Solstice Quantum Shift 2020 – And How you Can Be a Part of It

December 4th, 2020

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

We’re drawing to the culmination of 2020, a year of unprecedented change within society. A great awakening accelerates across the planet, which, in the name of the bogus pandemic, the shadow state controllers are working to shut down. In the guise of the 4th Industrial Revolution, humanity is suffering a great afront to freedoms and democracy. This is a pivotal point, the resolution of which, will define whether society now slips into a period of darkness, or else emerges rebelliously and spectacularly from it as we shift into 2021. The heavens are responding. The Benevolent Mission draws close, which coincides with at least two highly symbolic cosmic conjuncts as we traverse towards the solstice:

Moving into December we have back to back solar eclipses. And as we traverse the solstice on December 21st, a Grand Conjunction of the mighty planets Saturn and Jupiter occurs. Nothing less than a quantum shift is invited from each and everyone of us, to help steer the trajectory back towards the light. Here are essential suggestions in how you might play your part.

The Tango Between Emergence and Lockdown

Right about this time last year there was an amazing buoyancy within spiritual circles – the awakening was accelerating quickly, the level of commitment to deep inner transformation had greatly heightened. We were on a roll for sure. That’s why I immediately knew the pandemic was the controllers response – it was remarkably “coincidental”. We could have expected it: great consciousness shifts like this are always as a tango between emergence and lockdown.

The multidimensional landscape is terraforming. It’s highly positive that the veils over society have fallen for those prepared to see. But we must act on that. Those who can feel the shadow and their soul emergence from it, must now embody the light and express it like never before. We must turn the tables so as to ensure the maximum amount of light channels into the new terraforming society.

Make no mistake, our civil liberties and freedom of movement are in deep jeopardy. We are each being called upon to stand up and be counted.

Let’s be clear, “Build Back Better” by the leaders of the “woke left” means better for them and worse for you! I hasten to add, it doesn’t feel like either true left leaning politics nor right to me – not politics at all – merely an attempt to garner absolute control, in whatever name you put it. In the guise of protecting the planet and our environment, greater restrictions on civil liberties are being imposed daily – from freedom of movement and your very bodily sovereignty to your financial health and independence. It’s about taking control of all the planets resources, making people dependent on the state and therefore more acquiescent to its hidden agenda. I am absolutely in agreement we must protect the environment and what we have left of Gaia’s precious eco-systems. However, there must be collective consultation and consent. Destroying the middle classes, small business and impoverishing the many so a growing elite can prosper is NOT the way to balanced harmony!

Here’s an Exploration of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the 3D/5D Hybrid State

Infusion of Light into the Solstice

Fortunately, a growing swathe of people around the planet ARE seeing through this Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome. And despite the mainstream media propaganda, they ARE taking action in the most illuminated of ways: expressing the Common Law to non comply with bogus pandemic statutes and regulations; protesting in growing numbers around the planet; resisting the mask and the vaxx; claiming financial sovereignty through cryptocurrency and the blockchain. These are very earthly steps that walk hand in hand with the emergence and expression of soul consciousness.

When I feel into the field, I sense we’re at a cusp of an awakening wave that is set to strengthen. I do believe the lockdown agenda will backfire by catalysing this. That is what I’m meditating on daily. At a recent trip out to the energy fields of Avebury, an important planetary conjunct where summer crop circles abound, there was a clear interdimensional expression of what is set to transpire as we head into and through the solstice of 2020:

“It’s time to rise up and challenge the bogus restrictive measures in the name of the pandemic. It’s time to align yourself with the stars and the shift. Back-to-back solar eclipses represent how our freedoms have been eclipsed. Whilst planetary alignments of Saturn and Jupiter represent coming into alignment with our heavenly bodies. Prepare for an activation, a huge infusion of light, and therefore the possibility of a quantum shift in consciousness. Ready yourselves!”

Playing Your Part in the Solstice Quantum Shift

Here are three practical ways in which you can play an invaluable role in this Solstice Quantum Shift:

1) Meditation, Meditation, Meditation: There are essentially three forms of meditation you can undertake. Firstly, to connect yourself into your soul and back to the divine source. Let your Sacred Ground of Being always be the place you emerge from. For this, you might apply something like Breakthrough Breathing regularly through the day. Secondly, applying meditation to unwind through any inner blocking density. For that you might apply the Openhand Bow (adapted from the ancient Kriya Yoga). Thirdly, within meditation, contemplate how best you can channel the light to help open up the field. Work to consciously break down restriction and limitation; to open up the heart and channel the light to those darkened places in your vicinity. Be mindful that you don’t have to intend “how it should go”, just work to unleash the flow so the light can mediate through.
Here’s a Video Understanding of How to Work the Toroidal Field

2) Sites of High Energy: Let your soul guide you to locations of high energy in your vicinity. What places are very earthed, and aligned energetically that help you feel a sense of peace, wellness and openness? Make a point of going there several times between now and through the solstice. Meditate there, open your heart and invite higher Benevolence to connect with you and work with you. Anchor the sense of the energy there with your presence. Be mindful that the connections may feel very subtle, but then do watch for signs and synchronicity on the path that illuminate the deepening connection. Now you’re forming a bridge from “heaven” to earth.
An Understanding of Ascended Master Energies and the Benevolent Mission

3) Embolden Yourself With The Sense of Freedom: How you are being has an enormous impact on the field around you and your journey through it. Right now there is no less than a war on consciousness trying to close people down. Of course it’s a fear based approach, which is designed to shut down the infusion of soul. It’s time to liberate ourselves and live with sense of freedom, of love, joy and sovereignty of action. It’s time to abandon control and fear, to banish them from within ourselves. At every choice, twist and turn, cultivate this inner feeling of openness and liberty, let it exude through you and illuminate your pathway.
Reclaiming Your Sovereign Power under the Universal Law of “God”

The Time is Now

Now is not the time to stay small in the shell! We can break down this controlling energy in society as we shift gears through the solstice and into 2021. However, it’s going to take ALL of us to engage in that opening up. If you’re reading this and resonate, then you most definitely have the capacity to act in the field as an energy worker; to be able to open it up and channel the light in. Importantly you don’t have to know what to intend or how. That is actually a control in itself. Instead, by opening a wide internal space, work to pick up the sense of beingness that wants to naturally come through. Then look for a way to express it into the field and to the people around you – exude it in all your daily activities.

Do get out to those sites of high spiritual energy as much as you can. Trust in the connection with Benevolence, because beings of light from the Benevolent Mission are drawing much closer at this pivotal time. Prepare yourself for the maximum infusion of light. I get the strong sense a Quantum Infusion is readying itself in which we can all play a part.

Trust in yourself and the power of the divine. Above all, enjoy the sense of freedom, liberation, joy and love that wants to naturally course through you. Become that. Live it. Dance in it with a twinkle in your eye and warmth in your heart. Without a doubt, you will uplift yourself and world around you.

It’s time to become a positive inspiration for an unstoppable wave of Freedom around the World!

If You Resonate with Openhand and the general approach to spiritual development, explore getting involved in our online and terrestrial work in 2021. It’s time to Quantum Shift your consciousness!

In loving support

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