Post Lockdown Blues? How to Really Feel Alive Again

May 28th, 2020

By Richard West

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Right now we’re all facing an uncertain future. How will the world look as we emerge into a ‘new normal’? What loss of freedom may be imposed on us? Do we still resonate with people we previously connected with? How do we express ourselves in the new paradigm? How can we honour life without fearing death? How can we embrace the change that needs to happen?

These questions and many more are plaguing the awakening crowd right now. Many feel to stand up for their freedom of expression and yet they feel reluctant to step back into the world, causing a kind of post-lockdown blues. What is this caused by and how can we step through it?

To some people the lockdown exposed many karmic patterns, challenging our way of living or making us feel lonely. Others felt a sense of euphoria at the apparent slowing down of the system giving time to reflect. Or perhaps a mixture of the two. But regardless of how you felt during this time, the restrictions on our freedoms would have had a double edged affect.

The Dangers of Automated Living

What the lockdown did bring for many was a sense of routine. With many things in the outside world beyond our control there was a sense of sitting back, waiting for the lockdown to end. However, it has been easy to become complacent in this time of slowing down and waiting. When this happens the danger is that many behaviours become routine. We latch onto them because in these times of uncertainty they give us a stable ground from which to function. And so we become automated. There’s a comfort to it. It’s familiar. It’s safe.

Unfortunately, latching onto this false stability creates a kind of grey existence. We are no longer really living. And therefore, now that we’re coming out of lockdown, the prospect of living again can seem just as scary as that of dying.

Embracing the Yin and Yang of Change

In order to step out of this grey existence, we need to start living the yin and yang of life and death. The system and our world leaders would have us terrified of death. But, the problem is that life and death are simply two sides of the same coin. As an energy, death is simply the breaking down of one reality in order to make space for another (more life).

Thus by avoiding death as we have been, we inevitably avoid life too.

The post lockdown blues that many are experiencing is due to the shattering of that safety bubble, now meaning that we have to face uncertainty (death) head on. And we won’t feel truly alive again until we can face the uncertainty.

Perhaps it’s manifesting in financial worries as you realise your resources are no longer as secure as they were. Perhaps you’re re-evaluating previously treasured friendships or finally realising that your relationship is not working for you. Perhaps you’re afraid of becoming an outcast if you stand up for what you believe in.

All of these require us to embrace death. We cannot truly live again until we do this.

It’s time to sing our song for all we’re worth!

Now more than ever we need to attune to our inner music. We need to sing the song that makes us feel alive! Then we can notice where change is needed. Does your song fit in with it’s environment? Is there enough harmony to carry it forwards? Are there a healthy amount of counter melodies which challenge you in a complementary way?

What helps you to attune to your inner song? I find a mixture of nature, hobbies, creativity, challenging situations, processing pain and meditation to be the ideal cocktail.

Attuning to and expressing our song is what will instigate the change that needs to be made. By doing this we send a message to the universe that reads loud and clear who we are. Thus it can respond and a new way of living emerges for us. It’s going to take a certain amount of warrior will power to re-attune to your song after this lockdown. It will take the courage to look death straight in the face, be honest with what you have to let go of, and then step into the face of uncertainty knowing that it’s the only way to truly live.

About the author:

Richard West is a psychologist, spiritual facilitator, author of the book ‘Awakening through Change’ and a caring father. He facilitates the shift into a new paradigm by catalysing a parting of the waves of the old 3D consciousness to the empowered and free 5D consciousness. Specifically, he focuses on supporting people through relationship changes and facilitates soul sovereignty away from emotional dependency.



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