An Appointment With the Future: Astrology Forecast September 6th – 13th

September 7th, 2020

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

We are now picking our way through the wreckage of January’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction across the bridge towards the beacon of December’s Jupiter/Saturn Aquarius Conjunction.

Everything counts. Everything matters- especially you, your resilience and your grit -as you negotiate the challenges of September, October and November designed to take you into a very different landscape.

This week and next, kicking up a stationary storm at their most impactful, both Mars and Jupiter slow right down then change direction. Mars turns retrograde at 28 Aries while Jupiter turns direct at 17 Capricorn.

It’s been 32 years (1988) since the last Mars retrograde in fiery pioneering Aries and it will be 47 years before it happens again in 2067. Mars turns backwards on September 10 at 28° Aries and turns direct on November 14th. Make a note of the days between September 7-11 when strongly assertive energy will be felt on the world stage and in your own life. And the days between September 27-30 when Mars clashes with Saturn as the Lord of Time and Karma turns retrograde.

Think of Mars as the core energy source of human experience. Wherever Mars is retrograde in your own chart, it’s about taking back Your Self.

Focus on your physical embodiment, emerging from the trance of 24/7 virtual hypnosis to see where you’ve abandoned parts of who you are.  Get:” Your Body is Taking You along for the Ride” for much more.

It’s about living in real time, connecting face to face, making stuff, getting outside, moving, breathing more fully.

It’s about asking yourself deeper questions about your private desires, dreams and goals.

 It’s about re-working, re-templating or re-tuning projects whilst re-balancing your energy patterns, your drive, your assertiveness.

Jupiter direct in Capricorn means taking back your Core and your Creator Power.

Gas giant Jupiter moving Direct from September 13th brings new opportunity. You can probably already feel the energy building, a sense of purpose arising. This is a time when many of us creatives and way finders will find a renewed sense of purpose, cross paths with new people, have lightbulb moments and insights, make the breakthroughs – and give ourselves permission to follow wherever they lead-despite what’s happening in the 3D world.

Ahead of October’s crunch time astrology, immerse yourself in your unique combination of sanity tools – growth practices, journaling, reading, meditating, writing, gardening, online learning, teaching, coaching …. the list is endless.

If you are a creative, sensitive, way finder, change agent or maverick, September’s astrology is about stepping out of overwhelm to prepare for the huge events of October/November by identifying your own flickers of opportunity. They may present in ways and guises you are not expecting simply because your old perceptual markers have been deleted but the clue is always that they bring you a sense of new life.

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The Chandra Symbol for Mars Retrograde 28 Aries:

A wreath of laurel placed on the head of an old man.

“The soul’s journey is absolutely endless. The Greater Dynamic is at work here and you simply know that your destiny must and will be fulfilled. There is a higher vibrational inside track that accompanies each step, every phase, and that otherness gives you back yourself in such a fashion that you are never alone, not incomplete, never less than whole. All of the vital agitations only serve to quicken the pace, to bring you back on the spiral to that vital place again where you are known and acknowledged, and from which you can go forth and know and acknowledge others in their destiny light – seen and sensed and known.” Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Sign Forecast: September 6-13, 2020

This is an important time for you as an Aries as your personal ruler Mars is turning backwards until  November 14th in your own sign. This hasn’t happened since 1988 and is going to affect you personally and the collective as a whole. It may feel as if you have a lot on your plate but you’re moving in slow motion. Whatever you do, don’t override this astrology-if you try to keep pushing ahead, it will be totally counter-productive. Burnout is not in your best interests and Mars affects your health and physicality. Start to pace yourself, to re-work, re-template or re-tune projects whilst re-balancing your energy patterns, your drive, your assertiveness.

Get out into nature and ground yourself.

Taurus Weekly Sign Forecast: September 6-13, 2020

As Venus your personal planet moves into Leo, turn your attention to making where you live really feel like home. There’s a yearning for a deeper sense of belonging and also for family, tribe and community. You might get the urge to wield a paintbrush, move the furniture or even decide to move on to somewhere more appealing. As Mars turns backwards in the deepest part of your chart, exploring your family tree, seeking long lost relations and making links between the threads of the past and the present could pull you into a sort of soul retrieval. Look for lost or neglected parts of yourself and find ways of expressing them in your current life.

September for you is a homecoming.

Gemini Weekly Sign Forecast: September 6-13, 2020

The recent Full Moon lit up the top of your chart, reminding you of your role or path in life-that sweet spot where your qualities and talents add value to others. This week, as Mars slows to turn backwards for two months in your 11th House of priorities, start to re-evaluate the groups, clubs and tribes you choose to belong to. Are you there because you want to be or out of a sense of duty? Have your interests changed?  The same applies to friendships. Ask yourself: who lifts me and who drains me? Is it time for a changing of the guard? Freeing up your time will become important as expansive Jupiter moves forward on Sunday 13th and you dive headlong into a new project or passion.

Moving on.

Cancer Weekly Sign Forecast: September 6-13, 2020

You will notice a change of pace as warrior Mars turns retrograde at the top of your chart in your career zone. The red planet is in fiery Aries for an unusually long period and has been stirring up this part of your life, probably bringing some conflict along with him, so the slow down will take some pressure off. This is a time for re-evaluate projects, strategic planning and focusing on your health and wellbeing. The good news is that expansive Jupiter turns forward on Sunday 13th, supporting all your relationships. See if you can mend fences or build bridges with old sparring partners.

Offering an olive branch.

Leo Weekly Sign Forecast: September 6-13, 2020

On September 9th, warrior planet Mars turns backwards in fellow Fire sign Aries. This is going to affect all of us personally and collectively until mid-November. In your solar chart, Mars is in your 9th House of broadening your horizons and expanding your world view. The next two months will be a perfect opportunity to complete a book, a website, a podcast. If there’s something you’ve wanted to explore, take the plunge and start researching and studying. You are supported in whatever you do by Venus back at your side through September smoothing your path. If you get the urge to change or upgrade your appearance in some way, just go for it.

Matching your outer to your inner.

Virgo Weekly Sign Forecast: September 6-13, 2020

On September 9th, action planet Mars turns retrograde in his own sign of Aries until November. The difference is going to be noticeable for you personally and for the world as a whole. Rather than pushing ahead, it’s time to slow down and evaluate where you are, whether your projects are on track and, if necessary, do a course correction. Mars is in your 8th House, suggesting some big financial decisions may need monitoring. This is a great time to permanently give up a bad habit and it might be easier than you imagine. Helping to smooth your path, Jupiter turns forward next Sunday 13th, delivering opportunities to capitalise on a lucky streak.

Bringing your your private desires, dreams and goals right up to date.

Libra Weekly Sign Forecast: September 6-13, 2020

Everyone of us will notice a change of pace from September 9th when warrior planet Mars slows to turn backwards. You, as a peace- loving Libran, must have found the last few weeks stressful as Mars burnt bridges behind you and clashed with authority. Now you can welcome a rest from relationship challenges until November and start to regroup. If a close partnership has suffered, re-kindle the closeness by investing your time, love and attention. Happily, on Sunday 13th, Jupiter turns forward again, making life at home much more positive. If you’ve been wanting to move house but felt blocked by circumstances, watch for unexpected opportunities and grab them with both hands.

Putting out the fires.

Scorpio Weekly Sign Forecast: September 6-13, 2020

You don’t need me to remind you that 2020 so far has been brutal. Recent weeks have poured oil on the flames as your personal planet Mars lit fires everywhere. Happily, this week, Mars turns backwards until November allowing you to take a well- deserved rest. Mars is all about your physicality so instead of keeping on keeping on, go out into nature, get moving, take a break from non-stop virtual reality and create something in real time. With Venus at the top of your chart for the whole of September, remind yourself to do and enjoy much more of what you love. Mars retrograde is perfect for retrieving lost parts of yourself, by reviving childhood dreams and pastimes.

Who were you before they told you who you should be?

Sagittarius Weekly Sign Forecast: September 6-13, 2020

This week two very different planetary changes point you in a new direction. Firstly, on September 9th, action planet Mars slows to turn backwards until November suggesting that the frantic pace you’ve been making eases quite a bit. There will be less friction with children and less push-pull between work and home. Happily, your own planet expansive Jupiter turns forward on Sunday 13th lifting your spirits and bringing a surge of optimism. You might find that a recurrent financial obstacle or problem simply fades away. Since the Sun is at the top of your chart, your career is lit up and you may be planning to change the way you work or even your entire trajectory.

Focusing on what really matters.

Capricorn Weekly Sign Forecast: September 6-13, 2020

September is going to be a pivotal month for you. Firstly, warrior Mars slows to turn backwards on September 9th in your 4th House of home and belonging. Then on Sunday 13th, Jupiter turns forward in your own sign bringing you luck between now and December. Later, on September 29th, your personal planet Saturn will also move forward. Coming back to Mars, this is a chance for you to re-group, to stop pushing ahead and to make your health and wellbeing your top priority. It’s been a fairly brutal year so far and burnout is the very last thing you need. Drop some of those heavy responsibilities at home by delegating them. This will liberate more time to spend on investing in what gives your life meaning. Teaching and learning are well starred and with Jupiter at your back, that’s where your most intriguing opportunities lie.

Putting your own highest interests first.

Aquarius Weekly Sign Forecast: September 6-13, 2020

September brings a change of pace and direction as three big planets -Mars, Jupiter and Saturn-turn around. As above, so below. Fortunately, out of all the signs, you have Venus lighting up your relationship zone from the 6th, smoothing your path and delivering love, friendship and enjoyment. Play your part as Warrior Mars turns backwards on September 9th by building bridges and mending fences with partners and family members. This is a great time for physically clearing out and de-cluttering your home, de-junking years of stuff well past it sell by date. From September 13th, when Jupiter turns forward in the deepest part of your chart, start planting the seeds of new growth.

Expect some light bulb moments.

Pisces Weekly Sign Forecast: September 6-13, 2020

As a sensitive Water sign, get ready to welcome Mars turning retrograde on September 9th.The Warrior is spending months in gung-ho Aries and has been lighting fires everywhere, escalating discord and arguments. As he slows, you’ll feel a sense of relief with two months ahead to get your breath back, re-group and take stock of your finances and resources. Be cautious about making any important decisions -far better to save as much as you can and build personal security. With the Sun in your relationship angle until September 21st, make sure you involve partners-personal or professional-in financial discussions. You could be pleasantly surprised by their input. As the outside world turns upside down, go back to your centre, reconnect with who you are and live your life around your values.

Taking back yourself.

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