20 Popular Natural Health Ingredients That May Be Dangerous – FREE Report

Truly natural ingredients typically are healthier and safer than the alternatives.

However, certain natural herbs, vitamins, minerals and more – many of them quite popular and surprising – can pose serious risk when used incorrectly or by the wrong person.

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20 Popular Natural Health Ingredients that May Be Dangerous

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  • Why an otherwise healthy and popular tea ingredient can spark high blood pressure and heart arrhythmia, and what to look for instead.
  • What those with autoimmune diseases need to be aware of before taking echinacea.
  • The two popular varieties of much-loved spice used in a very wide variety of foods that can be toxic to the liver and kidneys – especially among certain people most susceptible – and the safer choice.
  • Why the otherwise very healthy ashwagandha may pose risks for those with these 3 common health conditions.
  • The very common “brain friendly” herb that must be used with great caution if you’re taking certain widely used over-the-counter and prescription medications.
  • The unusual reason too much folate may be dangerous.
  • The seasonal spice that is fine in small amounts yet can be quite toxic in excess (there are even irresponsible “challenges” circulating on the web that involve dares to consume large amounts of it!)
  • What you must know if you ever supplement with zinc

And much, MUCH more.

Knowledge is power, and while so many of these ingredients are healthy and even “superfoods” in some cases, it truly pays to know the risks and who is most susceptible.

Download 20 Popular Natural Health Ingredients That May Be Dangerous – FREE

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