New Moon in Gemini: Slowly but Steadily, Optimism Builds

May 22nd, 2020

By Nikki Harper

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

New Moons in astrology are traditionally ideal for a new beginning; we’ve had several New Moons during the course of this pandemic, but this one is the most optimistic and promising yet. It’s worth remembering, however, that at the true moment of the New Moon, there is darkness – at that moment, the Moon is totally invisible from earth, and the first glimmer of the new crescent Moon can’t be seen from earth for 24 hours or so. So every New Moon’s potential new beginning comes only following a period of darkness, when we may feel lost in the wilderness.

Gemini is, as we all know, the sign of the twins, and Gemini energy is infamous for being able to look both ways and see all sides of every situation thirty-four times before breakfast. Duality and indecisiveness are a key message from this New Moon. On the world stage, there is some understandable confusion, as different countries or different states take different approaches towards ending the pandemic lockdown. We are continually told that our leaders are “following the science”, but what they neglect to admit is that “the science”, as such, doesn’t exist – not as a simple, unified, universal, do this, don’t do that set of instructions. Scientific understanding of the pandemic is changing on a daily basis, and there are always multiple equally valid views from within the scientific community about which course may be best to take. So really, any government which tell us it is “following the science” actually means “following the science which best meets our political aims, while ignoring the opposing scientific views”. A very Gemini approach if ever there was one.

So, we can see the darkness and confusion of the true New Moon reflected in the way each country is stepping into the unknown in its own unique way. The good news is that this Gemini New Moon forms a tight trine aspect with Saturn; even though Saturn is retrograde right now, this is still a very constructive link, grounding emotions and rooting decisions in practicality and common sense. This Saturn energy also serves to gently contain the emerging enthusiasm of the Gemini New Moon – this is a New Moon which, at its heart, wants to have fun. However, too much fun these days is evidently not a thing, so we need to approach our newly found freedoms with some caution. Gemini is high sociable energy, and the urge to meet up with friends and to get back to our normal social lives will be exceptionally strong now – so Saturn’s reminder that there are still many restrictions in place is timely.

The overall picture painted by this New Moon then is one of expanding optimism; it’s bright, breezy, cheerful, fun energy, which seeks to communicate with others and to create laughter. Restrained by Saturn, the optimism is slow and steady, but it’s still optimism.

This is an intellectually curious New Moon too. Gemini energy loves to learn as well as to teach, so on a personal level this New Moon’s energy is excellent for formal or informal studying, and for taking on new educational projects. The New Moon does square Mars, so impatience could be an issue, but again, the whole package speaks to a newly curious world, eager to emerge from chaos, but willing to do so slowly, sensibly and step by step.


This New Moon is in your communication zone, urging you to get back in touch (virtually!) with someone you haven’t seen or heard from for a while. This will meant more to you than you think, if you go ahead with it, and this someone may have something very important to tell you. For you, the learning element of the New Moon is important too, and it’s a terrific time to sign up for a new course of some kind. No, we can’t be sure how things will be when the new academic year begins, but you’re certain that you can’t put your life on hold forever. Taking baby steps now will help to keep your optimism and enthusiasm high.


Occurring in your money zone, this New Moon heralds cautious optimism for your finances; you work situation should take a turn for the better shortly, or you may receive government help. This might also be a financial improvement you’ve created yourself, perhaps through a side hustle or a new business you’ve been planning and which you’re ready to launch as soon as restrictions allow. There’s also a boost to your self-confidence here. Just because life hasn’t been normal for the last several months, that doesn’t mean that you can’t pick right back up where you left off, professionally.


The New Moon in your own sign is a mini new year for you, packed with potential. It’s an excellent time for a makeover or a change of personal image, and you’ll also find this energy useful for defining your boundaries with other people, and for telling others no when necessary. Allow your inner child out to play, because you’re a terrific role model for the rest of us on how to love life, even when life seems so very unlovable. Your own enthusiasm is catching, backed up by the power of this enchanting New Moon.


If you’ve been anxious for the last few months, this New Moon should help to ease some of your fears. You can expect bad dreams and nightmares to diminish, and you’ll also start to feel less paranoid, particularly about whether you can trust others to behave properly with social distancing and other related issues. However, this New Moon does fall in your privacy and seclusion zone, so you may still want to isolate yourself a little bit, even if you no longer necessarily have to. There’s nothing wrong with that. Take your time. It’s not a race.


This New Moon occurs in your social zone and finds you itching to get your social life back. You’re also missing community activities and you’re very keen to reconnect with projects and people which had to be quickly abandoned a few months ago. Use this New Moon’s enthusiastic energy to create your own ‘back to normal’ plan. So far as you can, with what you know about your country’s plan, start thinking ahead. What will you be ready or wiling to do in July or August? Make decisions regarding your priorities for post-lockdown life, so that when restrictions are eased, you’re ready to act.


This New Moon highlights your ambitions zone and your career, so hopefully that’s a good sign if you have been furloughed or if you have lost work due to the pandemic. Think carefully about the study connection with these energies – there may be an opportunity ahead to re-train for different work, or to go back to school, which is something you would probably enjoy. Now is not the time to be shy about your talents, either. Have a conversation with your boss about how you could step up to extra responsibilities. As the world gradually shifts once more,  you can play a leading role.


You’re probably suffering from restlessness more than most of us, and this New Moon in your travel zone doesn’t exactly soothe your itchy feet. If you can travel, you’ll want to, but you must keep an open mind and not expect any travel experiences to be how they always used to be. The education connection is strong here too, and the New Moon in your fellow air sign Gemini may see you teaching, lecturing or mentoring in some way; there’s a sense of you having knowledge to share which could truly transform someone’s life.


You’ve been busy playing the blame game recently, whether that’s getting irate with your neighbors for now adhering to lockdown or getting angry at your government for lying to you, in your opinion. This New Moon is a breath of fresh air which puts you in a much more positive frame of mind. Rather than looking for someone to blame, you’re now looking for someone to forgive. Here’s a revolutionary idea – forgive yourself. Shore up your mental health and your self-esteem, so that you can be a light for someone else.


What’s not to love about a New Moon in your love zone? Traditionally, this could mean a brand new relationship is on the horizon, but it can also suggest a new lease of life in an existing love affair, especially as both you and your partner start to find new freedom and a sense of relief as lockdown fades. The New Moon also highlights enthusiasm in your desire to meet others, so you may find yourself even more keen to make new friends than normal. Try not to take foolish risks, however. Even though you may be willing to take a chance, it’s not fair on those around you.


For you, this New Moon energy is about getting organized and anticipating a return to some kind of normality. You haven’t minded the lockdown as much as some; in fact, you may have enjoyed parts of it, such as the lack of pressure to socialize and to appear to be having a good time. Review your habits from the last few months, to figure out which bits of lockdown routines have done you good, so you’d like to keep them, versus which bits you can’t wait to get rid of – your new reality will be yours to create, so you may as well create one you like.


The New Moon is all about fun as far as you’re concerned, Aquarius, and you may struggle with not being able to goof around with others if your movements are still restricted. Your challenge is to be flexible – not something you’re known for, if you’re honest. You can’t do everything you want to do, but there are some things you can do. Why focus on the negatives when instead you could have been focusing on the positives? Try to shift your perception, and look for things to be grateful about.


With the New Moon occurring in your family and home zone, you can’t wait for lockdown to lift so that you can see more of your loved ones, or perhaps get ready to move home. Use these energies to finish clearing your clutter, ahead of a return to work. Create a point by point schedule for your busiest days too, so that you don’t miss anything out. Confusion easily gets to you, but this New Moon is offering you some valuable stability and plenty of encouragement to aim for step by step success.

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