The Sacred Ground of Being…The Quintessence of Who We Are

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We are amidst the most phenomenal shift of consciousness in the history of our planet, and of humanity’s journey on it. Day by day the external drama seems to ratchet up another notch. With the plandemonium, environmental degradation and the bankruptcy of the governing system, the shadow side is illuminating itself in all its outrageous lunacy. In this outer turmoil, it is utterly essential that evolving people have some inner ground, a mast, to which to anchor centred consciousness, so as to find peace, serenity, and to step forth into the world with aligned authentic decision making. It’s essential therefore, that we continually access what’s termed our “Sacred Ground of Being”…

The Universal Torus

It’s always been essential to the Openhand work to explore the various twists and turns in the multidimensional landscape as we navigate the higher dimensional shift. Why? As a collective, how ever challenging and complex the outer drama may becoming, we have created it. We have manifested everything we experience in the outer. The consciousness of humanity is coming of age, as a universal child in a vast cosmos, all teeming with form, each of different flows and agendas. And we’re witnessing some of the convolutions playing themselves out on Earth right now. It’s an interweaving dynamic that we must each become comfortable with.

The Universe is manifested as the Universal Torus, a weaving dance of variant flows of consciousness, where everything is moving within The One – the absolute. And so on the journey of the Soul into the abode of The One, we must become increasingly comfortable in allowing all of this to move within: both the harmony and the chaos, the alignment and the misdirect. You can become The One the moment you decide to completely surrender to it all. There continues the journey of your soul and the invitation to find harmonious alignment of it through life, through the twists and turns of events, into a balanced sense of rightness.

The “Sacred Ground of Being” is a new term we’re applying and introducing in the Openhand work delivered through our recently launched World Tour,Arise Divine Being. What is this Sacred Ground of Being? What does it feel like? And how can it help you find centredness in the storm?

Your Sacred Ground of Being

All forms of sentient life are arrayed as the Universal Torus – a dancing weave of consciousness. A 2D representation of it would be the Flower of Life, which is becoming ever more popularised, from tea shirt logos to pop band icons. It’s form was even etched into ancient Egyptian megalyths. What is the relevance? It demonstrates how the soul spirals through the outer weave of life, that at times gets stuck, creates nodes of karmic density, which then reflect out through our outer lives creating moments of disharmony to work through. It’s utterly essential that we have a centred ground from which to work through this karmic dynamic of life.

As you sit in the busyness, you can decide to completely let go, to surrender any need whatsoever of controlling the drama. Applying the breath, you can soften deeper and deeper within. If you’re committed, it will progressively take your through the densities and inner layers. It takes time and persistance, but you’ll start to come into more of the stillness at the core of the Torus. It feels like deep peace, expansiveness, acceptance, surrender, a timeless existence. These will likely be the first senses of the Sacred Ground of Being.

This however is only the beginning of the story. With each practice, you can deepen the experience and anchor ever more in it. By doing so, it becomes increasingly alchemical as you’re touching the creative source of life itself – where all authentic action arises from. So the more you centre in this experience, the more mystical and magical your life will become. You start to channel the creative potential of the Universe. On the inner, the experience of the Sacred Ground of Being will intensify, you’ll see different colours of light, feel greater sovereignty and empowerment, spirals of kundalini energy and creative heat. You’ll gain new intuitive powers of illumination and gifts of healing. All the while, with each practice, you’ll deepen into the hallowed place and the sense of it will continually evolve.

Why can’t it always be like that?

The Challenge of Karma

The essential thing is that you don’t try to control the experience, rather to continually surrender into it. But as you do so, you’re going to activate the flow of the soul. If ego isn’t controlling, the soul will be unleashed and want to engage with the outer world, in your relationships, jobs, and general living circumstances. It’s about The One experiencing the bounteous fullness of life through each soul. It’s something to be cherished and enjoyed, the very fruit of life itself.

But the soul will get stuck where it identifies and attaches – it fragments into the river of life, and aspects of it get buried in the sedmiment in the bed of the stream. This is our karma. Now as you join the mainstream of soul, it will start to pull on these buried fragments, which you’ll feel within as tightness, discomfort, pain and trauma. It’s very easy to identify with these feelings, and thus the sense of the Sacred Ground of Being dimishes and even disappears.

What we need then, is a process to continually work through the density that gets activated in life. It’s essential at this point not to try to simply ditch the drama and distance from it. Because this subconsciousness get’s enfolded into your experience anyway, and diminishes the sense of the Sacred Ground of Being – it removes you from the enlightened state. We must dig into the karma by directly confronting it and working to the source of the attachment, where you need reality to go a certain way. We must dig deep into this and let it go. It’s how we reclaim the lost fragment of soul stuck in the karmic density.

Here’s an Exploration of the Openhand Breakthrough Approach for Processing Karma

Finding Life’s Balance

On the journey then, you’ll likely find yourself bouncing in and out of the serenity at the centre of the storm. This is entirely okay and to be expected. It’s essential therefore to be clear about your orientation – what exactly are you working to achieve in your spiritual practice?

I put it to you that ultimately, the place to be, to centre in and emerge from, is your Sacred Ground of Being. This is home, it is the sense of belonging, of being cherished and nurtured by the Universe, of complete acceptance and at-one-ment. It’s there for all of us. It is the source, the commencement and the completion of all experience. It’s what the soul is really looking for as it travels through the outer world – that sense of fullfilled completion. So it’s essential to have your inner eye always looking into this hallowed space of completeness, so that you may increasingly deepen and centre in it.

Yet, at the same time, it’s allowing and embracing the outer journey and inquiry of the soul. The One in you is wanting to fully explore itself through life. And to deny this, is only to create identity once more, which again diminshes the sense of Sacred Ground of Being – it’s essential to realise the two are interrelated. The absolute is revealed THROUGH the Universe of the relative.

In the Openhand work, I suggest therefore, to always have around 50% of your attention inwards, or at least work towards that. This inner eye is constantly looking for a deeper engagement, a deeper centering in your Sacred Ground of Being. The other 50% is looking into the world through the soul, and the various manifestations in life that it creates. We’re not denying that either, but rather revelling in the bounteous wonder of life. Crucially, you’re looking through life from your Sacred Ground of Being. My experience is that this is the ultimate harmony of Enlightenment to attain.

The Ultimate Life Experience

It seems society is constantly winding up the external distraction as it slips into some final consciousness feeding frenzy! And fortunately, serenity is also revealing itself through the storm as The Shift brings about realignment to a higher vibrational harmony. Both conditions coexist right now as the old is breaking away and breakling down to reveal the new. Don’t get dazzled by the distracting outer headlights! Let’s be clear what this is really all about, what life itself is really all about. You are the One. And there is a tangible experience of that at the core of you, which is always there, providing we look for it and centre in it. It’s the anchor in the storm, a hallowed place of infinite peace, connection and sense of belonging.

And from this Sacred Centre, we can enjoy and celebrate in the miraculous dance of life too. We each have a destiny to fulfill in this phenomenal unfolding shift. Let’s Thrive from our Sacred Ground of Being!


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