When the World Awakens

By Michael Becker

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

A better world lies ahead, in my heart and in my head. Love and light is who we are, even if we’ve forgotten, from afar.

As individualized units of The One, we succumb to the Maya until we want to be done. Lifetimes of learning, growth, and evolution, until we can graduate and remember the solution.

The Earth game is a calculated maze of deception, for the highest achieving players to use their heart as a weapon. You see, our Source is on a quest, to find itself within this mess.

And as we awaken within the game, we help others do the same. We all came here to heal the planet, and our species from this damage.

Self-inflicted wounds and pain, sleeping generations all doing the same. Start by asking “is this really working,” or are we working for it, mindlessly submerging… ourselves into constructs that no longer serve, that incite our emotions and get on our nerves.

As more and more come into realization, that they’ve been living in mass subjugation… not of the body, but of their own mind, the truth will come forth, and it’s about time.

We must bring forth the truth with our message, and imbue these perspectives within the collective. Now, the sleeping sceptic may never accept it, for he can not see that all is connected.

My perspective is that we live in a very impressive self-reflective sea of energetic and electric perfection — it’s a subjective experience that we all invented so that we could ascend it. But it is lasting much longer than we ever intended.

Beginning to Awaken

As you realize the world is full of lies, you begin digging deeper and start asking, “why?” Rearrange “awakened” and you get “naked” and “awe” — because first you were asleep, and then you saw.

Your third eye is popping, and you’re seeing the truth, you start leaving the old, and finding the new. And you feel your ego screaming “no… please! Wait!” But you boldly choose to awaken from this dream state.

The mix of sadness, anger, and confusion… the more you discover, the grander the illusion. Suddenly, your friends think you’re delirious, but you’ve cracked the code within the experience.

And you stop believing things just because someone says — this is how you expand your consciousness.

Time to Get Real(ized)

We’re living in a world of mind controlling, creating a delusion of divine withholding…

From the insides of our own self-imprisoned minds molding paradigms of victim consciousness infused many times via many lives of social conditioning, ensuring we’re listening, to the distractions of these empowered factions…

That seek to own you unless you devise to catalyze their demise — but only when we truly open our eyes for the first time in our entire lives can such an idea actualize.

From the time you were young, introduction to third dimensional constructions have been wrecking havoc and destruction. False instructions and assumptions caused corruption of your mind in a way worse than a concussion.

When it comes to religion, by its very definition, with a mission to imprison your condition by silently controlling your opinion, forcing you to listen, casting forth your vision for you disguised as your decision. My suspicion is these generational traditions — now filled with mostly fiction — have interests that are hidden and perpetuate division. But that’s just my intuition.

Belief systems are thief missions but it takes an awakened mind to see this.

Television tells lies to your vision?! In addition, it doesn’t take a logician to possess recognition of my contention that most politicians are tacticians, captivating your attention… claiming to befriend you, saying they’ll defend you – they never did intend to. Giving your attention to these fake connections as they buy your affection up until the election won’t help with your ascension.

I’ll let these 3D man-made paradigms dwindle down by eventual attrition as I’d much rather embark on my light-worker mission. It’s time to replace these fallacies with loving discussions about our interconnectedness, oneness, and multidimensionality if we want to ascend and join other HEBs throughout the galaxy.

Time to Make Change

Let’s begin replacing frustration and mindless stagnation by sharing our stark realization of non-separation and higher vibration realized through meditation and mental relaxation!

I look to the time where we all frequently raise our frequency, and the entire collective will start to embrace living more freely along with me.

Some think it’s strange and others may turn away, but we’re still sitting here today, just waiting on the world to change.

I know one day my generation is gonna rule the population…

Maybe it’ll start with this oration, shifting the foundation, creating reverberations and maybe a proliferation of these ideas to a vocation solely focused on raising their loving vibration so they can cease reincarnation!

When the masses start to question what lies beyond rational comprehension, changing their perception, and using their intention, emerging from oppression and suppression, they’ll begin their ascension into the Fifth Dimension, moving in the right direction, inviting the aforementioned reality that’s closer to perfection.

Knowing That You Know

There is no coincidence, only synchronistic instances and relentlessness of universal gifts of sixth senses; and the mindful synthesis that this Earthly incarnation presents one dense and very immense mental test.

So choose empathy, choose serenity, choose to love splendidly. And choose, presently, where you give your energy. We can communicate telepathically if we’re open to our innate power evidenced from an entire cosmology of those who’ve been evolving rapidly elsewhere in the galaxy — yes, these ETs use their high frequency and third eye to see — like in the Pleiades.

Our universe is set up dimensionally and energetically, governed by sacred patterns of geometry with infinite possibility for your Source fractal to explore unapologetically. You matter so much, and so little, simultaneously — how’s that for a Divine Dichotomy?

If you want to understand existence, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration, said Tesla, and break away from ANY other agenda. Here you go, down a rabbit hole that’s bottomless, exploring the nature of consciousness, letting go of common sense, and embracing your claircognizance of “knowing that you know” the truth of All That Is!

Does it make me a metaphysical addict if I lose myself in sacred mathematics, hacking this universe of magic of which I am but a fraction? We are all on a galactic mission to ascend the densities of consciousness within this endlessly miraculous instance of creation — making our way back, making our claim that, love is all we ever really had and LOVE IS WHERE IT’S AT!

I choose to let divinity consistently stay filling me as my carbon-based DNA turns to crystalline to lend me clarity, transmute negativity, and send me energies from who I really am at the highest frequencies.

Learn to live in this admittedly low density while remaining radically set on creating a heavenly embassy on this planet for every single entity to the beautifully created tune of your own healing melody — rejecting any tendency toward scarcity or neglecting to act any way but lovingly. Mother Gaia needs your gifts so that, eventually, she can fulfill her cosmic destiny.

God, grant me the knowledge I need to live my life abundantly, and keep supporting me, for eternity, as I create my own reality.

A Future of Love

Let’s usher in an age where we’ll thrive in a problemless oasis of loving embraces and smiling faces.

Stop yelling and criticizing, stop separating and polarizing, stop arguing, patronizing, and politicizing – it’s demoralizing and only drives dividing lines. We are all immeasurably divine.

Start subtly stimulating your pineal glad and synthesizing, and understand why I keep emphasizing this tantalizing and mesmerizing miracle that is this self-creation that we’re all, collectively, devising, so we might all start rising.

Thankfully, humanity is awakening and things are changing in response to these galactic waves enabling more to enter this awakened state to win at this high stakes game as we all partake in a reclaiming of our own Godly namesake!

Originally published at newearthknowledge.com and reproduced here with permission.

About the author:

Michael is a Certified Life Purpose Coach, Awakening Guide, and Content Creator. He helps conscious creators unveil their life purpose and fulfill their soul mission. Subscribe to his blog, New Earth Knowledge, and connect with him on Instagram, @new_earth_knowledge and @mjbecker.

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