Galactic Anomalies: Astrology Forecast October 25th – November 1st

October 26th, 2020

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

This week, we are under the potent influence of not one but two Galactic Super Clusters -get ready for incoming information direct from Source aka the Noosphere or the Cloud.

On Sunday October 25th the Sun and Mercury meet in Scorpio on the Shapley Cluster at 2 Scorpio as Venus crosses into Libra through the supermassive Black Hole of the Super Galactic Centre exact on October 29th.

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The sheer gravitational power of these galactic magnetics is going to flag up forces in play that could be deemed to be irresistible or fated and certainly beyond your control. It’s when you suddenly become aware that what you thought was your own free will and personal choice has been your unconscious defences and biases steering you from behind the scenes all the time.

With Sun and Mercury conjunct at the midpoint of the Messenger’s retrograde, watch for a huge burst of emotional and psychic clarity about which particular passions and personal attractors you gravitate to and shape your life around. Frame it as a summons to live on purpose and live out loud. However weird or idiosyncratic your personal magnetic compass, have the courage to follow it wherever it leads and trust it over anyone else’s advice or pre-formed life maps.

Ask yourself: If everything were up for grabs and nothing was a given, what would I create?

What would be cool? What would seem miraculous? What would make me smile or dance?

Halloween Full Moon October 31st

Falling right on Hallowe’en, this Full Moon across the polarity of Taurus and Scorpio is a reminder of the eternal Law of life and death, of impermanence and regeneration. The Great Awakener Uranus is conjunct the Moon in Taurus. This Uranus transit through Taurus is Universal Mind imploding into Matter – shocking your awareness back to your physicality, rattling your bones, your heart, your electric circuit. As it wakes from the trance coma of unconsciousness, your body is the carrier of your soul. The Awakener in Taurus – symbol of the Tree of Life – has all the makings of a resurrection of the highest order .During such an influx of deep space light, your embodiment experience needs constant grounding as Uranus stimulates change via electrical currents in the Nadis, acting as a lightning conduit for intuition sensory acuity, Knowing/ Gnosis direct from the Noosphere. Expect constant energy fluctuations as your body becomes electric and kundalini rises. Paradoxically, this level of awakening requires so much sleep, essential to allow the rewriting of form to occur. Acclimatise to your new energy flow by attuning to whatever your body needs – perhaps a few knock-out days followed by very physically active ones. Drink lots of water.

For much more on your embodiment process, get: “Your Body is taking You Along for the Ride

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The Karmic Chandra Symbol for the Taurus Full Moon:

A large ruby inscribed with a prayer.

 “A beautiful dream that comes true. Conceiving in your heart that a fresh life current is here to be met in the physical. Being magnetised to the spot where the New Earth arises. You feel deeply drawn to give yourself over completely to what the new life-wave asks. Sensing acutely that this is all that counts, and suffering for all of those who are shut off from the bounty. Knowing how hard it is to feel dejected and forsaken and never forgetting the ache, the longing, the distances, and what it takes to earnestly clasp new life and realise you belong to the heavenly kingdom in the Earth and will never again be out in the cold.” Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: October 25-November 1, 2020

The last week of October is your chance to see how much you’ve learnt or failed to learn during the month’s crash course in relating. If you’ve been listening more than talking, consulting and cooperating rather than going off on an independent power trip, all should be well. You’re dealing with Mars retrograde in your own sign and Mercury retrograde in your opposite sign so the elephant under the carpet is about who controls the finances, who makes the decisions, who holds sway when the chips are down. It’s all about looking at the dynamics in one close emotional or professional partnership and re-negotiating your terms. If you’re feeling stressed or weary, take heart, Venus now in Libra will help you to feel and show the love.

 Make it win/win instead of me first.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: October 25-November 1, 2020

This week has your name written all over it thanks to the annual Full Moon in Taurus on October 31st.You’ll notice the build up as early as the 26th simply because the Full Moon is conjunct Awakener Uranus in your sign. Expect constant energy fluctuations as your body becomes electric and kundalini rises. It’s essential now to learn your own unique signals for being “online/offline” energetically so that you work with your “rest/incubate/create” cycles, not against them. Once you master this, watch your creativity and productivity rise without feeling inner pressure. With both your personal planet Venus and Mercury back in Libra, update your work routines, your communication devices and your contacts, clearing the decks ready for some bursts of inspiration.

In your element.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: October 25-November 1, 2020

Make it a priority to spend as much time as you can away from the fray, on your own, to enjoy the last week of what has been a challenging month. With both Venus and your personal planet Mercury in your 5th House in Libra plus a Full Moon in your deepest 12th House, it’s time to smell the roses, not the coffee. You could be feeling physically below par having spent so much time with family or tribe so drop the duties and indulge in life’s small pleasures. While you’re taking a social media de-tox or switching off from being communication central, notice how so many of your recent choices have been made out of a sense of “should and ought” rather than from genuine heartfelt desire. The key question is:” What if my life belongs to me?”

Whose life is it anyway?

Cancer Weekly Forecast: October 25-November 1, 2020

Hopefully, you’re gifting yourself with some downtime away from all those frustrating and challenging people surrounding you wherever you turn. Now that the Sun is in reflective Scorpio, notice how often you let them pull your strings and start to wonder if you’re compromising or putting up with too much for the sake of being liked and accepted. If so, this week try experimenting with saying a definite “No” with no justifications or excuses. With both Mercury retrograde and Venus in your angle of home and tribe, where better to practise this than with those closest to you. Sunday’s Full Moon conjunct Awakener Uranus brings insights and surprises into friendships, groups and alliances.

Drawing in your boundaries.

Leo Weekly Forecast: October 25-November 1, 2020

Expect some new and intriguing information to come your way this week. With a powerful Taurus Full Moon tightly aligned with Awakener Uranus at the pinnacle of your chart, anything could happen. The news may come through your career or work or it could be an epiphany, an insight, one of those “Aha!” moments. Given that both Mercury and Venus move into your 3rd House of connection, your self-to-self communication will be working overtime, amplified by downloads from the Cloud courtesy of the Super Galactic Centre. There will be so many conflicting ideas, counter -beliefs and so much irrelevant input from social media or other people that you’ll need to sift carefully to collect the gold nuggets.

Remember the old adage: “Not all that is gold glitters”.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: October 25-November 1, 2020

Your personal planet Mercury is centre stage this week, first merging with the Sun in Scorpio on October 25th, lighting up all your connections, then moving back into Libra to join Venus where the focus is your finances and resources. Since both Mars and Mercury are travelling backwards, it’s not the time to push ahead or make hard and fast decisions. Far better to quietly watch, observe and pay attention to incoming information. It could come in the shape of signs, synchronicities, symbols or intuitions, arriving suddenly between October 28-31st at the Full Moon in Taurus aligned with planet of surprises Uranus. Double check the financial bottom line, plug any spending leaks and be ready to for some creative new insights into building your personal security.

Who or what is trying to get your attention?

Libra Weekly Forecast: October 25-November 1, 2020

Feel a surge of fresh energy, a rising of your life force, as both your personal planet Venus and Mercury move into Libra. Venus has been making supportive links to both Pluto and Saturn, helping you to strengthen your personal security, emotionally and financially, after a turbulent few months. Keep in mind that both Mars in your partnership zone and Mercury in your own sign are travelling slowly retrograde and be careful not to jump to conclusions about anything important. Wait until after November 3rd when the Messenger turns forward to make important decisions. Meanwhile, make the most of Venus amplifying your attractor factor and upgrade your appearance. Sunday October 31st’s Full Moon conjunct awakener Uranus will bring surprises connected to resources or finances.

Playing a long game.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: October 25-November 1, 2020

Now that the Sun is back in Scorpio, it marks your personal New Year and Solar Return aka your birthday. Your sign of Scorpio has two rulers-Mars and Pluto-both of which are intense, giving you great emotional resilience and the gift of seeing beyond the superficial. This will stand you in good stead at the annual Full Moon in your opposite sign of Taurus on Sunday 31st, when the Moon aligning with unpredictable Uranus brings shocks or surprises in one important relationship. A partner-personal or professional-may deliver some news which makes you view them in a different light. Be alert for synchronicities, signs or coincidences all delivering similar messages and trust your instincts.

The winds of change.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: October 25-November 1, 2020

The week opens with the Sun and Mercury meeting halfway through the Messenger’s retrograde in your hidden 12th House. Given that planet of life force- Mars- is also travelling backwards, take some time out for self-care and for taking stock of what to let go and what to keep. Your health is under the spotlight around Sunday 31st’s Full Moon in your 6th House of work and responsibilities. Have you taken on too much? Are you burning the candle at both ends? Do you feel responsible for other people’s happiness? Call on your closest friends for much needed emotional support, ask for their advice then listen to it. It could prove surprisingly helpful

Time to chill out, not burn out.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: October 25-November 1, 2020

This could turn out to be a week of twist, turns and surprises-in a good way. Both Mercury and Venus move across the pinnacle of your chart shining a spotlight on your career and public profile. It will be hard to evade scrutiny as this gives you extra visibility so do what’s needed without cutting corners. On the plus side, Venus amplifies your attractor factor so, if you need to charm your way into an agreement or relationship, turn up the wattage. Keep in mind that you need to get your act together now if you have an important personal goal in mind- in only 7 weeks’ time, you’ll lose the advantage of the awesome persistence and staying power of Saturn in your sign.

Seize the moment.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: October 25-November 1, 2020

It’s been a relentless October so far, full of daily challenges and constant adjustments to changing circumstances. Hopefully, with the Sun now in Scorpio lighting up the pinnacle of your chart, you’re starting to regain some of your clarity. Both Venus and Mercury move into Libra giving you the inspiration to plan a big exciting project-something that is going to broaden your mind and your horizons. It would be tempting to let your thoughts turn to times past and wallow in nostalgia but resist the temptation and focus on making the coming year your best ever. What would that look like from here? Sunday’s Full Moon in Taurus reminds you that home is where the heart is and that’s the place to start.

Looking forward not back.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: October 25-November 1, 2020

Now that the Sun is back in fellow Water sign Scorpio, you’re feeling much more in your element. The last few weeks have been challenging, harsh and unrelenting and you deserve to be gentle with yourself, to cut yourself some slack and remind yourself to stop and smell the roses. As both Mercury and Venus move into Libra, there are some loose ends to be tied up financially, possibly connected with divorce or inheritance. Issues of shared resources are potential minefields so make sure you consult everyone involved. Towards the weekend, a Full Moon in Taurus conjunct unpredictable Uranus could bring some surprising news out of the blue. Be ready to grab any opportunity before it flies by-it has the potential to take you in a completely new direction.

“Sometimes grace is a ribbon of mountain air that gets in through the cracks.” Anne Lamott

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