High Heart Online: Astrology Forecast January 24th – 31st, 2021

January 25th, 2021

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

One of the most important things the restrictions of 2020 taught us is that it’s about making the most of our lives together. January 28th’s Full Moon in heart-centred, creative Leo is switching our High Hearts online. Our whole lives are relationships. Instead of looking for help from above, instead of expecting someone somewhere to do something, Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius turn us to face each other, as if seeing ourselves for the first time.

Here is what we need, the resource, the friendship, the support, the creative collaborations. We are all we need and there is incredible power to that realisation. Quantum science has shown us that nested circles form our interconnected Field – our intranet. This is the Matrix of Brilliance/the Everywhen. This is the very opposite of the toxic polarisation and online tribal echo chambers that separate us from others and keep us in our heads, in our place and passive instead of making a difference in the world.

The 2021 Aquarian time-lines are going to re-wire your internal communication network to make the High Heart your new modus operandi. The “Fires together/ Wires together” neural pathway dynamic integrates the Heart/Mind separation. If the brain is the radio’s receiver then the heart is the dial tuning the radio to the frequency of your choice. As the human body and consciousness continues to evolve, the High Heart Chakra is the Seat of the Soul, where you move from trying to avoid or change emotions to framing them as necessary momentum.

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On Saturday January 30th, Mercury turns retrograde in Aquarius until February 20th when a rare 7 planet (!) Aquarius stellium imprints the 2021-43 Aquarian Era frequency. This is perfect timing for you to install the consciousness and the new thinking as a psychic infrastructure needed to align with this new progressive energy.

The Chandra Symbol for Full Moon LEO 10:

A man putting olive oil all over his body.

“Physical life is so much agony and so much ecstasy that it stretches your body’s ability to move with the flux and ferment. You are called upon to witness to the central flame and to endow your embodied self with a daily rhythm of self-remembrance and self-revitalization. You can do nothing for anybody else unless you are whole within yourself. There is an urgent call, an inward stirring to offer to yourself the full power of your destiny path, to become bonded and fused with the truth of your being. There is also a transcendent power, a greater selfhood-presence blessing, preserving, and sustaining your path in this world.”

Aries Weekly Forecast: January 24-31, 2021

The huge gathering of energy in Aquarius means that people will become even more important than usual to you in 2021.It is in your 11th House of networks and alliances so when Mercury retrogrades from January 30 to February 20th, start to think about who you spend most time with, either by choice or circumstance. There’s going to be a changing of the guard socially once you’ve clarified your priorities and preferences. The key to severing outgrown alliances or friendships is to realise that it’s all your choice and always has been. Are you spending your time and energy with people who light you up, support you and make life enjoyable and worthwhile or with people who are demanding and draining?

The Full Moon will remind you to kick back and enjoy yourself.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: January 24-31, 2021

From now on through the whole of February and March, you’ll feel the momentum building in your career. The airy Aquarian energy will feel strange after so much heavy earthy Capricorn restriction, so take your time to get used to the unfamiliar urge to kick over the traces and fly the coop. It’s only now that you realise the cage door has always been open. Knowing that your public persona and visibility is rising does not mean just swapping one role for another or adding another string to your bow. You are being called to make a difference, to add value to yourself and others by doing what you came here for. That isn’t something you can do overnight. Pay attention to a deep conversation at Saturday’s Full Moon-it could be a finger pointing to the Moon.

Where are you called to invest your talents?

Gemini Weekly Forecast: January 24-31, 2021

The build up of airy energy in Aquarius is activating your 9th House of broadening your horizons. This doesn’t simply mean physical travel but, more importantly, stretching your mind. If you teach or work in communications, you’re likely to be in demand. It’s a fantastic year to study something different, to really deep dive into an area that has long attracted you just for the sake of it. That’s the key-not doing something because there might be money in it or because it’s sensible but following your instincts and your heart. The more you do this, the more likely you are to have some new income potential at the end of it as a bonus. Between January 30 and February 20th when your ruler Mercury is retrograde, try on some different options for size.

Experiment and play with ideas.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: January 24-31, 2021

The build up of planets in Aquarius prompts some soul seeking and searching questions about what truly matters to you. Your 8th House is where long outgrown rules and inherited behaviours need showing the door so you are free to live your own life. Deep subjects such as psychology, philosophy, religion or ethics are likely to preoccupy you in coming months and it’s the perfect time to work with a psychotherapist to unravel some of those knots. Think of it as an archeological dig in your own foundations- you never know what treasure you might uncover.

At the Full Moon, doublecheck your finances.

Leo Weekly Forecast: January 24-31, 2021

Everything I wrote in the weekly overview applies to you in spades-your high heart is coming online. Not only is a very large and rare gathering of 7 planets in Aquarius lighting up your angle of important partnerships throughout February but Saturday’s Full Moon is in your own sign. You might feel more emotional than usual, needing some space and quiet time to sense your real emotional needs. If you’re feeling vulnerable, talk to someone close who you trust with your heart and take off your suit of armour-it’s weighing you down. When Mercury turns backwards between January 30-February 20th, re-connect with old friends or someone important to you from childhood. Meanwhile, your career and public profile is kicking up a notch but don’t let ambition override your closest relationships.

People who need people.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: January 24-31, 2021

As the rare gathering of planets in Aquarius begins, your daily life is about to get really busy. You might find yourself with your nose to the grindstone and even feeling slightly overwhelmed by everything on your plate. This is set to be a trend right throughout 2021 so take some time out to differentiate between what is necessary, what is urgent, what is important and what can be left out. Start to streamline your daily routine so you deal with what matters first instead of getting side-tracked. Saturday’s Full Moon in your 12th House is a reminder not to let yourself be come jaded or burnt out. When Mercury turns retrograde on January 30th, see how any responsibilities that were never yours to carry in the first place you can offload.

Finding your flow.

Libra Weekly Forecast: January 24-31, 2021

As a rare gathering of planets builds in compatible Air sign Aquarius, notice how much lighter you feel. Your 5th House of pleasure, creativity and self-expression is waking up, reminding you that life is for living. This week, at Saturday’s Leo Full Moon your personal planet Venus conjuncts Pluto showing you just how important others are to your happiness. Being part of supportive networks, groups and teams has never been so rewarding. Take some quiet time on January 30th when Mercury turns retrograde for 3 weeks to reset your priorities for 2021, to put what and who makes your heart sing at the centre of your life, not the margins.

Listening to your heart, not your head.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: January 24-31, 2021

This is an important week for you as a Scorpio, as three of the four angles of your chart are being activated. These are the underpinnings or foundations of your life and as a fixed sign, change can sometimes be a challenge. Big issues on the home front are up for discussion-a possible house move, downsizing, switching to the country or big city living? This is changing your relationship dynamics and your partner might surprise you with their ideas or their resistance. You’ll feel this on Saturday January 28th’s Full Moon in Leo at the top of your chart which could be quite emotional as Venus hits implacable Pluto head on. One important caveat- take all the time you need to delay making big decisions when Mercury turns backwards between January 30-February 20th.Don’t sign or commit to any contracts or legal documents.

Refuse to be rushed.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: January 24-31, 2021

If you’ve been feeling a little low weighed down by the endless news stream of doom and gloom, take heart as this week’s astrology will lift your spirits. There are so many exciting ideas swirling around in your head that you need to use Mercury’s retrograde to decide which are worth pinning down and pursuing. This is extra important as some of this new thinking could play a big role in your life for a long time. Don’t do this brainstorming on your own. Consult with people at work, at home with good friends. You need as much input as possible to stimulate your ideas. Saturday’s Full Moon is in fellow Fire sign Leo so anything connected to study or travel is well starred.

Remember to look after your health and wellbeing- you’re going to need it to fire on all cylinders.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: January 24-31, 2021

All the astrology this week suggests that your personal life is going to be on the front burner again. Although the Sun has left your sign, beautiful Venus merges with Pluto in Capricorn on January 28th at the fiery Leo Full Moon. Everything I wrote in the weekly overview applies to you in spades-your high heart is coming online. If ever there was a time to open up, to be vulnerable, to deepen and strengthen the bonds in one special relationship, it’s now. In fact, investments of all kinds -where you commit your time, money and effort- are needing careful consideration. As Mercury turns backwards on January 30th until February 20th, possibilities and opportunities are building in your 2nd House of income and resources. You may be offered the chance of earning quite a lot of money. Before you jump, look at it from all angles. Does it fit your values?

Deciding what really matters and what is ephemeral.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: January 24-31, 2021

If you were born early in Aquarius, you’re probably adjusting to Lord of Time and Karma Saturn meeting your natal Sun for the first time since 1991-92. All your inner and outer coordinates are being changed quite radically and, if it initially feels like a series of road blocks, they are actually preventing you from taking a wrong turning. Once Mercury retrogrades between January 30-February 20th in Aquarius, you will start to make sense of it and disentangle yourself from old arrangements that are holding you back. Saturday’s Full Moon in your opposite sign of Leo will put your most important partnership in the spotlight, giving you the chance to understand how the dynamics are changing. As the rare stellium of 7 planets in Aquarius gives you incredible momentum in February and March, you’ll be moving forward very quickly and possibly leaving some people behind.

Be careful not to burn any bridges.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: January 24-31, 2021

As a supremely sensitive sign whose ruling planet is far seeing Neptune, by now you should be feeling the winds of change as one by one planets enter Aquarius, the sign just behind yours. This is activating the deepest part of your psyche, the engine room of your chart -a repository of dreams, of the unconscious, of your defence mechanisms and inherited karma. All of which means that aspects of your behaviour, motivations and beliefs which are usually hidden from your awareness are starting to have a searchlight shone on them. These are big archetypes at work, which, if you let them, will clear away old psychic debris from the past and free you up for a much lighter future. As this continues over the next few years, make sure you ground yourself as you explore intriguing aspects of spirituality, psychology or religion. Saturday’s Leo full Moon in your 6th House will help with that.

Your head in the clouds, your feet on the ground.

Originally published at hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk and reproduced here with permission.

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