Waving or Drowning? Astrology Forecast August 30th – September 6th, 2020

August 31st, 2020

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

This another week with the potential for cross currents, crossed wires and confusion. It’s worth remembering that being confused is the best state for learning  simply because your fixed beliefs lose their hypnotic hold over you and free you to “believe six different things before breakfast”(Alice in Wonderland). And anything that gives you a new perspective on an old stuck way of being and behaving is liberating. Notice what is opening up when so much is closing down.

Wednesday ‘s Pisces Full Moon is widely conjunct far seeing Neptune, sextile both Jupiter and Uranus. This is a metaphor for future gazing, for visionary ideas and possibilities – capture those insights and lightbulb moments in photographs, art or mind mapping before they fly by. With the Sun in Virgo in a beautiful Grand Earth Trine to Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, ground your intuitions into something expressive and tangible.

Mars is slowing down ahead of turning retrograde on September 9th in Aries at odds with Saturn, Pluto, Haumea and Venus. Combined with Mercury conjunct the Super Galactic Centre and square the Galactic Centre revealing yet more truths on this evolutionary edge we are walking, expect yet more volatility and polarisation along with insights into the collective and personal shifts that are arising.

Nothing big ever happens, good or bad, unless the floor falls out first.”  – Jeanette LeBlanc

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The Chandra Symbol for the Full Moon:

An old witch on a windy headland. She is calling to the sea.

“Wildly tuned in. Staggeringly aware of the overall situation and its call, you respond deeply and with earnest, plaintive engagement with all that is happening. You are profoundly emotional, physical, and personal in order to ground and focus a vaster picture, urgently and critically mobilised at hot spots. Assigned to tune in to everything and make sure all the cosmic bases are covered–inner-planes activity predominates. You live within vast worlds and are psychically charged with all that is being taken in, but your central focus is to respond, to report, to send the inner messages, to keep the lines open. Emergency and crisis sensibility inside of things, searching for signs and knowing how to be there on the spot to turn things around by inward force of will.” – Elias Lonsdale Inside Degrees

Aries Weekly Forecast: Aug 30-Sep 6, 2020

Deliberately slow down  your firing on all cylinders and going in all guns blazing approach and start to notice the change in the energy field surrounding you. It’s a Full Moon week which is bringing something to an end and the Pisces Moon is shining its spotlight into the deepest part of your psyche. This is your 12th House, the engine room of your chart and it deserves some attention now. Have you been pushing yourself too hard in pursuit of something or getting caught up in dramas not of your making? As Mars slows to turn retrograde in your sign on September 9th, do some backtracking, some questioning of your motives or goals and slow right down to the pace of life.

Don’t push the river.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: Aug 30-Sep 6, 2020

Enjoy the change in energy this week, Taurus, with a Full Moon across Pisces and Virgo on Wednesday cooling the pushy, strident Mars fires springing up everywhere. The Moon reminds you to rekindle your connections with friends, groups, networks, to remember why they are part of your tribe and what you value about them. With Uranus in the mix and in your sign, this is a good time to recognise if you’re living or working in echo chambers that keep you stuck in a predictable comfort zone. If so, deliberately widen your net to welcome some freethinkers into your inner circle to shake up some of your fixed beliefs about how life works.


Gemini Weekly Forecast: Aug 30-Sep 6, 2020

Wednesday’s beautiful Pisces Full Moon lights up the pinnacle of your chart. With the Sun and Mercury in practical Virgo at the base, is there something calling you that needs to be brought through into reality? Often, your thoughts flit from idea to notion to daydream to insight and back again without any application to your daily life. Now is the time to practise grounding what your imagination calls up. Start small, this is not some grandiose “finding your purpose” but simply the spontaneous expression of what’s in your heart. Once you start to live like this, perfectionism vanishes.

From thought to expression.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: Aug 30-Sep 6, 2020

As a Water sign, all this clashing fiery Mars energy is exhausting for you. Fortunately, Mars is slowing down to turn backwards from September 9th for two months and you will soon start to notice the difference. A lovely Full Moon on Wednesday in Pisces close to far seeing Neptune will conjure up some dreams, colour in your imagination and introduce some radically different ideas. It’s time to stop arguing for your limitations and, with Venus in Cancer opposite Saturn and Pluto, to refuse any longer to let anyone else do it for you. No more trying to second guess what other people might think if you did or said  X or Y….whose life is it, anyway?

Listening to the revolution in your heart.

Leo Weekly Forecast: Aug 30-Sep 6, 2020

Wednesday’s beautiful Full Moon in Pisces is all about life’s big questions. Are you on good terms with yourself? With those you care about ? Are you paying enough attention to building strong foundations of trust, of money, of doing what you promised? Everything you say and do leaves a trail…that’s your energy signature and, eventually, your legacy. Slow down a little to live at the pace of life, there’s nothing to do, be, practice or ritualise. Then, in the quiet, just notice who and what has value and who and what matters then follow the trail. This is healing and freeing.

Doing the next right thing.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: Aug 30-Sep 6, 2020

Look in the reflecting mirror of Wednesday’s beautiful Full Moon in your opposite sign of Pisces-it has so much to reveal about you. Luna is conjunct far seeing Neptune so let your imagination soar, dawdle in day dreams and indulge in fantasy. This is fuel for your creativity which is in overdrive now. A stunning triangle of possibility between Sun in Virgo, Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus is all about turning your ideas into reality through whichever medium has your name on it. Start a journal of dream work, of inventions, of off the wall ideas…..this is your passport to a freer, more spontaneous way of living.

Walking the artist’s way.

Libra Weekly Forecast: Aug 30-Sep 6, 2020

Wednesday’s soothing Full Moon in watery Pisces will come as something of a relief in the midst of all the volatile Mars conflicts popping up like little fires everywhere. With the Sun in your hidden 12th House until September 21st, your batteries are low and need re-charging. This is an annual cycle so don’t override the signals your body is sending you and make a strategic withdrawal. Sidestep dramas not of your making, refuse to engage in pointless arguments and put your health and wellbeing at the top of your agenda. This might mean handing back responsibilities that never belonged to you in the first place or delegating family roles. Putting you own highest interests first is crucial, not just a nice slogan.

Disentangling yourself.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: Aug 30-Sep 6, 2020

Your personal ruler Mars back in fiery “me-first” Aries has been creating conflicts out of thin air and it’s been tempting to get overinvolved in other people’s dramas and soap operas. Happily, the warrior planet is slowing to turn backwards from September 9th to mid -November, crossing over old ground to learn the difference between strong will and skilful will. Wednesday’s Full Moon in fellow water sign Pisces is all about following your own instincts, focusing on your creativity and engaging in collaborative projects with like -minded people. Use your X ray vison to see through what no longer has meaning and turn towards what has eternal value.

Trusting what is.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: Aug 30-Sep 6, 2020

Since the Sun and Mercury entered Virgo lighting up the pinnacle of your chart, your focus has turned towards what you do in the world. Whether you think of it as a job, a service or a purpose   doesn’t matter as long as you add value to the collective in some way. For you as a Jupiter ruled Sagittarian, life needs to have meaning. And Wednesday’s Full Moon in Pisces reminds you to re-balance work with your life at home with your family and tribe. That’s where your sense of belonging is nurtured, so that you can return strengthened to your quest to make the world a better place. Think of it all as community and communion.


Capricorn Weekly Forecast: Aug 30-Sep 6, 2020

With both the Sun and Mercury back in fellow Earth sign Virgo, it should be easier now to stay stable and centred, not allowing yourself to get caught up in other people’s soap operas .Even if it all feels a bit too close to home with Mars lighting fires everywhere and partners  upping the drama, just let it all roll on by. It will anyway whether you rise to the bait or not. Wednesday’s Full Moon in far seeing imaginative Pisces is underscoring an important theme for you-turning what you ‘ve learnt through hard won experience since late 2008 into added value for others. There are unlimited ways of teaching, mentoring or coaching and, for you, one of the most effective is to dig out the gold in your learning and then start paying it forward.

A circle of growth.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: Aug 30-Sep 6, 2020

“Wherever you go, there you are!” is a saying that has special relevance for you now. With the Sun in your deep 8th House of life’s big questions and a Full Moon in Pisces in a helpful angle to your ruler awakener Uranus, take time to scan your environment, your home, your habits, your health for all the ways you’re self-sabotaging or undermining yourself. Once you become aware of the tricks you’ve been playing, do something different. Once you know, you can’t unknow. Do it in a spirit of curiosity and intelligence gathering and you’ll be surprised at what you find. This isn’t about harsh self-improvement but about treating yourself as you would a beloved child.

Creating inner harmony.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: Aug 30-Sep 6, 2020

Something is drawing to a close, fading out of your life. It may be an old set of beliefs or a way of looking at the world or a certain self-image. Whatever needs to go, release it at Wednesday’s Full Moon in your sign -your time to stand and stare, to daydream, to imagine, to gaze into the future. As you slow down to the speed of life, notice what’s trying to get your attention. Listen to your quiet inner voice of guidance and refuse to be distracted by other people’s requests or demands. Send your consciousness out ahead like a scout, remote viewing all the roads that are available and viable. Identify what has the most pull, the most resonance, the most click. Trust it then move forward.

Use your super powers of sensing, feeling, intuiting to the max.

Originally published at hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk and reproduced here with permission.

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