This trend is supported by both Mercury and a lovely, tender New Moon in Pisces on Sunday 23rd.A group you work with could be the source of information that will point you in an unexpected but exciting new direction. Anything connected with teaching, publishing or research will be very well starred.

In your element.

Leo Weekly Forecast: Feb 16-23, 2020

You’ll feel a distinct shift in energy from Sunday 16th when Mercury slows to turn backwards until mid-march in Pisces-your 8th House-just as Mars enters Capricorn following on the heels of Saturn and Pluto and putting work and health right at the top of your agenda. Interestingly, both your inner and outer life are being stirred up at the same time. Mercury will be in Pisces until April and will be excavating old buried issues around money, partnerships and intimacy. This is a rare opportunity to really get to the root of repeating self-sabotaging patterns and behaviours as they present in some form for clearing. At the same time, there will be more on your plate-in fact, you’ll be juggling several plates for the next month. You may have to resolve a work problem with a colleague or clear up a backlog of paperwork. This is supportive energy so you’ll have momentum and motivation to get things sorted.

A fresh look at your daily habits and routines.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: Feb 16-23, 2020

Take heart, the next few weeks will restore your faith in yourself and other people, not to mention in life in general. This week begins on the 16th with a distinct shift in energies when Mercury slows to turn backwards in Pisces just as Mars enters Capricorn on the heels of men in Black Saturn and Pluto. This should be a positive transit for you as the momentum grows to help you expand and evolve your creative direction, gathering pace in March. “Creative” covers anything and everything that makes you feel alive- passions, hobbies, romance, children, travel, planting a garden…….whatever lifts your spirits and reconnects you to your inner child self who longs to play. Meanwhile, Mercury is going to spend until April in your opposite sign helping you grow, nurture and cultivate all your important relationships. The Pisces New Moon on Sunday 23rd is soft, tender and nostalgic-the perfect time to wander down memory lane with someone special.

Amidst the turmoil, cultivate your own ecology.

Libra Weekly Forecast: Feb 16-23, 2020

The global events of the last 6 weeks have been overwhelming for many people and, if you’re one of them, this weeks and month’s astrology will help you shift your focus closer to home. How you live, how you create your personal environment, your ecology, your field of influence are all in your own hands. On Sunday February 16th, Mars crosses into your zone of home, family and tribe following in the giant footsteps of Saturn and Pluto for the next month. If old issues come up yet again, deal with them once and for all. You may need to draw a line in the sand or issue an ultimatum. Or it may also be that you decide finally to leave home, to move house or to expand your space. This ties in well with Mercury and Sunday 23rd’s New Moon in Pisces putting your routines, your habits, your health and your work at the top of your agenda. What needs re-organising, straightening out, tidying up or removing?

Clearing space for the new.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: Feb 16-23, 2020

There are not one but two important planetary events this week, both starting on February 16th and both continuing throughout March. Mercury slows right down to turn backwards in your angle of fun, leisure, romance and creativity just as Mars marches into your communication zone hard on the heels of Men in Black, Saturn and Pluto. These two aspects together during the next few weeks are well starred for anything and everything connected to writing, speaking, publishing, researching, computer coding or building a public platform. Your imagination will be working overtime to look at things from new angles. Take your time developing your blueprint and remember to double check all texts, emails, tweets or posts for glitches or misunderstandings. The beautiful Pisces New Moon on February 23rd is the time to plant the seeds of a new project, to set your intention for its success and to start the groundwork.

Making connections.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: Feb 16-23, 2020

This week, everything changes. Keep telling yourself:” You’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto!” On Sunday 16th, Mercury slows to turn backwards at the base of your chart while Mars leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn. You will definitely notice this energy shift. Mars is going to spend the next few weeks kicking your finances back into shape any way he can. This is where your energy and focus need to be. This is a rare opportunity to put solid foundations under your ideas, your ambitions and your future but only after you’ve faced up to stopping any money leaks. Are you in debt? Over spending? Under earning? Propping up a partner or child? Forgetting to save for a pension? Under this Mars transit, money might flood in or equally flood right out. If this feels overwhelming, cut yourself some slack. Mercury in your angle of home is all about taking some time out, going offline, chilling out.

Money, money, money.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: Feb 16-23, 2020

I hope you spent the last two weeks re-charging your batteries-physically, mentally and emotionally-because you’re going to need it. You’re already dealing with Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and the South Node of Fate taking your life into unrecognisable directions and from Sunday 16th, Mars on rocket fuel will join the party. Frame this is as wonderful timing because Mars always gives you the momentum you need to break logjams, cut through barriers and steamroller over road bumps. If you’ve been waiting to start something big, have the courage of your convictions. Just be careful not to ride roughshod or other people’s wishes. Instead, negotiate, collaborate and share. Mercury is turning backwards so focus on designing your blueprint, building strong foundations and re-vising your intentions. It’s a good time to beta test anything you’re launching.

Switch on ignition.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: Feb 16-23, 2020

Every sign will notice a distinct energy shift this week and that definitely includes you. On Sunday 16th, Mercury turns backwards in sensitive Pisces taking you on a research trip through the kingdom of money until April 10th, so settle in for an interesting ride. See it as an opportunity to really think about what money and resources mean to you, how you attract them, look after them and use them. Instead of operating on automatic pilot, repeating old habits and patterns, take off your rose tinted sunglasses and see how it works or doesn’t work for you. This astrology might bring ideas for some new income streams or reveal how and where you’ve been underpaid or are owed money. The Pisces New Moon on Sunday 24th is a chance for a fresh financial start. Clear out old accounts and files, create new ones and then make it a priority to expand your resources and build strong foundations.

In March, Saturn returns to Aquarius, so do the groundwork now.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: Feb 16-23, 2020

The Sun is literally shining on you, Pisces, as the Light returns to your sign on February 18th and you celebrate your personal New Year. Not only that but a beautiful Pisces New Moon on the 23rd makes harmonious aspects with Mercury, Mars, Uranus and the Node of Fate. This is your time to set your intentions and sow the seeds for the coming year. In spite of the drama and turmoil outside, your personal world is enjoying a beautiful re-flowering. For you, Mercury retrograde in your sign from the 16th February to March 10th is a positive. You are gifted with sensitivity, versatility and ingenuity, so this is a wonderful chance to lose yourself in creative ideas, involving imagery, imagination, intuition, dreamwork or art. Re-connect with old friends, enjoy some nostalgia and reminiscing and let life unfold in its own time.

In the flow.

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