Conscious Dating: 3 Ways to Attract True Love in the Age of Aquarius

By Michael Becker

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Dating today is difficult, and conscious dating is very difficult… but maybe it doesn’t have to be. 

Of course, with the looming quarantine 2.0 and ongoing pandemic, we may be stuck indoors longer than expected (I’ve heard the goal… eh hem, hello Agenda 21 rabbit hole… is to isolate us in our homes for the next 10+ years). 

Some of us may have given up on dating altogether, whether due to quarantine or an unrelated self-love journey. Totally fine, too.

But not me. I still want to meet my soulmate, build a lifelong love with her, and change the world.

For those of us single and ready to mingle, we might have to start to open new ways of connecting… like online groups, dating apps, or Instagram. But how can we create connection, romanticism, and authenticity in these technological spaces?

Why is Conscious Dating so Difficult?

Why does it suddenly feel harder to meet a partner after awakening? 

For one thing, the dating pool does become narrowed assuming you want something of substance. Additionally, many of us find ourselves catapulted into this sort of inner struggle of balancing residual ‘egoic’ desires — striving for a physically-attractive partner and need for sexual chemistry — with a more pronounced inner desire to simultaneously attract a spiritually-attuned mate, ‘the one’ who can understand, compliment, and unleash our deepest formless essence, too. The shifts are evident.

 “I want to meet someone” changes to “I’m attracting my twin flame.” “I want to get back out there” becomes “I’m ready for a mutually-beneficial and reciprocal energy exchange.” 

A byproduct of the awakening journey is partly about returning to long-lost self-love, re-working self care, and committing to free, autonomous, sovereign living. 

Many of us, along the way, lean into these perspectives deeply as they soon become hardened ways of life. Ideas like “you need nothing and you need no one,” or “having someone else will not ‘complete’ you” or “you are already whole and complete” become bedrocks in the foundation of who we become.

The benefits of a controlled, self-created status quo can outweigh the risks of allowing someone else into our sacred space. There is nothing wrong with this kind of living; I’m there myself. On the other hand, intimate, romantic relationships can provide a very expansive, formative kind of energetic experience that simply can not be had in solitude.

My Story

I’ve dreamt of finding ‘the One’ ever since I was young. I could never quite explain why… but I knew I wanted to meet the right girl in the right place at the right time. It’s all I cared about for a long time, ever since puberty, really. What many of my old friends and even my family do not know is that this deep desire turned into desperation that catapulted me into an on-again-off-again depression which still rears its ugly head from time to time, even today. 

As I later internalized and fully understood, I felt as though I needed to find and receive love from another as a prerequisite for first loving myself.

It wasn’t until my awakening with an ex-girlfriend in 2018 that I realized how important self love is. I soon learned to enjoy the vast diversion from Oneness — alone time. I learned to distinguish between loneliness and solitude. And, to cite the cliche, I was forced to surrender to the idea that it will happen when I least expect it and when I’m not looking.

Meeting a Conscious Partner

The truth: you do need to love yourself before another can love you; and you will attract that which you are.

True and lasting relationships — the kind I desire now — have a MUCH better chance of materializing when we’re in our passion, when we’re in our purpose, not when we’re chasing something or putting ourselves in a vibration which is inconsistent with who we are.

What about dating apps?

I’ve been on and off dating apps for years, trying to open as many avenues as possible to meeting the love of my life.

But I never really saw apps as “bad” or trashy or promiscuous. I saw apps as a tool — a neutral piece of technology that can offer one potential channel through which we can meet others.

But from an energetic perspective , I also recognize that there’s a lot of uncertainty around meeting another behind a screen in an environment where both parties are in a ‘seeking’ vibration.

I’ve also come to realize that people are “on the apps” for a variety of reasons — like to get attention, free meals, or simply an ego boost.

Apps make it WAY too easy to unconsciously slip into a one-and-done mentality… as in, ‘if you say one thing I even slightly don’t like, I’m on to the next.’ They’ve also become ego-based when swiping based on physical attraction alone starts happening, lowering the vibration of both parties. I’ll be real — and I’m not proud to admit this — but I do find myself asking (in my mind) if I match with someone… “Ok… why are you really on here? What’s your big flaw that’s so invasive you can’t meet guys IRL?”

When we seek others behind a screen – an already contrived, inorganic, artificial mechanism – there’s usually going to be an accompanying, subtle vibration of inauthenticity. Even if you’re conscious and trying to legitimately meet someone, there will always be a slight sense of uncertainty and wonder inherent in online dating. 

Moving into Love

What we attract is a reflection of what’s within… of the vibration we’re in… of the subconscious and even subliminal signals we’re sending out through our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions, body language, words, actions, and more.

If we settle for something we don’t truly want, chase a relationship, or go back out into ‘the matrix’ for the thrills and chills (bars, one night stands, hook ups, etc), it messes with our energy field. If you choose to do this, the ‘threshold’ for attraction sort of… diminishes — descending to the level of physical attraction, seduction, and slippery pick-up tricks. This might work temporarily, but it’s disingenuous and inauthentic.

3 Ways to Attract True Love in the Age of Aquarius

The future is looking uncertain to say the least. Will ‘The Event’ lift all high-vibe beings to a new, brighter reality system, or will we all remain stuck on this planet that, by many appearances, is moving toward a hyper-controlled, censored technocracy? 

Here’s three ways to attract love in the New Earth… whatever it ends up looking like… that will also allow you to live in your purpose:

  1. Start a brand or business. Something magical happens when we turn our focus on HELPING and AWAKENING others through creative love. We begin to attract business partners, clients, and romantic partners… and often they overlap.
  2. Manifest that shit. See the meeting of your soulmate in your mind unfolding in as much vividness as you can. Feel the emotions and put yourself in the state of being you imagine you’d enjoy with the eventual acquisition of that projected future.  Think outside the box and detach from specific outcomes or a certain person. Focus on painting a living, breathing portrait of that future in as much detail as possible, and feed it energy every day.
  3. Take off the mask. Masks send a subconscious signal that we don’t want to talk or meet someone. They say “I’m scared, I’m a sheep, stay away.” Show your smile despite what rules and regulations want. The next stage in this roll out is eliminating our empathy completely with a vaccine (don’t take it) and controlling our thoughts through AI. Show your love as long as you can.

 ? Bonus tip: Divert from what everyone else is doing. Immediately separate yourself from other people out there and show the right one what makes you unique. Plus, you’ll save a lot of time by automatically ruling out the 99% who don’t like your vibe. Get focused, be your most unique self, and emit that 1/8,000,000,000 frequency to attract that 1 in 8 billion mate.


When you’re in your purpose, you will fall in love with who you’re being.

It is through loving beingness that we can tap into purpose, and in our purpose we become a Black Hole of attraction, magnetizing everything meant for us to come rushing toward our heart.

Remember, in this universe, you attract the vibration of what you are. What you focus on you will attract, and intention and attention are everything. Focus on you, become a bright light, and in that space, you’ll find that you ARE love. And maybe… just maybe, you’re the one you’ve been looking for this whole time.

About the author:

Michael is the creator of New Earth Knowledge, a spiritual awakening education platform. He is also an independant Kangen water distributor, modern spiritual counselor and teacher, certified life purpose coach, and esoteric scientist.

Connect: @mjbecker_ | @new_earth_knowledge | email

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