Choices, Choices, Choices: Astrology Forecast October 18th – 25th

October 19th, 2020

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Switch your B.S. detector on to a high setting – you’re going to need it!

What a week of planetary spaghetti! All the personal inner planets-Mercury, Venus and Mars- aligning in a complex web with Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune will be messing with our heads and our emotions. With Mercury and Mars in retrograde Trickster mode, expect to be full of questions such as:

Do I take this path or that one? Is there any source I can trust? How do I find the truth in this situation? Haven’t I heard all this before?

But with both Venus and Mercury aligning with slippery Neptune in Pisces – a master of smoke and mirrors like the Wizard of Oz – neither truth nor reality will be easy to determine. The fake news, polarisation and propaganda will be in full swing as Mars square Jupiter exaggerates/bends the truth for effect.

To keep your sanity -now that both the Sun and Mercury are in Pluto’s sign- become an honorary Scorpio. Develop X ray vision, follow your hunches and your instincts, do your own detective work, stay under the radar and notice what’s not being said.

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The Chandra Symbol for Mars Rx 19 Aries:

An Empty Courtyard

“Nothing is left. Reality is scattered. Self-obliterated. The familiar rendered irrelevant. Apocalyptic changes, personal and collective, take over. No being, only action. You become a projectile of intent, literally identify with what you can do now. A barren wasteland of an inner world. A thrust outside. Stark and surreal. You feel compelled to dare, pushed over the edge, no going back–destiny as frenzy. And in this wild, volatile mix, creative forces are released that would never come out any other way. Yielding to the role of the purging and cleansing agent of changes, you are unable to wriggle out of anything ever again.” Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: October 18-25, 2020

Keep your head down this week and save your gunpowder for another day. As an Aries, with your personal planet Mars in your sign at odds with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in your 10th House of career, it would be very tempting to rush out all guns blazing in a misguided bid to protect your own interests. Please don’t, unless you want to permanently burn bridges that help keep your life together. Instead, play your own long game. This is a time to ask yourself deeper questions about your private desires, dreams and goals. It’s a time to re-work, re-template or re-tune projects whilst re-balancing your energy patterns, your drive, your assertiveness. Throughout Mars’ retrograde, you have an opportunity to redefine how you respond to life’s challenges, through a makeover or rebirth of your self-expression in the world.

Focus inwards not on outside events.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: October 18-25, 2020

Circle October 19th, as it promises to be an oasis in an otherwise confusing week. Venus in fellow Earth sign Virgo aligns beautifully with gift bringer Jupiter in earth sign Capricorn bringing warmth, love and general good luck your way. You may hear some good news as Mercury aligns with planet of surprises Uranus. From Thursday October 22nd, when the Sun joins Mercury in your opposite sign of Scorpio, your most significant relationships take centre stage. Whether personal or professional, look closely at how healthy the dynamics are. Are they balanced? Are you giving as much as you receive? Are you over compromising? Are they supportive or draining? See it as a way to make everyone happier rather than an exercise in criticism.

Independence versus dependence.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: October 18-25, 2020

Make the very most of Monday October 19th when Venus in your angle of family and friends aligns beautifully with expansive Jupiter. Get in touch with those who matter and let them know how much you care. Splash the cash on something for your home that has meaning for you and will lift your spirits every time you see it. Make it a game to see how many small pleasures you can enjoy without spending a lot of money. This will go a long way to keep you on track as you re-think your health, wellbeing and responsibilities. With your personal planet Mercury retrograde in Scorpio joined by the Sun until November 21st, look to see what outgrown roles and obligations you are still carrying and walk away. Whatever drains your spirits is also depleting your energy, so stop the leaks in their tracks.

Ask yourself: If I were to put my own highest interests first, what would I do differently right now?

Cancer Weekly Forecast: October 18-25, 2020

If you’ve been struggling yet again with challenges from those in authority or difficult co-workers, look for the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. On Tuesday October 19th, Venus makes a stunning link to expansive Jupiter, helping you to have important and meaningful conversations and perhaps mediate a dispute to everyone’s advantage. This is an important week to make supportive alliances, mend fences or rebuild bridges. And don’t forget to have some fun and inject some feel-good factor as the Sun moves into Scorpio on October 22nd, your angle of self-expression, leisure and creativity. With both Mars and Mercury travelling slowly backwards until November, you might as well stop pushing the river and go with the flow.

Indulge in some of life’s small pleasures.

Leo Weekly Forecast: October 18-25, 2020

Between October 18-24th, find ways of being rewarded and recognised for work already completed. Draw attention to an evidence trail if you need proof. Venus in your angle of money and resources is making a helpful angle to Jupiter planet of wealth so call in any money owed or debts due to be repaid. Go through your financial records in detail then send out invoices with a non-negotiable pay by date. Meanwhile after the 22nd when the Sun moves into your home zone to join Mercury, things look to be changing. Someone could be moving in, out or on. This Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to re-think how you use your space and to find creative ways to find more of it. Repair or fix anything that is not working well and back up all your communication systems.

Building a strong base.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: October 18-25, 2020

Make the very most of hosting Venus in your sign, especially around October 18th and 19th when she makes a wonderful angle to expansive Jupiter in your angle of creativity, fun and pleasure. You could certainly do with some time out to smell the roses and indulge in some of life’s free gifts. Since the Sun is joining retrograde Mercury in Scorpio from the 22nd, expect life to slow down, especially with Neptune in the frame. Be wary of people who overpromise and under deliver and trust your instincts. Keep everything simple and uncomplicated and definitely leave any signing on the dotted line for the moment. Edit your work, reconnect with old friends and stay safely on the side lines.

Indulging in what sparks joy.

Libra Weekly Forecast: October 18-25, 2020

Feel your spirits lift on October 18th and 19th as your personal planet Venus makes a beautiful aspect to Neptune and Jupiter. Do something that makes you happy, just for the sake of it-you certainly deserve it. On Thursday 22nd the Sun exits your own sign for another year, hopefully leaving you feeling stronger and more resilient. With Mercury retrograde in your angle of personal resources, chase down money owed- debts or unpaid invoices for work already completed. Just be extra vigilant about fraud of some sort. It could be someone taking credit for something you’ve done or even a cyber scam. Much of 2020 has been out of your control so if you’re feeling you haven’t done enough, remind yourself that you’ve been under resourced, not under achieving.

You’re stronger than you know.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: October 18-25, 2020

For you as a solar Scorpio, October so far has been fairly challenging, full of glitches, cross communications, delays and unexpected bumps in the road. This trend won’t somehow magically disappear this week but things definitely start to pick up. Venus makes a series of supportive aspects to first Jupiter then your ruler Pluto and Saturn, smoothing your path especially where friendship groups and alliances are concerned. On Thursday 22nd, the Sun returns to Scorpio, re-charging your batteries for another year. If you’ve felt as if you’ve been somewhat side lined in recent weeks, start to make your voice heard when and where it matters and watch what happens.

Speaking out.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: October 18-25, 2020

Start this confusing week by squeezing the very last drop of juice out of the heartwarming Venus/Jupiter embrace. You may find yourself the centre of attention at work for all the right reasons-if so, bask in the limelight. With Mars retrograde in your 5th House of creativity, fun and leisure, spend as much time as you can with children recapturing your youth and freedom. From Thursday October 22nd, the Sun moves into the deepest part f your chart and you may find your batteries starting to run low. This is just a natural yearly cycle, so don’t push the river, listen to your body and look after your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

Restoring and re-balancing.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: October 18-25, 2020

Just keep reminding yourself that nothing is straightforward this week and it will help you steer your way through mixed messages, delays and dead ends. The brightest days are October 18th and 19th when Venus in fellow Earth sign Virgo makes a beautifully supportive angle to expansive Jupiter in Capricorn. Try to see the best in everyone-especially if there are powerplays on the home front-and cut them some slack. You can find a win/win solution without rolling like a tank over other people’s feelings. After October 22nd, the Sun joins retrograde Mercury in your angle of groups and friendships. Expect some information to come to light that changes how you feel about one particular alliance.

Take nothing personally.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: October 18-25, 2020

On October 22nd, the Sun moves into Scorpio lighting up the pinnacle of your solar chart. This puts what you do in the spotlight and with Mercury retrograde, it’s a perfect opportunity to re-examine if you’re in the best job for you or to face up to the fact that your ladder has been up against the wrong tree. If so, do an audit of your experience, qualities, skills and talents ready to search for a closer match to your heart’s desire. In only 8 weeks when Saturn and Jupiter return to Aquarius together, intriguing new opportunities will start to arrive, so do the spade work now ahead of time. With feisty Mars in your angle of connection, avoid arguments that could escalate into ultimatums and give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

How can you earn a living by tapping into an old hobby or passion?

Pisces Weekly Forecast: October 18-25, 2020

In the midst of unwelcome changes and upheaval, as a Piscean you have an ace up your sleeve- Venus in your opposite sign smoothing your path and ironing out problems. Look around you and be grateful for your allies, those who always have your back and consistently support you through thick and thin. On October 18th/19th, Venus makes aligns with your personal planet Neptune in your own sign and also with expansive Jupiter in your angle of friendships. Your popularity is on the rise. Remember this if your income and cashflow is being adversely affected by political decisions out of your control. Take those innovative ideas for new income streams and bounce your insights off like minded, trustworthy people. After the 22nd, when the Sun moves into Scorpio, clarity will return.

People matter more than prizes.

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