The Great Conjunction: Jupiter Conjuncts Saturn and a New Dawn Arrives

December 18th, 2020

By Nikki Harper

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

Jupiter and Saturn will form a conjunction on December 21st – the winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere; the summer solstice in the Southern hemisphere. Although this astrological conjunction happens once every 19-20 years, this will be the closest conjunction of these two major planets since 1623, and the closest observable one (get your telescope out for an even better view) since 1226 – no wonder then, coming at the end of this extraordinary year and on a spiritually significant date, it feels like such an epoch-marker.

This conjunction – often called ‘The Great Conjunction’ – takes place within the very first degree of progressive Aquarius and will be the first in an air sign for more than 200 years. Coming out of a cycle of earth sign Great Conjunctions, this is a clear sign that we’ve done enough physical building and exploiting of our natural resources; something else is needed now, something much more intelligent and future-minded.

The effects of the Great Conjunction on the world stage may not be immediately apparent but will shift our collective understanding gradually over the coming 20 years. On a personal level too, expect this major cosmic influence to take shape slowly in your life rather than with a bang.

Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions are about balancing extremes. Jupiter energy is enthusiastic and visionary, always pushing boundaries, and never knowing when or where to stop. Saturn, on the other hand, is limiting, imposing boundaries, calling time and ushering in restrictions. The two energies each offer what the other lacks; Saturn can provide structure and discipline for Jupiter’s excess, while Jupiter provides vision, wisdom and greater freedom to Saturn’s overly authoritarian nature.

The way these two energies blend allows us to harness the best that both planets offer and to create meaningful, long term change. On a personal level, this is a game-changer; on the world stage, it can signal a profound shift of philosophy and direction.

Here’s a brief overview of what you might expect based on your sun sign – but the real effects you feel from this Great Conjunction will depend exactly which planets in your natal chart are in or linked to this position of 0-1 degrees Aquarius.


Allow your inner political animal to break free. You are increasing conscious of politics, not in the party-political sense but in the understanding of how it works and how society needs to be led. Wherever you lie on the political spectrum, you are being given the rare gift of being able to bring people together for common cause. Abandon the fake ‘right or left’ dichotomy of politics as we know it, and be the way-shower for something better, something the world desperately needs right now.


The Great Conjunction falls in your career zone, but this influence isn’t about success or otherwise in your working life – it’s more profound than that. It’s about transcending what you do for a living in order to find and embody your true, authentic ambitions in life. You’ll start to define ‘success’ very differently and whether you succeed in the traditional sense or not, you’ll emerge with a much greater understanding of your life goals.


Activating your philosophy and learning zone, this Great Conjunction is here to teach you, and to enable you to teach others. During the coming years, you will want to expand your formal qualifications, but you will also understand the power of the wisdom you have gained through everyday life. You are being primed to act as a mentor or teacher to other souls. You’re also gaining a new understanding of the concept of nations, boundaries and travel – you will reject narrow nationalism and arrive at a greater concept of what unites all of humanity.


This Great Conjunction activates your store of past experiences, whether from this life or from others. Trauma that you have experienced in the past now becomes your greatest ally, as through processing this pain you can emerge as a whole new person. It’s nothing less than transformational. Focus on working through your past issues, by whatever means feels most comfortable. Remember that your own emotional issues affect your loved ones too, so seize this opportunity to break free of trauma and to turn it to your own advantage.


The Great Conjunction in your love zone hints that it’s through your closest, most personal relationships that you can make a difference in the world. You may feel drawn towards helping others with troubled relationships, or to write or teach or inspire others by sharing your own journey through love. On a deeply personal level, this influence may suggest that someone you meet around this time is intensely connected to you on a karmic level – but remember that soul mates can sometimes repel as well as attract.


Take a good, hard look at your everyday habits and the way you spend your time. You’ll find that you’re wasting most of it. Don’t! Give meaning to every minute of your day. That doesn’t mean that you have to anything particularly spectacular, but you are being urged to stop drifting aimlessly. Enjoy your love life, your hobbies, your past-times, your work, your family just as much as ever, but do it more mindfully and be conscious of every moment. Replace worn out habits with new ones and enjoy a new lease of life.


You can embody the Great Conjunction’s energy through your children – or other people’s children, or young people in general. This energy brings out your youthful side and your nurturing nature. Share your passions and your wisdom with the younger generation. Lead, teach, mentor, inspire. You more than anybody understand that the next generation, and the one after that, will have to deal with the mess we and our elders have left – so invest your time in bigging them up, preparing them and supporting them.


Your family life and your roots are greatly influenced by this Great Conjunction. As a fixed sign, you value stability, but this disruptor influence challenges you to become more comfortable with change, starting at home. Adopt a more flexible approach with your family and let go of your attachment to your current home or circumstances. Change is coming, and if you embrace it, you will love it. Your reality will shift, but you’ll understand that you’ve previously been stuck. There’s a lot of joy to be had here, if you’re brave enough.


You’ve always known that you’re a teacher at heart, and with the Great Conjunction in your intelligence zone, it’s time to start sharing what you know. Write, blog, give talks, volunteer in areas where you can make a difference. Your communication skills are getting a huge boost through this energy and you can turn heads with what you say. People will listen, so take advantage of the platform the cosmos is giving you. It’s now or never, so don’t bottle up what you know the world needs to hear.


With the Great Conjunction occurring in your abundance zone, you’re going to need to take the financial rough with the smooth. There are likely to be major fluctuations in your financial fortunes over the coming two decades – the key is to understand that this doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change who you are or what is in your heart. Learn to enjoy money when you have it, and to manage on less when you don’t. Start by understanding that your true blessings go far beyond your bank account. Money is an illusion, not your master.


The Great Conjunction in your sign is an enormously significant point in your lifetime. Over the coming decades, you will start to feel more comfortable in your skin; it’s as if you have been waiting for this moment without understanding what you were waiting for. You have depths you have not yet revealed, and you have talents which the world needs. You are the progressive star child for the next decade and we will be depending upon your leadership. Are you ready?


Activating your spiritual zone, this Great Conjunction is hugely important for your spiritual growth. You will increasingly be able to tap into the collective consciousness, and you will physically sense the oneness that binds us all. Expect an upsurge in spiritual, psychic and mystical experiences, which you should wholeheartedly embrace. You hold the keys to an understanding most do not yet possess. Share it with us when you are ready.

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