How Your Numerology Birth Chart and Life Path Number Can Help You Realize Your Full Potential


By Dmitriy, the Life Script Doctor

Guest writer for Wake Up World

In the life of most of us there comes the time when we begin to wonder if we are on the right path towards fulfilling our purpose. When you listen to the voice of your intuition and have already established clear connection with your own higher self, you usually know what steps will bring you closer to realizing your full potential. Most people, however, are still in the process of finding their life path and often crisis situations force them to pay more attention to their own road of spiritual self-discovery. So, how can you tell if you are on the right life path towards realizing the potential that was given to you on your date of birth?

With your first breath, on the day you are born, your brain receives a certain imprint or filter of how to deal with certain energies. Everything is energy and the vibration of your birth date defines your strong as well as weak qualities. It has major influence on the way you think and act in certain situations. The energy frequency and vibration on the day of your birth is highly affected by the planets in the solar system which can be analyzed in detail through Astrology. There is also Numerology that helps to understand the meaning and archetypes behind the numbers of your birth date. Numerology might not be as popular in birth date analysis and widely used as Astrology, however it can give you great insight and knowledge of how you can live in harmony with the Cosmos and realize your full potential.

How Your Numerology Can Help You Realize Your Full Potential

It is believed that Pythagoras was the forefather of Numerology. He was one of the first spiritual scientists who connected the “cosmic music” of vibrations with numbers. Pythagoras established that the meaning of numerology numbers lie in the foundation of all things that exist in our Universe. Everything in the world, living and non living, men and women follow the laws of vibrations and can be described in numbers.

“Number is the ruler of forms and ideas, and the cause of gods and demons” – Pythagoras.

When you envision the meaning behind the numbers in your numerology birth chart, you can use the chart as a key to connect to the higher levels of consciousness. Your higher self has chosen the vibration of your birth date described through numerology numbers in order to realize a certain potential. Thus, your numerology birth chart can be used as the code to establish a communication channel with your higher self in order to understand what potential you need to realize in this life.

One of the most important numbers in your numerology birth chart is your life path number. You can simply calculate it by adding all the numbers in your date of birth. Here is an example of how to calculate your life path number using the date of birth 24th, February 1955 (birth date of Steve Jobs). You can just write down the date of birth in dd/mm/yyyy format and you will get 24/02/1955. By adding all the numbers in the birth date you get the following: the date 2+4=6, the month 0+2=2 and the year 1+9+5+5=20=2+0=2. Now you need to add all the numbers and derive to a single digit, which is the life path number: 6+2+2=10=1+0=1. You do not count the 0’s when you calculate your life path number. Your goal is to get a single digit number from 1 to 9. The exceptions to this rule are the master numbers 11 and 22. You do not reduce them to a single digit when calculating your life path number. People with master numbers usually have a special mission in their life.

Nevertheless, please keep in mind that your life path number is only one number in your Numerology birth chart. There are also other numbers in the chart you need to consider including the numbers that you get from decoding your birth given name.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that any type of birth date analysis be it Numerology, Astrology, Human Design or others, can only help you understand the potential that came with your date of birth. The energy-informational environment of your birth and the choices you make in life are what makes you who you really are on your path of spiritual self-discovery.

You can find a brief description behind the meaning of every life path number from 1 to 9 as well as explanation of numerology master numbers 11 and 22 below, plus a video with some more insight on how your numerology birth chart can help you on your road towards living a fulfilling life of purpose (it’s a clip from my free 2 hour webinar, which is available here.)

Numerology Birth Chart Reading Explained

Life Path Number 1

People with life path number 1 are idea oriented leaders who have potential for self-motivation. They strife to be pioneers in their field of expertise and they use their ideas in order to motivate others. However, they often require appreciation from the people around them and they can definitely live without those who don’t approve what they do.   Life path number ones are quick in finding solutions to problems and can become their own authority if they recognize their true energy. If they don’t establish the connection to the power that comes with life path number one, they might become very vulnerable and feel the lack of confidence in their life. They have a strong desire to invent and create something new in order to move forward. They are idea generators, so working on details is not really their thing.

If you are a life path number 1 – embrace your potential to lead with your ideas and be the pioneer.

Life Path Number 2

For life path number two, embracing the whole and striving to find a solution that would benefit both sides is very important. They have a strong connection to female energy and a sensitive perception of the cosmic knowledge. One of their main goals is to become noticeable in society while keeping their own independence at the same time. They need to learn how to keep their own identity without following others too much. The true power of life path number 2 is in supporting and working with others in order to achieve results and move forward.  They can be a great resource for the team since they do strife for win/win situations. Those with life path 2 are very sensitive to the feelings of others and their opinions, thus it is important for them to keep their own balance in life. People with Life Path 2 are peacemakers and they often enjoy creating comfort for others.

If you are a life path number 2 – be a diplomat, help others reach consensus, stop competing and find your purpose in cooperating with others.

Life Path Number 3

Those who have  life path number 3 are very dynamic and usually have a lot of energy to spend. Number three is very direct and desires immediate emotional response. That is why one can describe them as an eternal child. People with life path number 3 are in search to find joy from new things which help them on their road of self realization. When they find the source of pure joy they need to share it with others in order to be loved and accepted by society. Needless to say, they need their job to be creative, but keep in mind that it is possible to be creative in business, science or any other field that they enjoy.   Life path number three often have more than one interest in life (including love life) and they tend to do things without giving much thought into it. Sometimes they can be even too optimistic about things. They often live their life today without giving much thought into the future, which is also one of the ways they cope with hardships and challenges in life. Being practical is not a quality of  life path 3 and many people could find them eccentric.

If you are a life path number 3 – embrace your inner child, take responsibility for your creative essence and learn how to stop wasting your energy.


Life Path Number 4

Here is the motto for people with  life path number four – “Success is only 5% of inspiration and 95% of hard work”. People with  life path 4 are usually material and respect boundaries.   Life path 4 gives you the energy to be the guardian of the limits. This energy does not attack, it protects and defends. In order to be successful people with  life path 4 have to understand the value of service, learn how to live in the limits of the law and our material world. Here are some common qualities for  life path number 4: stability, respect, strength, durability, complying with traditions and laws. Many people with   life path number 4 are result oriented and could even become work addicts. Being flexible and adapting to change is not really their best trait. They often work hard to create systems and structures. Status is important for them, which sometimes draws them to work in politics, banking and commerce related fields. They might not have greatest ideas but they are very good in finishing the job. They often become very good in a certain niche.

If you are a life path number 4 – keep up the hard work to manifest ideas into the material world, bring order to life and learn how to deal with change.

Life Path Number 5

Life path number 5 can be simply described as the spirit of change. People with life path number 5 see life as a mystical labyrinth where behind every corner there is a new adventure. They know how to be constructively creative and they love new places. People with life path number 5 often have many talents and can be successful in different areas. It is very important for life path 5 to learn how to make correct choices in life. Finding their core is vital for life path number 5. It will help them set right priorities in their life. As a rule, they are full of interesting ideas and have the ability to inspire others, but they also lack patience and worry a lot. Due to their passion for risk and change they should keep away from gambling and unnecessary risk. They don’t like any kind of borders that can limit them. People with life path number 5 can stay young in their heart for as long as they are able to find their true passion and be creative.

If you are a life path number 5 – learn to control your desire for risk, find your own freedom within the limits of the material world, strife to finish what you have started, be the inspiration for adventure and change in others.

Life Path Number 6

Life path number 6 is about service and balance. People with life path number 6 bring the energy of practicality and materialization of harmony. Numerology number 6 symbolizes the combination of higher divine with hard work on Earth. If a person with life path number 6 wants to be independent, he or she needs to make initiative their everyday habit. They are given the ability to create comfort where it is needed and many people turn to life path number 6 for help. It is important to differentiate helping someone and interfering with their lives. Because life path number 6 is about seeing harmony, they often tent to impose their thoughts on others. They often take responsibility for others and even sacrifice themselves, even at times when it is not needed. They do have a need to hear compliments and feel that they are bringing value to others. Life path number 6 should overcome their passiveness and never lose their individuality.

If you are a life path number 6 – stop being a masochist, learn not only to give but also to receive, overcome inertia, bring harmony to your own life so you can share it with others.

Life Path Number 7

Life path number 7 is about analysis, understanding and going deep. Sometimes people with life path number 7 go so deep in self-discovery they distance themselves from the world. They often live in the conflict of everyday life and taking the path of higher purpose. Many people with life path 7 have strong intuition. They are able to receive information from the higher levels of consciousness through certain signs and their dreams. When a person with life path number 7 has to choose his or her direction in life they should listen to their own Spirit or their true self within. They should not give responsibility for their own life to others. The true value for  life path number 7 is knowledge. Material comfort is not the highest priority for them. They have a danger in falling into certain addictions or becoming fanatics. Many of them believe that life is difficult, which causes them to ignore their talents and live a simple life. Learning how to spend time alone without feeling abandoned by others is vital for life path 7.

If you are a life path number 7 – learn to calm your mind, trust your intuition, unlock yourself from the illusory world you are hiding in and share your inner divine knowledge with the world.

Life Path Number 8

Life  Path number 8 should use the divine power it has to combine spiritual and material world in one point. The true power of life path number 8 lies in transforming negative energies into the positive ones. Any anger or aggression should be overpowered with patience, which will give them true strength. People with life path number 8 have the energy to unite different qualities and put them into use. Life path 8 is also about tradition and control. They are fighters and often quite brave. They are the guides of the divine power that can hold things together, thus they are not very effective when they are alone.  Life path number 8 should be careful not to fall into the greed for power, since that would have a destructive effect on their karma. They need to understand that our world is not just black and white. The energy of life path number 8 is connected with management on the high levels and big scale projects.

If you are a life path number 8 – use the divine power and your ambitions for good, be creative in managing others, find your own balance between spirituality/creativity and enjoying the pleasures of the material world.

Life Path Number 9

In Numerology, life path number 9 holds the path towards mystical knowledge. From a very young age they often realize that material goods have no value for the soul. Life path number 9 is more about comfort of the soul. They are able to see the imperfection of the world around them and in order to deal with it they follow their own idealistic worldview. It is often very hard for a life path number 9 to find the balance between their idea of how the world should be and the reality. They often have the tendency to save the world. Life path 9 often feels alienation from the world and could be considered very wise or crazy by others. Their idealistic worldview could be considered as weak will by others. Many people with life path number 9 are given a lot of potential at birth, but not many of them can handle it and realize their talents. A lot of them are influenced by their fathers in life. Since they are trying to combine ideals and reality they can easily swing from ecstasy to depression.

If you are a life path number 9 – learn how to give without asking anything in return, be aware of your idealism and martyrdom. Bring the light of wisdom into the world.

Master Numbers

Life path Numbers 11 and 22 (in some sources also 33) are considered to be master numbers in Numerology. It means that these numbers carry a higher frequency. Often people with master life path numbers have a certain mission they need to fulfill in life, which perhaps could mean that they just got more experience from their past lives. In other words, their soul consciously chose to go back to Earth in order to realize a certain potential. However, it is important to understand that master number 11 also carries the vibration of the number 2 (1+1=2) and life path number 22 carries the vibration of the number 4 (2+2=4). So make sure to check the description of those numbers as well.  Master number is just a potential. Thus, if the high frequency energies of master numbers are not realized,  people fall under the description of single digit numbers.

If you are a master number you should remember  – “Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required”.

You shouldn’t treat people with Master numbers as those who are chosen by God, they are just people that have a certain high mission in the world. They should live according to high standards even though they might go through many different challenges throughout their life. People with life path number 11 and life path number 22 should first discover themselves and their potential so then they can give knowledge and help others.

Life Path Number 11

People with the life path number 11 are considered to be the master teachers or those who bring enlightenment.  The life goal for a person with a life path number 11 is to keep spiritual balance and find their own place in the material world. They need to keep their soul in a certain purity, evolve themselves, increase their level of spirituality and help others on their journey of spiritual evolution. Master numbers are often the spirits that volunteers to serve on the planet Earth. People with life path number 11 usually have a lot of spiritual knowledge and need to find ways and means of how to effectively get it across to others. Energy of life path 11 is very powerful and people with life path 11 often work on the limit of their physical ability. They need to find effective methods of communication with others while keeping the truth about their inner knowledge.

Life Path Number 22

People with life path number 22 or master number 22 are the masters of the form. They have the potential to work on creating and/or constructing global scale projects. People with life path number 22 have great organization capabilities. They are able to create great systems and programs. In their world of constructive creativity – everything is possible. People with life path number 22 are those who can work on bring dreams into reality. Many people with master life path numbers fear the great potential of power that was given to them at birth. They try to get rid of it and avoid fulfilling their mission which could have certain consequences. Life path number 22 has the potential to hard work and giving form to something while being charismatic, highly sensitive and striving to keep everything in harmony.

Does the information about your life path number resonated with you? Please write a comment at the end of this article or join the conversation on Facebook. And remember to share the knowledge with a friend!

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