A Quickening: Astrology Forecast August 9th – 16th, 2020

August 10th, 2020

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Stand by for big jumps in frequency in this turbulent Uranus retrograde storm as the Great Awakener slows to a virtual standstill in Taurus turning backwards on August 15th. This is volatile unpredictable shocking high frequency energy bringing sudden change to the physical/ material – such as the world witnessed when Beirut was blown sky high.

Meanwhile, Pluto’s shamanic drumbeat of “Truth or Die” is getting louder, more insistent and harder to ignore. The Great Eliminator is retrograde until October 4th, travelling with Saturn and Jupiter in hard edged Capricorn. Multiple low frequency timelines are being stripped away and permanently dismantled.

Between now and December, whatever has been conceived in darkness will be revealed in a period of full disclosure and transparency. This applies especially to the US as this is just the start of its first karmic Pluto Return since the Founding Father -a power struggle for its soul.

Mars is now conjunct Disruptor Eris in fiery aggressive Aries and lighting the blue touch paper under the triple conjunction of heavy hitters in Capricorn. On August 10 the warrior is at odds with Pluto then on August 24th with Saturn. It’s going to be intense and the stakes are high both collectively and personally as the Erisian demands for inclusivity for all get louder and more insistent. Mars will not exit his own sign of fiery Aries until January 6th 2021, turning retrograde on September 10. It’s been 32 years (1988) since the last Mars retrograde in Aries and it will be 47 years before it happens again in 2067.

It takes a lot of inner strength and awareness to bear this tension and volatility. Expect collective frustration, rage and controversy as people go into battle for their cause -losing all perspective of the big picture. Misjudgments, boundary crossing and the fomenting of dissent for the sake of it are all likely outworkings in the 3D world. In the collective, the 1% are going to be repeatedly challenged by the rage of the 99% in a perfect storm caused by of lockdown frustration, financial losses and hardship mixed with demands for social equality.

With the Sun and Mercury in Leo forming a Finger of Fate with Jupiter and Neptune, in this ongoing clash between our individual rights and the powers of the state, hold on to the big picture, the long term vision rather than descending into polarised tribal fighting.

For those of you who can see the bigger picture and are bold and creative, enormous growth and evolution is accessible, depending on how well you transform Strong Will into Skilful Will and unlock your High Heart.

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The Chandra Symbol Mars 23 Aries:

A Bottle Labelled “Drink Me.”

The force of events sweeps away who we thought we were and plunges us to a deeper place beyond the known. The sheer immediacy, the sudden clarity shifts mountains of intent into a different octave altogether. Being taken by storm is the most direct path from here to there. And when cosmic worlds are urgently coming through, the only smart thing is to step aside and make a huge amount of room for unexpected guests, at events you could never have arranged in your wildest dreams.” Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale.

Chandra Symbol for Pluto Capricorn 23: 

An Old Priest using Oil to anoint a Carved Stone Lingam

“Command of ancient forces. The set apart path of one who must recapitulate previous karmic attainments and make sure to fulfil them now. Driven by destiny. Detached witness consciousness. Inwardly timeless and sage-like. Gifted in acute discernment. Most adept at the very things modern consciousness slides over and misses. The throwback. Narrowly, one-pointedly setting out upon a destiny course that is supported by previous lives and hidden forces. Instruction as constant from the dawn of the world to the indefinite future. Most deeply gifted with the rare ability to tap a vital source spring that never runs dry. This can go on forever. It only gets stronger and clearer as it ripens and holds steady.” Inside degrees Elias Lonsdale.

Aries Weekly Forecast: 9-16 August, 2020

It’s going to be intense for just about everyone this week and, as a solar Aries, your sign is in the thick of it. Your personal planet Mars is in your sign and at odds with Pluto the great Eliminator. Channel any aggressive urges into physical activity-especially sport of any kind- to avoid lighting the blue touch paper. Challenges may come at work from an authority figure, so tread extra carefully to avoid damage to your reputation. Instead of locking horns or refusing to shift your stance, listen, respond, create rapport and negotiate. Happily, Venus is now lighting and lightening up anything to do with your home, your family and your tribe. If you can, re-charge your batteries by spending as much time as you can with those you love outside in nature.

Put down that flame thrower.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: 9-16 August, 2020

If the world looks different, it’s because you’re different. You’re in an extended period of individuation courtesy of Awakener Uranus in Taurus and this week, as Uranus slows to turn retrograde, all that nervous energy, restlessness and frustration with your comfort zone will be at a peak. With action planet Mars  at odds with the Great Eliminator Pluto, widening your horizons is now non-negotiable. It’s no longer an option but a necessity. Just think about it-your beliefs about what’s possible for you, about the world and life in general have changed beyond recognition since 2008.And, now, with Venus lighting up your communication zone, your mental circuitry is re-wiring itself. It’s time to learn, study, teach, mentor or coach -to share what you know and what life has taught you.

Insights and breakthroughs.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: 9-16 August, 2020

This is going to be an unpredictable week full of twists and turns for just about everyone, so don’t take it personally when plans change in the blink of an eye. Warrior Mars is stirring up your social life, your friendships and networks and is now at odds with Great Eliminator Pluto in your deeply emotional 8th House. You might find yourself suddenly envious or uncharacteristically resentful over someone’s good fortune. Remember, you can’t compare other people’s outsides with your insides. With Venus now in your money angle, don’t overpromise then under deliver. You might be torn between what you really want and what you can afford. Or feeling pressured to spend more than you’re comfortable with. Some of this is old stuff coming back around again for you to resolve.

Getting to the root of your dissatisfaction.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: 9-16 August, 2020

After a longer than usual visit to your deep 12th House, Venus has finally crossed into your own sign, helping you to feel more at home in your own skin after months of stress and pressure. Look out for Venus rising as the Morning Star at dawn-she’s your guide and amanuensis this month. Life all around you will likely be turbulent and unpredictable with plans subject to sudden change or cancellation. Just go with it. Take the path of least resistance. Venus takes the hard edges off, smoothing your way ahead by making you more appealing and attractive. Use this gift of charm to the full if there are clashes or challenges in relationships or at work. Remember Michelle Obama’s mantra:” When they go low, I go high”-it will stand you in good stead.

Watch the urge to splurge the cash.

Leo Weekly Forecast: 9-16 August, 2020

Change or be changed is your watchword now, Leo. Awakener Uranus at the very pinnacle of your chart stationing all week before turning retrograde on August 16th and pulsing erratically. This is inventive, progressive future -oriented energy that strikes like lightning and brings shocks and surprises. Look at where in your life you’re feeling most stuck, trapped and restless-ready to make a big leap of faith. Relationships and career look to be in the frame for a shakeup and shakeout. There are only so many times you can push the elephant in the room back under the carpet. You have a lot of support from both Mercury and Mars so the optimum time to make your move is in the next week. Whether it’s finally launching that new website and business or calling time on a partnership, trust your heart’s guidance.

Is it a Big Yes or a Big No?

Virgo Weekly Forecast: 9-16 August, 2020

There is definitely no certainty to be found this week but at least you, as a solar Virgo, have all the ingredients for a highly innovative and creative time. The triplicity of change agents Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn are working harmoniously with your own Earth sign to push the boundaries of your self-expression. You must be getting the planetary message by now: stop underestimating yourself and let your true voice out into the world. There’s a much bigger platform waiting for you, you just have to step up. Mars excavating your deep 8th House is bringing up personal material you can transform into art- of whatever kind. Your own lived experience has huge value for others but you need to be prepared to be visible.

Aligning your outsides with your insides.

Libra Weekly Forecast: 9-16 August, 2020

In what is set to be a week of sudden shifts and surprises, cancelled arrangements or 360 about turns, you at least have the lovely Venus lighting up the very pinnacle of your solar chart from Cancer. This makes you more visible, more attractive and more persuasive, so make the very most of it by getting your ideas heard, strengthening alliances and networks and standing up to be counted. There will be opposition from some people-probably those who want to keep you small- so gather your tribes this week, get them onside and ask for their input. Listen rather than talk. Override your old modus operandi of always being the diplomat and strengthen your boundaries.

Do something special just for yourself.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: 9-16 August, 2020

Although August is traditionally the month to take a break or go on holiday, for you as a solar Scorpio this year you need to keep your eye on the ball. Your personal planet Mars is now lighting a fire under you from your angle of work, routines, service and health and is going to keep the pressure on until early January next year. Meanwhile the Sun and Mercury are crossing the top of your chart in your career sector giving you a big picture view of what needs to happen in the next few months. Mars at odds with Great Eliminator Pluto is taking care of business, impatient to clear away outdated systems, working practices and technology. Now is the perfect time to strategise, streamline and purge anything that prevents you from standing up and being counted.

Put your physical wellbeing at the top of your agenda.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: 9-16 August, 2020

Despite all the travel restrictions, with both the Sun and Mercury in fellow Fire sign Leo until August 21st, you’re finding creative ways of exploring new places and having fun at the same time. Fire-as in inner fire-is a theme now as Mars is nudging you to break new ground, to go after your heart’s desire and to take consistent action on your own behalf. You have a lot of planetary support, are highly motivated and practically unstoppable. Just make sure that everyone who matters is on board with your plans. Before you leap and hope the net will appear, there’s some number crunching to do first as Mars clashes with Pluto in your money zone. Venus in your 8th House of backers and supporters is your saving grace, delivering financial support just when you most need it.

On fire.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: 9-16 August, 2020

For you as a solar Capricorn, it’s going to be an intense week- no sugar coating. Those three heavy hitters and change agents Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in your sign are at odds with warrior Mars in your angle of roots, home and family. At the same time, unpredictable Uranus is in his retrograde storm, changing things in the blink of an eye. Expect plans to change without warning or people you depend on to change their minds at the last moment. Knowing this, take a step back, let go of expectations around trips and holidays and allow family dynamics to change without trying to control them. If you have to stay at home in August, channel the excess energy into a new fitness programme or updating where you live to fit your current way of working.

Feeling the life force.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: 9-16 August, 2020

With both the Sun and Mercury in your opposite sign of Leo, it’s time to show those closest how you really feel. Just enjoy the warmth and closeness and give it back in spades. This, more than anything, will help you and your tribe to navigate this intense week together rather than separately. With your personal planet Uranus at a standstill and turning backwards on Saturday August 15th, something’s brewing, probably close to home. This is where to invest all your energy and creativity. Expect a sudden burst of communication in the next couple of weeks when others share their plans or ask for your input. Some of the out of the blue news will have a knock-on effect on you. Your old way of operating used to be to resist change unless someone could prove it would work. That approach just kept you stuck. Shift into a place of no expectations, so that life can show you it has far bigger ideas for you than you do.

Updating your modus operandi.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: 9-16 August, 2020

Intuition -your Piscean superpower- is in overdrive as quirky Uranus slows to a standstill in your angle of communication. Use this progressive future -oriented energy to build networks, update your technology and your skills, to make a podcast or to launch a website. With the Great Awakener in this part of your chart until 2026, innovation is the name of the game. Come up with multiple ways you can teach, mentor or coach what you’re learning as you’re learning it. Break new ground in thinking up wildly impossible new goals. With action planet Mars in your income zone, you’re on a mission to maximise your earning power. The key to achieve this is in wise and strategic collaboration whilst keeping ownership of your own work. With Mars at odds with Pluto, watch for challenges or confrontations this week and get your allies onside.

Inspiration and insights.

Originally published at hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk and reproduced here with permission.

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