Do We Have the Power to Defeat the Deep State?

By Nanice Ellis

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

(Yes, indeed! With just one “Key,” we have the power to conquer any challenge!)

Have you noticed that despite the fact that the world has been in “lock-down” for weeks and even months in some places, everything seems to be moving faster than ever?

As the pressure continues to mount all around the world and information is coming at a feverish speed, the energy seems to be reaching a climax – and this is why I believe that we’re now experiencing what some ancient spiritual prophecies have called the Quickening!

No doubt, we’re living through very confusing times, and while we may not have a definitive cure for many things these days, the cure for confusion is always clarity! Therefore, let’s start with the one thing at the center of all this chaos!

The Big Scary Leviathan!

For those of you of who have never heard the word “Leviathan”….according to many cultures, religions and traditions, the Leviathan is an all-powerful demonic creature that must be overcome. Regardless of whether it’s a mythical creature or just a metaphor, most of us have our own personal Leviathans to overcome at some point in our lives.

However, the Leviathan doesn’t initially appear as a demon or an omnipotent creature. Instead, it first appears as a type of deity (aka someone or something to which we look up to and give our power), then as it reveals it’s true nature, we eventually demote it to an irreproachable demon or creature, and then, eventually, we realize that it’s a destructive monster that must be overcome at all costs!

Right now, the Great Leviathan known as the Deep State is at the center of all the chaos in the world, and while it is threatening the future of humanity like never before, we must overcome this Leviathan together!

Humanity’s Leviathan: The Deep State

At this point, many of us are aware that something known as the Deep State (aka Cabal, Illuminati, Dark Elite, etc…) has plans to finalize their self-serving agenda – a plan to dominate the world that has been in motion for at least hundreds of years, if not thousands.

While I won’t get into too much detail here, the Deep State knows that as long as humanity is united and working together, their malevolent agenda doesn’t have a chance. As the saying goes “united we stand and divided we fall,” and therefore, if they want to dominate the world, they need to separate humans from one another, and for exactly this reason, they have executed a long and detailed plan to divide races, cultures, religions, countries, political affiliations, sexual identities, and so much more.

No doubt, this is why the Deep State has a history of funding both sides of every war, and they have also funded virtually every “human rights movement” – and not only does this include racial, cultural and religious movements, it also includes the feminist movement, gay rights movement and transgender movement.

While humanity has benefited from many of these movements (or they wouldn’t work), the Deep State intentionally uses these movements, along with false flag events, to ignite discord amongst people. Hence, race against race, culture against culture, religion against religion and even women against men – and while dividing families and communities and creating false enemies within them, the Deep State ensures that this artificial separation and division results in conflict…where everyone is left feeling all alone and people are disconnected from their real power.

Moreover, according to Agenda 21 and Agenda 30, the Deep State intends to roll out their “sustainability plan” which includes such things as mandatory vaccines and RFID chips that track every human being on the planet. Ultimately, they plan to depopulate the human race down to approximately 500 million people, and the “specially selected elite” who remain on Earth will be upgraded to trans-humanism, thereby, promising super-human powers and even immortality. (Please, don’t just believe me – do your own research….the information is easily available.)

Whether we like it or not, we must now unite to overcome this Giant, Global Leviathan before it’s too late!

The Pivotal Turning Point!

While the entire world is at a pivotal turning point, and the destiny of humanity is hanging in the balance, it’s important to realize that nothing has gone wrong in the grand scheme of things, and in fact, life was designed this way.

While human beings have always had the natural ability to consciously create, our power has been hidden from us for a very long time, and since we need a compelling reason to activate this hidden power, an All-Powerful Leviathan was designed for exactly this reason.

In a nutshell, the Leviathan is a catalyst for awakening and self-empowerment – which results in the ultimate transformation of humanity. You see, in the process of overcoming any Leviathan, we must somehow demonstrate even greater power than the force of the Leviathan we are facing….and that’s the point!

The Power to Conquer the Leviathan!

Have you ever noticed that in virtually every Disney Movie, many Hollywood Movies and every great Anime, we are shown exactly how to conquer the mighty Leviathan, and although the stories may differ in content, the answer is always the same?

The one and only thing that can change an undesirable trajectory is Resolve!

“Resolve: to reach a firm decision where there is no other choice – and all unwanted outcomes are refused!”

As the hero or heroine in any story knows, “Resolve is not something that can be bought or acquired, but rather, the Power of Resolve comes from deep within one’s soul, and while the answer to any and all challenges always lies within, we each have the ability to choose our own destiny – and win against all odds!”

So, what does it mean to have Resolve?

Although the Deep State’s sinister agenda is already in the advanced stages, it’s important to remember that they cannot do anything without our agreement…and this means that their plan only works if we, as humanity, are willing to relinquish our power….otherwise known as natural rights, common rights, free-will, etc….

Therefore, by consciously saying yes or no to various agendas, we each have the power to choose with our consciousness, and therefore, the real power of Resolve is in the form of self-responsibility.

However, before we can make a choice and before we can have the resolve to see it through, we need to know what’s going on in the world. After all, if we’re not aware of potential agendas, how can we refuse unwanted outcomes?

In fact, by ignoring current (or potential) realities because we are afraid that we can’t do anything about it, we could be acquiescing to an undesired reality and not even know it. So, we have to know what’s happening in the world in order to say “NO!”

Moreover, whenever we blindly buy into a reality that is presented to us on T.V or on the internet, our belief creates a ‘contract’ where we’re agreeing to experience that reality, and therefore, if we turn a blind eye and acquiesce, it’s the same thing as saying “yes”!

Until we know that we will succeed beyond a shadow of a doubt, there is always the possibility of failure. Therefore, once we are aware of what’s really happening in the world, we must refuse all unwanted outcomes.

In order for the Power of Resolve to guarantee success, we must refuse any and all options other than success – and this means that we must be 100% committed to a single outcome – no matter the time, energy or resources required.

In other words, allowing darkness to win is not an option – and there’s no room for doubt!

Once you find the Resolve to save something important to you, whether it’s your own life, the life of another or the precious gift of freedom, suddenly, the whole Universe begins to conspire on your behalf. The moment that there is no other choice, all negative options are immediately neutralized, and in fact, impossible circumstances may quickly change in miraculous ways.

Suddenly, you may be able to access immense power that you never knew you had, and at the same time, you may even discover unimaginable gifts – allowing you to overcome anything in your way.

Just like in the movies, the Power of Resolve can make anyone into a Super Hero!

Just Say No!

Since the long-term cost of acquiescing is too great to even consider, we must look within our hearts and do what feels right, even if it means facing our biggest fears, speaking our truth and standing our ground. Since there’s no way to beat this Leviathan by staying in our comfort zones, whatever you do, do not acquiesce!

As we say “no” to toxic air, toxic food and toxic water, as well as any system or entity that poisons our thoughts, beliefs and choices, we must make a new declaration that clearly states, “I do not consent”!

Furthermore, in order to overcome our Global Leviathan, we must activate our rights through self-responsibility and self-expression and we must make a new decree that represents our natural rights.

For example:

  • The right to healthy food, clean water and a safe place to call home.
  • The right to breathe clean air and drink clean water.
  • The right to travel and explore the planet without being tracked, controlled or violated.
  • The right to have an opinion and to express that opinion through free speech.
  • The right to honor one’s culture, race, and spiritual beliefs, etc…
  • The right for privacy: the right to have private thoughts, emotions and conversations.
  • The right to prosperity, health and wellbeing.
  • The right to be part of like-minded communities.
  • The right to make our own choices.
  • The right to have access to all knowledge, information and technology.
  • The right to protect ourselves and our children from physical and emotional harm.
  • The right to say “no” to any and all actions that violate physical or emotional privacy.
  • The right for humane justice and mutual respect.

Furthermore, by refusing all unwanted outcomes, we gain leverage over the Leviathan.

Last, but not least, we must say “no” to division!

Say “No” to Division!

Believe it or not, human beings are naturally very kind and loving by nature, and while some humans have been unknowingly manipulated to be unkind, many humans have been brainwashed to believe that we’re all unkind. But, this just isn’t true….

Personally, I have traveled the world from the largest cities to the most remote jungle villages, and wherever I have gone, I’ve always been met with love and kindness, and based on the fact that many people report similar experiences, it sure seems like the language of love and kindness overcomes all artificial barriers – and most human beings are actually guided by a golden heart.

Think about it…if humans were cruel and selfish by nature, we wouldn’t have made it this far!

Therefore, we must not fall for any more of the Deep State’s tricks that are designed to separate us, including staged events that are used to ignite tension between certain groups of people.

Instead, we must unite as One Global Family – and we must do so with total resolve!


While a “certain presidential leader” may be helping us to get a leg up currently, we must remember that all people in positions of power have their own agenda, and therefore, there’s no white knight rushing in to save the day. If we expect anyone to save us or we put anyone on a pedestal, we’re just transferring our power from one Leviathan to another, and we’re missing the point.

No political or social hero can do it for us….we must do it for ourselves – and that’s the whole point!

Therefore, we must each take full responsibility for ourselves, and this includes:

  • Stop looking outside yourself for protection and guidance.
  • Be responsible for your own choices.
  • Don’t just believe anyone in the news or authority.
  • Don’t follow along out of fear.
  • Do your own research.
  • Think for yourself.
  • Trust your inner guidance.
  • Get grounded.
  • Only do what feels right to you.
  • Take ownership of your thoughts, actions and choices.
  • Stop following societal beliefs that do not feel right for you.
  • Take your power back from authority figures and false deities who may not have your best interest in heart.
  • Call your energy back from everyone and everything.
  • Know your options, make a firm choose, and say “no” to any reality or potential reality you do not desire.
  • Have compassion for the “sleep folks” – they’re waking up too!
  • Activate Resolve!
  • Choose Love!

Equally as important, we must be willing to let go of old systems that no longer support us, and trust that all our needs will be met and we will be provided for with abundance, and at the same time, we must do our best to create self-sustainable communities with like-minded people.

As we overcome the Grand Leviathan and we rise from the vibration of enslavement to the vibration of victory, we activate and attain incredible virtues, such as intrinsic power, pure love, compassion, strength, courage, clarity, and so much more!

New Earth Vision

Once again, in the most inspiring movies where good triumphs over evil, we are shown exactly how to conquer the Grand Leviathan and reclaim our freedom. But, oddly enough, did you know that the Deep State owns both Disney and Hollywood?

So, maybe you’re wondering, why would they openly give us the key to our own salvation?

While many people believe that the game is rigged against us, I happen to believe that the game is rigged in our favor – and they give us the answers in order for us to win!

If I’m completely honest, I’ve been preparing for this momentous moment in history ever since the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1986. You see, during the world’s first global mediation, I had a vision of the Earth from space. In this vision, the Earth started to crack open like an egg, and while I desperately tried to prevent the Earth from cracking, my efforts were useless – and right before my eyes, Earth cracked wide open.

But surprisingly, after a hard, crusty shell fell away, I watched in amazement as a brand new, beautiful and vibrant Earth was revealed. The Real Earth! While that powerful vision has guided my life ever since, I have been patiently waiting for the day that this vision would manifest, and I believe that day is fast approaching.

While the whole planet is getting ready for a “reboot,” don’t be scared if all the power suddenly goes out, and don’t be frightened if certain things are no longer the way they use to be. Instead, just keep in mind that in order for a New Earth to come online, first, the old one has to shut down – and reboot.

By choosing love and invoking the Power of Resolve, we’ll naturally win the game of good versus evil, and sooner rather than later, we’ll all find ourselves in a higher dimension…..where love and light prevail!

Moreover, not only do we have front rows seats to this grand event, many of us are here to help humanity during the ascension process. So, in the spirit of Global Unity, may I suggest a new Pledge of Allegiance: I pledge allegiance to my fellow Human Beings, and for the Freedom for which we stand! One World, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!

Always remember, Only Love is Real!


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