As the Coronavirus Sweeps around the World, Our Planet is on the Verge of Evolution

April 13th, 2020

By Nanice Ellis

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

(Believe it or not, the global pandemic actually has a higher purpose!)

Even though 2020 might go down in history as “the year the world stood still,” something much bigger is happening behind the scenes. You see, while all eyes are on the global pandemic, our planet is on the verge of evolution. However, make no mistake, the convergence of these two events is no coincidence.

Although we haven’t yet confirmed the physical cause of the coronavirus, it’s important to remember that all events occur on multiple levels of reality….and there is always a Higher Plan!

So, even as the global pandemic results in pain and challenges in many regards, it is also breaking down old, antiquated paradigms, uncovering hidden issues and uniting the world in unprecedented ways – and despite all the chaos, this is what it looks like when a planet evolves into the 4th Density!

While this might be the grand event many of us have been waiting for, how we respond collectively is pivotal. Believe it or not, we’re not just living through a remarkable moment in history, we’re actually the ones making history, and therefore, what we do now, matters more than ever before!

The Higher Purpose is Planetary Evolution!

Even as we focus on retaining or restoring health, it’s important to remember that our current issues are due to planetary evolution, and therefore, we must each do our individual part to support the success of this evolutionary process.

So, how can we do our part to help the planet evolve?

Well, if our planet is evolving into the 4th Density, the human race needs to become a vibrational match for the 4th Density, or at some point in the future, we won’t be able to call Earth our home.

While the pandemic is making everyone pay attention to all the broken systems that run our world, it’s becoming crystal clear that if we want our planet to survive and thrive, we need to take our power back from governments, corporations and other monopolies, and we need to take responsibility for planetary resources.

No doubt, the virus has shown us that we all share the same planet, and since we are all connected through a complex network, what we choose individually affects the whole. Therefore, if we want to evolve as a planet, everyone must do their part to raise the collective consciousness, and this means that we must be ready and willing to address and heal any and all issues that suppress consciousness.

While this is happening at a global level in many ways, it’s also happening at a very intimate level for each of us – and this is why the pandemic may be triggering your most personal and prevalent issues.

Even though this may feel like an incredibly difficult time to deal with our issues or heal deep emotional wounds, it’s important to remember that our “stuff” is being triggered and brought to the surface in order to heal.

Albeit, as part of a higher plan, the entire world is on pause, and while we’re all forced off the conveyer belt called life, we have no choice but to deal with our issues head on. Moreover, with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide during a quarantine, our current circumstances are literally forcing us to shift our beliefs and behaviors so that we can evolve into 4D versions of ourselves – and this is the whole point.

As we find ourselves quarantined in private cocoons, we’re like caterpillars ready to become butterflies!

So, How Do We Evolve into 4th Density Beings?

For starters, before we can become 4th Density beings, we first need to release limiting beliefs and ego-based behaviors that fall within the 3D frequency that we’ve been accustomed to. Therefore, many of us will need to process and purge issues related to unworthiness and victimhood, and of course, this could mean healing past emotional trauma. (see below for a list of links for my articles on healing emotional trauma OR direct link to one page with articles?)

Additionally, we must begin to take full responsibility for our lives and we must also learn to follow our own inner voices, and while this could lead to massive changes in various areas of our lives, many of us will need to end dysfunctional relationships and jobs that no longer support our wellbeing.

No doubt, on our way to becoming 4th Density beings, love is definitely the key! But, before we can choose love over fear on a consistent basis, we must learn to choose compassion over judgment and we must also release the need to be right. Moreover, if we have relationships that require healing (and especially if we’re quarantined with family or friends), we might need to cultivate new ways of communicating so that we can finally share our true feelings while talking about the “hard stuff.”

Not by accident, the global pandemic gives us plenty of time and space to cultivate many of the attributes required for personal and global evolution, such as:

  • Nurturing patience and understanding
  • Offering compassion and forgiveness
  • Practicing kindness towards others
  • Listening to intuition
  • Expressing creativity and innovation
  • Learning how to collaborate and cooperate harmoniously
  • Making peace with being alone while living in the moment!

Since raising our consciousness is a gradual process that requires a long-term commitment, it could take many years before we fully embody behaviors, attributes and beliefs that align with a 4th Density frequency. In the meantime, it’s good to remember that we can’t embody a 4D vibration while reacting to 3D drama!

While everyone on the planet is facing their own issues and insecurities in a very personal way, somehow, we’re both isolated and deeply connected at the same time….what a beautiful paradox!

So, what’s so great about a 4th Density Planet?

Even though it’s going to take some time to fully get there, ultimately, the 4th Density is represented by love, cooperation, collaboration, and understanding of oneself and others.

As we begin to align with the 4th Density, many of our dormant senses will start coming online, and as more and more people experience increased intuition and empathy, we’ll begin to make more compassionate choices that support the entire planet; ensuring clean water, nutritious food and safe living conditions for all.

As we solidify as one world, the artificial boundaries between cultures and countries will eventually dissolve, making war, poverty and famine a thing of the past, and as we begin to collaborate as a human race, we’ll be able to integrate global solutions that both respect and protect the environment.

Moreover, we’ll eventually see the transformation of all systems and organizations, from education and finance to healthcare and science, and everything in between. Additionally, as diversified disciplines share information and resources through an “open source” initiative, the consciousness of the planet will grow exponentially!

Paradigms are Already Changing!

While some of these new world paradigms might sound too good to be true, not only are they plausible, they’re already beginning to happen….

Right now, as we combat COVID-19 on a global scale, the world is uniting for a common cause, and for the first time, we’re finding innovative ways to work outside the “established systems.” For instance, while the scientific community has always operated in a competitive and secretive manner with layers of red tape, suddenly, scientists and researchers around the world are collaborating in an unprecedented manner.

In fact, in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration, “More than 50 journals and publishers signed a statement in January pledging to share findings rapidly and openly and to make all of their publications related to COVID-19 and the coronavirus “immediately accessible” and licensable “in ways that facilitate reuse.”

Furthermore, the spirit of cooperation is also extending to engineers, manufacturers, healthcare workers and anyone who has something to contribute. For instance, technical designs for necessary medical equipment are being shared on the Facebook group “Open Source COVID-19 Medical Supplies” and even random people with 3D printers are making masks for hospitals.

By highlighting preexisting issues that we have ignored up until now, the coronavirus is pushing us to embrace new paradigms on a global scale, and while we’re learning how to innovate solutions through collaboration and cooperation, we’re being guided down the path towards planetary evolution!

The Greatest Show on Earth! 

On a grand scale, we are all witnessing the greatest event ever experienced on Earth….but we’re not just witnesses to this event, we’re full-on participants!

Yes, the world is certainly in chaos right now, but appearances can be deceptive! For instance, just imagine walking into a room where a mother is about to give birth. If you didn’t know what was happening, the blood, gore and agonizing screams might make you swear that you were witnessing a death….not a birth!*

In many ways, the evolution of humanity is much like childbirth, and in fact, if we could rise up above the illusion, we would be able to see that Mother Earth is about to give birth to billions of awakening souls, and although things could get even messier before the dust settles, this is simply what it looks like when a species evolves!

Just remember, every time you choose love over fear, the planet evolves – one choice at a time.

*Birthing metaphor credited to the late Terrence McKenna.

Copyright © Nanice Ellis, 2020. This article may be republished in its original form with proper accreditation. All rights reserved.


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