3 Reasons Why Rune Magic May Seem So Intimidating

October 22nd, 2020

By Dmitriy, the Life Script Doctor

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

While learning the magic properties of runes through practice, it has been fascinating to discover that many people appear to be threatened by the power they hold. There is something mysterious about these ancient symbols that can be used not just for divination, but also to tap into the powerful sources of the Universal energy. Let’s see if it is possible to explain what makes runes so magical and why they may seem so intimidating for many people.

Even though the definition of magic is a subject of wide debate, one way to describe it seems to be spot on. According to Dion Fortune (British occultist, novelist and author) – “Magic is the art of changing consciousness according to Will”.  If we take into account that everything is energy and we all are a part of one Universal field of consciousness, then our ability to direct our will and energy towards creating the reality we want to experience is what magic is really all about.

One of the ways that we can influence the field of consciousness and bring more magic into life is through words (e.g. poems, songs, affirmations, mantras, etc.). There is also no accident that we still call the process of writing or naming the letters of a word spell-ing. One of the ancient alphabets that is known today is Elder Futhark which consists of runes that were mainly used by the Northern Viking Tribes (around 150–800 AD). Runes were used not only as letters, but allegedly had magical properties and were perceived as the keys to the Universal field of energy. Each symbol has its own meaning and represents a link to a certain Universal power. There are historical records describing runes as a type of oracle that can help people predict the most likely outcome of events and get the answers to the questions they might have. Runes have also been used to interact with the field of consciousness by tapping into needed energy frequencies. In a certain sense, runes may be described as advanced concentrated forms of meditation or visualization techniques that help you direct your will. Each symbol is like a concentrated willpower towards achieving a certain goal. It might sound too woo-woo, but as it was said, “Practice is the sole criteria for testing the truth”. For the past few years, I have been working with clients, creating runic formulas and testing them in real life with positive results, which supports the claim that they do have immense power on the energy level. They can be used for diagnosis of an energy state, energy clearing, protection or boost, attracting a love partner or making a business successful, enhancing extrasensory perception, as well as many other ways of improving your lifescript.

The most likely reason why many people may feel intimidated by runes is the fact that with great power comes great responsibility. It is really hard to define the limits of what is possible to achieve through the medium of runes on the energy level. However, as with any powerful tool, there are certain safety guidelines or Universal laws to follow in order to avoid a recoil from your actions.  When you begin to discover the magic of runes, you inevitably have to take responsibility not only for what you do, but also for the way you think and how you express emotions. You have to remember that there is no turning back when you embrace your true magical powers and awareness that comes with it. It becomes an important part of who you are in your journey of self-discovery.

Another reason why runes may feel threatening is the natural human fear of truth. It is the fear of exposing your true self to others. Many people are forced to wear “masks” when they choose to take part in the never-ending, ego-driven race of the social matrix.  It can make you forget who you really are. Even though someone might be a master in lying to themselves, it is impossible to hide your true intentions. On the energy level – it is what it is, or in other words, you can’t cheat or bend the Universe to do your egoistic bidding in the long run. You have your whole life, but the Universe has eternity. Working with runes will most likely bring the truth to the surface, and it might not be exactly what you have expected or ready to deal with.

The third reason why the power of rune magic is misunderstood is probably the bad image it has accumulated throughout the history. It has been banned by Christianity, misused by Nazis and even considered evil by many belief systems. Nevertheless, runes themselves are neither evil nor good. A good analogy to the force behind runes (or any other magical tool, for that matter) is electricity. You can use it to create an electric chair for execution or to bring light when it is dark.  Runes are just tools that can enhance the way a person interacts with the Universe. It is the choice of the rune magic practitioner to use them either for evil or for good.

One thing is for sure, even though rune magic may feel intimidating, its power is in no away a magical pill or panacea that can resolve all your problems in life. However, runes have proven to be a very effective asset in helping with the challenges that a person might experiencing on their path of self-discovery called life.

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Originally from Ukraine, Dmitriy is the person behind the Life Script Doctor project.  Through live workshops, online courses and personal consultations it offers insight and guidance during the informational flood of the XXI century. Life Script Doctor is about helping you improve the lifescript you are writing every day. The work is based on the new spiritual science Infosomatics, Numerology, energy-informational Slavic system called SPAS, Runes as well as many other consciousness awakening fields.

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