Full Moon in Scorpio: Where Intensity Meets Compassion

May 6th, 2020

By Nikki Harper

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

The astrological Full Moon is always an emotionally intense experience, and with Scorpio being one of the most emotionally intense zodiac signs, it’s going to be, well, emotionally intense. That much we can say for sure. Scorpio Full Moons are often passionate, dramatic and tumultuous and, let’s be honest, often scary too. This one, however, is different: this one ends the lunar cycle which began with a very challenging New Moon on April 22nd, but it ends it on a note of compassion and idealism. Things are looking up.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign, driven to express the very depths of whatever it’s feeling that day, be it lust, rage, solidarity or lethargy. This Full Moon occurs just three minutes after an exact sextile between Mercury and Neptune, and it’s this Moon-Mercury opposition and Moon-Neptune trine which lends the Full Moon such a hefty dose of compassion – compassion which we’ll be driven to express to its fullest.

Through this Scorpio Full Moon, you can harness the power of your intuition to discover who might need your help the most. You can also use your idealism to manifest and co-create a reality which attends to the needs of the neediest and which spreads a healing balm across this deeply unsettled world.

Scorpio energy can be difficult to handle and is all too often characterised negatively, in terms of spite, jealousy and emotional manipulation. However, with the Mercury-Neptune sextile in play, you can channel any emotional outpouring for the greater good. If you’re angry, sure, get angry, but get angry with those who need to hear your anger; get angry with those who are perpetuating injustice, not with the victims. Channel your drive to communicate so that you can lift your voice on behalf of those who need to be heard, rather than simply yelling at your better half.

Choose to make a difference with this energy, because you can.


With this Full Moon occurring in your intimacy zone, it’s going to feel up close and very, very personal for you, Aries. There’s a chance here to bubble over with passion, but anger isn’t going to be very far from the surface – so you’re a prime candidate for someone who can choose where to direct that anger. You can wound severely with your words and actions now, so protect those you love and direct your energy outwards instead.


A Full Moon in your love zone often reflects a difficult or highly emotional period in your love life – but with this Full Moon there’s plenty of romance and much better communication options than normal. Have a heart to heart talk to your sweetheart and your loved ones and ensure that you’re all on the same page moving forwards. This is a chance to correct any misunderstandings before they blow out of control.


Watch your blood pressure! You’re likely to feel pretty irate during this Full Moon and no doubt very frustrated with covid-19 restrictions and situations beyond your control. The Full Moon is here to remind you to let go of what you cannot control and instead to direct the full force of your energy towards the things you can influence. For the sake of your physical health, employ some mindfulness or breathing techniques, and calm down. For the sake of your mental health – make a difference where you can.


The intuitively creative energy of this Full Moon lends itself well to anything artistic or craft related. Express your deepest and most hidden emotions through art, poetry, dance, baking – whatever floats your boat. The medium of expression doesn’t matter, but it does matter that you get it all out somehow. Let your creativity be a cathartic tool for you now, so that you can move forwards with a clearer head, making decisions which are not driven by negative emotions.


This Full Moon falls in your family zone and might ordinarily indicate a tumultuous few days at home. However, with the added creative and idealistic influences, this is your chance to switch up your domestic situation for the better. Take whatever is not working for you and manifest something much, much better. Learn about creative visualization techniques and will what you want into reality. Co-opt family members into this effort too, so that your energies blend together into one aim.


It’s the communicative elements of this Full Moon which are most obviously manifest for your sign, Virgo. You have an idealistic vision that you want to show the world, but you’ve lacked confidence to speak up. Prompted by the extreme emotions of this energy, you’ll feel emboldened to take that leap of faith. Stick your head above the parapet now, because you deserve to be heart. Indeed, for all of our sakes, you should be heard, because what you have to say truly matters.


This Full Moon may bring drama around money and finances – as if you needed any more of that. However, it also brings you the ability to transcend such mundane concerns through the practice of gratitude. Look around you and notice, truly notice, how blessed you are. Others would give anything to be in your situation right now. Learn the gentle art of being where you are. Accept your own blessings, and work instead of manifesting blessings for others less fortunate than you.


A Full Moon in your own sign gives you tremendous emotional power – and a choice of how to use that power. Right now, all of your inherent Scorpio traits are on full blast, and you know that you could manipulate or scheme your way to success if you wanted to. But you also know that you could instead take the high road and use your tremendous charisma and magnetism for a better purpose. You have a strong voice in this moment. Choose wisely how to use it.


This Full Moon falls in your spiritual zone and has probably awakened a lot of angst and hidden fears. Worries and what-ifs keep you awake at night, which is unusual for you. The way through this is to more fully embrace your spiritual nature. Stop looking for logic or explanations, and instead go within through meditation or mindful awareness. Seek out the interconnected nature of the divine spark in all of us; you will feel reassured once you understand that we are all one.


Falling as it does in your community zone, this Full Moon gives you more power than most to make a difference, Capricorn. Start with the people you know. Talk to your friends and acquaintances – not to ‘convert’ them to your way of thinking, but to open a lovingly challenging dialogue. Expect them to challenge you in return – that’s healthy. Little by little, you can open minds and open hearts, including not least your own.


This Full Moon occurs in your ambitions and career zone, but on this occasion it’s more about your ambitions for the world at large. Don’t be surprised if you feel a strong sense of vocational calling, especially if you don’t currently work in a ‘caring’ or ‘keyworker’ field but have been awed by those who do. The Full Moon is here to remind you that your current path may be drawing to a close, but that something rather wonderful is set to follow.


This Full Moon is testing your beliefs – and your patience. You may have to defend your opinions or principles more than normal and you may also find yourself questioning things you previously took for granted. This can be an unsettling experience, to say the least, but it’s important to be OK with moving on from what you once believed, if you feel it’s the right time to do so. You’re adapting and changing and evolving. Keep going.

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