Truth Transmissions: Astrology Forecast April 26th -May 3rd, 2020

April 27th, 2020

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

This is a week for: “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”. Pluto- the Great Eliminator of anything fake – turns retrograde until October 5th and will very slowly track back from 25-22 degrees Capricorn re-activating the degree of the January Saturn/Pluto conjunction twice.

As governments across the world (Pluto) impose stringent personal restrictions (Saturn) during this pandemic, information is being withheld while the truth of the real nature of the virus is still being excavated. Remember, Pluto in Capricorn works under the radar to protect the status quo. This is the time when anything false is likely to get forcefully deconstructed. Pluto resonates with all things absolute, either absolute light or absolute darkness.

In your own life, as Pluto goes back over the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, transparency, authenticity and openness are going to be critical.

Expect some shocks to the system as both the Sun and Mercury conjunct Uranus and square Saturn in Aquarius this week.

Uranus is Universal Mind, the higher frequency of Mercury, catalysing ideas beyond the mainstream. Mercury is information exchange whereas Uranus is high frequency technology downloading data from Source, our 5D wi-fi. The Sky God operates by delivering unpredictable shocks, reversals or insights that electrify you out of your comfort zone, forcing to collaborate with the inevitable. It’s a time in your life when something new – something eccentric – needs to break through into conscious awareness.

All of this means that it’s going to be important and urgent to decipher the personal meaning of the incoming downloads so you can adjust your trajectory for the next few months. Roll with financial volatility, a focus on the planet and new green energy sources as well as insights into what this new phase of embodiment is deleting and downloading in your physicality.

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The Chandra Symbol for Sun conjunct Uranus TAURUS 7:

A large ruby inscribed with a prayer.

“A beautiful dream that comes true. Conceiving in your heart that a fresh life current is here to be met in the physical. Being magnetised to the spot where the New Earth arises. You feel deeply drawn to give yourself over completely to what the new life-wave asks. Sensing acutely that this is all that counts, and suffering for all of those who are shut off from the bounty. Knowing how hard it is to feel dejected and forsaken, and never forgetting the ache, the longing, the distances, and what it takes to earnestly clasp new life and realize you belong to the heavenly kingdom in the Earth and will never again be out in the cold.” From Inside Degrees

Aries Weekly Forecast: April 26 -May 3, 2020

This astrology means business and literally so for you as an Aries. Pluto is now slowing right down to maximum impact to turn backwards until October in your angle of career and public visibility. In the next few months, the Great Eliminator will retrace his path back to the epochal events of January when the whole House of Cards collapsed. Think back to how this has played out in your own life. Have you been removed from a role or position or have you walked away from an outgrown job? Has there been a work re-organisation or a change in how and where you work? The story is still unfolding but if your ladder has been up against the wrong wall, bite the bullet and take a radical step in your own highest interests.

Your value system is changing.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: April 26 -May 3, 2020

This week Mercury and the Sun encounter unpredictable Uranus in Taurus. You’re still acclimatising to hosting the Awakener in your comfort zone and this explosive conjunction will make you restless, ready to make some long overdue changes and to shake up your world. Not only that but Sun, Mercury and Uranus are aligned with Master Teacher Saturn in Aquarius- now at the very pinnacle of your chart for the first time in 29 years! The next two years are going to be a professional harvest of some sort when years of work and effort will pay off. When practical rational Aquarian Saturn meets Uranian electricity, things happen and logjams break apart. Watch for sudden insights and synchronicities around new paths you want to explore. Think big and do an audit of your experience, qualities and skills to come up with creative ideas for adding value to yourself and to others.

Developing some new income streams.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: April 26 -May 3, 2020

If you find yourself deep in thoughts about life, death and the meaning of it all, it’s not only because you’re quarantined at home by events outside your control but also thanks to Jupiter and Pluto. These two truth tellers are in your 8th House and Pluto has now turned backwards to go over old ground until October. Some of the issues you experienced around January connected to money, resources and personal security may come round again for a final resolution. You could be thinking in terms of your legacy as in what you’d like to be remembered for and this, in turn, focuses your mind on how you’re spending your time right now. Luckily, with Master Teacher Saturn in progressive Aquarius, your horizons are opening up. Don’t be surprised to find yourself suddenly immersed in a new intriguing course of study that has the potential to be come something of lasting importance to you.

Trust your instincts.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: April 26 -May 3, 2020

There’s no sugar coating the fact that as Pluto turns backwards in your opposite sign, conflicts may come to a head. These may be with someone in authority or someone who thinks they know better than you do. This is a familiar scenario for you and you know how to de-escalate the tension -it’s just that it’s becoming wearing. There’s an important message in there for you somewhere. Do you need to walk away, not just from a person but from a situation that is increasingly toxic and that doesn’t match your values? All your astrology is telling you that it’s now the end of an era-especially if you are late born Cancerian. Your entire world view and outlook has shifted while you weren’t looking, so take some time to catch up with who you are now-very different from the You of even 18 months ago.

While you’re reflecting, sooth your soul with good food, good music and good friends.

Leo Weekly Forecast: April 26 -May 3, 2020

Luck you-your saving grace is Venus in your 11th House of people smoothing your path right through until August .Even if you’re quarantined at home, take every opportunity to reach out to old and new friends, participate in groups and form some interesting alliances. This will keep that warm Leo heart of yours going while duty calls. Pluto is moving back over old ground in your work revisiting events that changed so much for you back in January. This might be an end to one way of working but with Mercury, Sun and unpredictable Uranus at the top of your chart, there’s a gold nugget to be found somewhere in the rubble. The key is in embracing the change and swapping outdated ways of thinking about work for a more portfolio approach. Build your security by developing several streams of income.

People are your lifeline.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: April 26 -May 3, 2020

This week, your personal planet Mercury is busy making contact with some big hitters. As the Messenger meets the Sun and unpredictable Uranus in Taurus- a fellow Earth sign and your 9th House of wide horizon-, start thinking about new avenues to explore. Anything connected with teaching or learning is well starred as is an injection of fresh thinking. Remember, you are benefitting from Venus right at the top of your chart until August smoothing your career and making you more visible, so revisit some of your recent creative work as Pluto backtracks and look deeper into how you can develop it. There’s much more potential there than you’ve realised up to now.

Be alert for synchronicities, dreams and signs then follow the clues.

Libra Weekly Forecast: April 26 -May 3, 2020

It seems as if there’s a lot going on at home that needs some unravelling. Pluto is now turning to backtrack through your 4th House of home and family until October and issues that kicked off in January, when Pluto confronted Master Teacher Saturn, are coming around again for another, longer look. Your home life is crying out for your attention and especially if you’re quarantined, now’s the time to uncover the elephant under the carpet. Normally, when you’re out at work all day, it’s all too easy to ignore or miss problems that are bubbling away on the back burner. With Saturn in your 5th House, it may involve children or an older person who is needing more of your time than usual. It could be an issue with your home itself needing repairs or how to change areas around to make your shared space more user friendly. No matter how it’s playing out for you, don’t let this rare opportunity go by to update where and how you live to match who you are now.

Home sweet home.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: April 26 -May 3, 2020

With Saturn in the part of your chart that denotes home, family and belonging, there’s a definite sense of one long chapter closing. This is the first visit of the Master Teacher to remodel this part of your life since 1992-that’s right,29 years ago! That makes the next two years through to early 2020 significant in terms of you making your environment a closer match for who you are now. With your personal ruler hot headed Mars next to Saturn, there could be extra tension or challenges at home, not helped by having to live in close quarters with your nearest and dearest for weeks on end. A major turning point is on the cards but there is plenty of time to reset your trajectory instead of waiting until life takes you by surprise. Remember to discuss it up front with those closest to you, keeping them in the loop. They could surprise you with their suggestions.

Staying chilled and focused.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: April 26 -May 3, 2020

If you’re working from home, expect some creative new ideas this week when Mercury and the Sun collide with unpredictable Uranus. It looks as if you might be frustrated with the problems of virtual communication or the slow pace of fellow workers’ responses but use this as an incentive to come up with some innovative solutions that could transform your business further down the line. At the same time, God of wealth Pluto has turned backwards in your money zone until October, relieving some of the financial pressure you’ve been under since January. In May, your personal planet Jupiter also backtracks through this area of your life, nudging you to revise some of your commitments and contracts to streamline your resources. In all this flurry of systems upgrading, remember to stay close to those you love.

Adapting and going with the flow.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: April 26 -May 3, 2020

Your world is evolving by the day as the two huge change agents Jupiter and Pluto join forces in Capricorn. On Sunday, the Great Eliminator turns backwards until October retracing territory you’ve been crossing ever since the epochal upheavals of January. Think back to what changed because whatever it was is in line for a second chapter. In the coming months, start dropping some ancient history, some heavy burdens or responsibilities that you’ve been carrying forever. The way to start the process is to ask yourself:” Who do these really belong to?” and then hand them back and walk away. Meanwhile, with Master Teacher Saturn, now in progressive future- oriented Aquarius, it’s time to come up with some innovative ways to build up your personal security. Your usual financial resources may be drying up, so start thinking up some creative ways of adding to your income streams. You could be amazed at the value you can add to others that you’ve been taking for granted and underutilising.

Channel your most enterprising self.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: April 26 -May 3, 2020

Fortunately for you as a progressive Aquarian, this period of restriction is encouraging you to polish one of your super powers- virtual communication. With Saturn back in your sign for the first time in 29 years, this spring and summer is going to give you a preview of coming attractions over the next two years. It’s a time of personal harvest, of rewards for everything you’ve experienced, overcome and mastered since 1992.Even in this lockdown, you need to think about the future and what you can do now to set a more interesting trajectory for yourself. Everyone is having to adapt to a different way of engaging and working, so your skillset with electronic media is going to add tremendous value. Get your creative juices flowing while Venus is in fellow air sign Gemini until August and brainstorm multiple ways of working for yourself at home that could be real money spinners.

All to play for.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: April 26 -May 3, 2020

If your Piscean nerves are being severely jangled by the fear, doubt and uncertainty in the outside world, take heart. This period of restriction-even though you would never have chosen it-is at least giving you the time to adapt to your own natural rhythms, to focus on what and who is truly meaningful and what is a waste of time. Two beautiful planetary aspects are gracing your sign with ways to find peace and harmony even in the midst of a pandemic. First, Venus and Vesta are lighting up your 4th House of home until August, nudging you to create a sanctuary, to eat well and to make your private space work for you. Secondly, Ceres Goddess of nurturing, growing and harvesting is back in your sign for several months. It seems as if many Pisceans will be in the role of care giver, perhaps for a child, a sibling, a parent or a patient, and find that they enjoy it. It could even become a vocation.

Slowing down to dwell more deeply in your life.

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