Twin Flames and Soul Mates: Understanding Their True Nature

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Birds of a feather or feathers off the same bird?

The subject of Soul Mates and Twin Flames is a deeply important inquiry on the path. Having an understanding of it, and crucially the right internal alignment, is going to be essential to our happiness and fulfillment in life. You can’t dictate who shows up in your life, but if you’re aligned internally, then you’ll find right relation with whoever shows up. Also, it becomes possible to live a wonderfully magical life in union with the divine, whether in partnership or not. There’s much misunderstanding in the spiritual mainstream about this highly alchemical dynamic. Therefore it’s essential that we get the right understanding and alignment within ourselves.

The Twin Flame Activating Ascension

To understand the Twin Flame phenomenon, let’s begin by reminding ourselves of the purpose of the soul. From the Openhand perspective, it is to undergo plentiful incarnations in order that it may fully align and integrate itself as a unique expression of The One. When the soul comes into being, it notionally sub-divides into a polarity: one aspect continues to reside at the source; the other comes into incarnation. The Twin Flame that resides at the source, may be considered the ‘homing beacon’ that activates the other part of the soul that is incarnate, brings them awake, and initiates the journey of Ascension back to the source (an inner journey).

It’s essential to understand, that contrary to popular belief and misconception, your Twin Flame does NOT incarnate. Because it’s the other unmanifest aspect of yourself. However, it will manifest reflections through people (as well as nature and synchronicity) in the outer world. Another may feel like they are your Twin Flame although they are not. It’s essential to get this alignment right within your being, or the risk is to lose yourself in an external partner, a dynamic which can then be preyed upon by distorting entities in the field.

The purpose of Twin Flames is balance; they are directly complimentary to one another. This polar equation is necessary to create momentum and direction on the path of a soul. Without it, our journey would likely be random, chaotic and meaningless or even non-existent. Our Twin Flame draws us back to the source like a universal magnet; it is our memory of the original condition of absolute completeness expressed through the finest quintessence of form. To be in conscious connection with your Twin Flame is a wonderfully alchemical dance through life, that is highly creative and enlivening.

The Twin Flame Experienced in Reflections All Around

Usually the Twin Flame will not be experienced until much work has been done in the lower physical, emotional and mental bodies, because any density there dims out the connective light of the Twin Flame. Also, where there’s still division between higher and lower self, this will also confuse and block out the Twin Flame experience. But as the soul integrates through the Ascension of Consciousness (check out the 5 key expansions…5GATEWAYS), then the Twin Flame will activate and come into view as reflecitons all around you.

Upon incarnation, one half of the soul remains in the highest levels of consciousness close to the source. Its purpose is to continually draw the other back to its true nature. It does this by manifesting reflections of itself through the weave of life surrounding its ‘other half’. For example, the half that is incarnated may suddenly find themselves drawn to a particular cloud formation, the miracle of mother nature or a synchronicity that makes you feel blessed. As we feel the stirrings of love, joy and harmony, it is our Twin Flame that we’re likely connecting with reminding us of who we truly are.

‘She/he’ illuminates our pathway and the beauty we experience on it. The connection generates the feeling of belonging, of yearning purpose and loving inquiring direction through the external drama that helps unwind the conditioning that gets in the way of our full potential.

Frequently the Twin Flame will appear in symbolic representation – a spiritual vision for example, perhaps some mythical creature. Sometimes it will appear in the people you might be attracted to or form relationships with. In a sense, the Twin Flame may cast an energetic ‘enhancement’ (a kind of rose tinted filter) around someone close to you in order that you may see the reflection and find the self love within – that’s the ideal.

Earlier in your journey, you may well be seduced into thinking this partner is your Twin Flame. Indeed plenty get duped in this way thinking “this is it”, “I’ve met the partner I’ve been looking for through countless incarnations”. If you have such feelings, what may have happened, is that you’ve possibly met up with a key Soul Mate at that time to bring a dormant aspect of yourself alive.

So what exactly is a Soul Mate and how does it relate to the Twin Flame?

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Soul Mates and Their Relation to the Twin Flame

The term Soul Mate has a tendency to arouse romantic images of a pre-destined ideal mate, upon which reunion results in the blissful, harmonious ‘answer to all things’. However, the truth is likely to be very different from this ideal! Essentially triggering of internal density is being called for in order to support one’s evolutionary process and realignment with the Twin Flame within.

A true Soul Mate represents a very close reflection of the Twin Flame that is possible in physical incarnation. The Soul Mate is not our Twin Flame, but has consented to partner at that particular time in your journey in order to embody various aspects and reflections of your Twin Flame – ideally to bring them alive in you. It might also be that a character manifests but is not available to you – they might already be with another partner or else geographically distant. The key is that it’s about bringing that dormant aspect of beingness alive in you.

Where you come into relationship with a Soul Mate, they’ll likely present a continually updating mirror in order that you may activate and peel away distortions; find inner completeness and connect in divine union with your Twin Flame (within). To achieve this coherency and alignment is going to require an activation of all your triggers and density that gets in the way. And often a Soul Mate will be there to activate this density. So although we might have wonderfully alchemical and loving relationships with a Soul Mate, nevertheless, they can be highly triggering too. Attaining a balance between acceptance and growth will be essential to a healthy evolving relationship, where both parties facilitate the spiritual evolution of the other. Thus there is much to be gained by being in these Soul Mate relationships, although there needs to be great care in not getting lost in the other or burying uncomfortable aspects of oneself that you might be afraid will create unpleasant dissonance. Remember, the sand is necessary to polish the diamond!

How To Work With Internal Triggers on the Spiritual Path

Twin Flames and Soul Mates: Beware Opposing Consciousness

I’ve personally encountered a highly deceiving dynamic of Opposing Consciousness within the Twin Flame/Soul Mate dynamic, which I’ve come to realise is highly prevalent in the field all around humanity at this time, and designed to hold people in inertia by limiting them in relationship. Firstly, the misconception has been propagated that our Twin Flame incarnates and embodies, and that the ideal is for you to meet and be in union with your Twin Flame. Or else a blinding attachment is created around a Soul Mate, which seduces you into losing an aspect of yourself in them – it’s easily done!

What can happen then is that you form external lateral energetic bonds, rather than an internal whole and complete one with the source – where you’re flowing freely and unattached with your partner. The union may feel wonderful, but the risk is you only gain fulfillment through the other. This causes energy to bleed from the relationship, which can get preyed upon by Opposing Consciousness feeding off the energy. Sometimes people are lured into this relationship by Opposing Consciousness – a ‘honey trap’. It’s something to be alert to.

In a conscious relationship, the ideal is for each to become whole and complete. Not needing of the other to fufill them. And it’s essential that you find the dormant aspects of yourself that the other may reflect and activate. So for example, finding the divine masculine that the other is manifesting or the reverse – activating the divine feminine in the masculine. The risk is that key aspects of you remain dormant and unconscious. This is where entities may latch onto and then hide in the energetic dynamic – it becomes limting for both parties.

If You’re Concerned that There may be an entity that’s influencing your relationship and limiting your evolutionary process, do check out Openhand’s Removing Entities Meditation

Embodying the Alchemical Power of Sexual Kundalini

It’s essential to add that even though this Opposing Consciousness dynamic is highly prevalent and purposfully limiting people’s Ascension, not to let it put you off going into relating experiences, because clearly they can bring fully alive in you the dynamic of the Twin Flame. The key is to always retain internal awareness and consciousness – to be constantly checking in that you’re not getting lost.

The practice of tantra is going to be very helpful here – being in the external relationship but not lost in it; you’re constantly seeing the reflection, but connecting with your Twin Flame within. It becomes a highly creative and alchemical dance through life. It manifests in the most magical of ways in life around you.

Tantra is the art of being fully engaged in life, and experiencing its fruit, yet always working to be conscious and bringing the energy of the external connection back inside yourself, into completeness. You can engage, but let go. This is the ultimate internal alignment.

Containing Sexual Kundalini through Tantra, To then Manifest Creatively

Twin Flames and the Divine Dance

Frequently you’ll read of people searching for their true Soul Mate. Unfortunately this is just another alluring deception of the matrix in which we live, attaching you to the endless spinning wheel of need or desire for physical and emotional fullfilment through something external to the divine within (which is our Twin Flame).

The key is to find the divine completeness inside yourself. Then you won’t have to search for a partner – the field will effortlessly manifest the perfect reflection you need at that time, even if that is to be alone for a while and dancing with the divine multidimensionally; or else feeling the reflective connection of your Twin Flame in nature. And when Soul Mates do materialise, remember the invitation is that both parties are continually evolving – you’re challenging each other to find the dormant aspects of yourself.

When we release our attachment and reconnect with who we really are, peel away our distortions and allow our beingness to magically and effortlessly shape our reality, then our Twin Flame will materialise in a highly reflective way that seems to manifest all around you. When you can fully embody this highly alchemical dance with the Universe, either in physical partnerhsip or not, then you’ll have attained the grace and majesty of life itself – the ultimate relationship that is constantly bringing you alive. What’s more, it encourages those around you and with whom you’re in relationship, to work towards a similar alignment.

This is going to greatly support and alchemise humanity’s Ascension process.

In loving support

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