Yoga for Couples: 7 Poses for Building Intimacy and Trust

By Vivek Roy

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Love feels the very best when you spot soul mate tendencies, in your special someone. That’s the exact time when you want more than the cutesy stuff, the shared happiness, and the sweet nothings. You want a bond that holds you together, even when you fall apart, that’s what they call it the ‘next level’. And what better than a healthy and rejuvenating shared activity for the both of you?

Yes, gyms, sprints and sports are one idea, but to increase your closeness and take your bond to next level, why not opt for the best exercise for your entire body – Hatha yoga or yoga. Yoga today has grown from India’s ancient past to being a globally acclaimed exercise regime. It’s the perfect way to stay healthy and to develop your loving bond at the same time.

Here are a few yoga poses or asanas which you can do with your partner:


Centering works like a warm-up for your yogic spirit, awakening all the parts and the centers or chakras of your body.

This meditating pose helps couples to truly spend a few clam moments and be together in silence and peace. To perform the asana, cross your legs sitting on your mat, facing each other. Look into each other’s eye not closely, not from afar but just the perfect distance in which you are sitting. Take deep breaths to hold them for a few seconds if you can, and release them slowly. Doing this asana will build a stronger bond between both of you, and you will truly feel at peace before starting the very session ahead. If crossing legs is uncomfortable then you can opt for a pillow or a rolled towel for support.

Utkatasana (Back to Back Chair Pose)

This asana is done the way as its name suggests, you have to first stand facing your backs and your hands relaxed and put inside, and then sit in a chair-like sitting pose.

The backs need to be stuck with each other strongly and firmly, and the knees to form a right angle. This exercise is very useful for building a sense of better trust, as the support of your bodies is on each other’s backs. It is another one of the many great poses for strengthening, the areas it focuses on is the muscles, thighs and ankles.

Matsyasana (Sitting Front and Back Bending Pose)

This asana is done similar to the last asana with you and your partners’ backs facing each other closely.

In this, you have to sit on your mat or the ground and one of you have to for a v angular position with your knees and your upper body’s weight being on your partner’s. Your partner whilst having your upper body are supposed to keep their legs straight, and hands-on the sides of the legs and bend forward. This can be done vice versa too. For about four to five deep breaths. This pose works greats for your hamstrings, legs and the back. Besides this exercise is best to deepen your physical bond or intimacy.

Balasana (Child’s Pose)

This asana is not only fun but also pretty easy to do if you can do the last two well.

One of you has to sit on their knees like in ajrasana bending on your knees and sitting on your legs and then lift your body forward bending towards the partner’s feet. The other one of you is supposed to stand, and bend forward with hands placed towards the lower back of the other. Doing this for about 5 to 6 breaths will make a great full-body stretch for the both of you, and will also build a sense of closeness and trust.

Parivrtta Utkatasana (Revolving Chair Pose)

Similar to chair pose, in this pose you have to be in the position of sitting in the air. You and your partner in this pose are supposed to face each other.

Hold each other’s opposite hands (i.e. left of your partner-right of yours, or right of your partner and left hand of yours) and with your other hand behind you, you have to stretch behind facing towards the side. This pose is the best for chest, shoulder and feet, and is ideal to perform for a good 3 to 4 deep breaths. This pose building a sense of security is a great addition to the entire regime.

Utkata Konasana (Temple Pose)

This is another great fun pose you are supposed to face each other standing on either side of the mat.

Now stretching from you back and hip with hands straight in the front, you have to hold them in a way that they’re parallel to the ground. The angle formed on both your sides should be acute. This exercise is great for flexibility, strengthening your back and hamstrings. If you have any discomfort in performing it, you can bend a little. And perform this asana for a good 4-5 deep breaths to feel the sense of calm.

Tadasana (Tree Pose)

Last but not the least, as there are many poses you can do together. In this pose, you are supposed to stand hip-width apart side by side to your partner. Then one of you have to place and bend their right foot towards their left thigh, and the other has to bend their left foot towards the right thigh and join either of your hand towards your chest and the other one above your head or crown. Doing this for a good 6 breaths can make a sense of calmness and strength prevail for both of you individually as well as together.

Points to keep in mind

Never, ever force yourself to do something which is beyond your limits. Instead, push your limits bit by bit by practicing it every day or weekly as it is suitable to you. Always see a doctor, or a trainer before doing exercises as they should be done correctly for the most optimum outcome.

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About the author:

Vivek Roy is an enthusiastic Yoga blogger and Traveller from India. He has done 200 hours yoga teacher training in India. He loves to travel and share the knowledge of yoga around the world. For more information about him visit his website.

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