Full Moon in Virgo: Letting Go of Perfectionism

February 26th, 2021

By Nikki Harper

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

Saturday’s Full Moon comes at the end of a tumultuous month, astrologically speaking, when crucial but disruptive energies have been seeded, particularly via the stellium in Aquarius and the first of this year’s three exact squares between Saturn and Uranus. It’s a month when everything has felt a bit….much.

With this Full Moon in Virgo, we have the opportunity to breathe, and to let go of the need for things to be perfect. Ever pragmatic and much more spiritual than people tend to think, Virgo energy helps us to understand that we are where we are. And that this is OK.

This Full Moon links back to the last New Moon in Virgo, which was in September 2020. At that time, here in the UK at least, we’d had a few months of optimism regarding the covid situation, but the cold hard reality of a second wave and extended lockdowns was just about to hit. That New Moon, so seemingly full of promise, was always destined to have a sting in the tail – this Full Moon, on the other hand, allows us to release pent up emotions about what could have been, might have been, perhaps should have been, and to accept that the past six months, with all of their imperfections, just are. They just were. And now here we are.

The Full Moon in Virgo is earthy and grounded, but also in touch with our higher vibration. This is a good combination for allowing emotions to show. We all have a lot to process, and this energy helps us to do that without needing to play the blame game with ourselves personally (although this is also rational, discriminating energy: some people, some politicians, some decision-makers ARE to blame for mistakes made, and Virgo energy would never let these failings pass by without investigation).

Right now, in the northern hemisphere at least, spring is beginning to take hold at last, with all of the positive and optimistic symbolism that entails. The Virgo Full Moon is trine change-maker Uranus, so as we release emotions and release the need for life to be perfect, we can also look to new and different ways of understanding our situation, and innovative ways to bring about positive change. This is mutable, flexible energy, which we can use to adapt as life shifts around us.

With the Full Moon opposing Neptune, there is still some nebulousness to come. We’re not out of the woods yet – in any sense, no matter what you believe is going on with the pandemic. Not everyone is telling us the truth, but that is the case no matter what angle you view things from, or which “side” you’re on, what you think you know, or what you think others don’t know. We all know significantly less than we think we know – some of us are wise enough to understand the humility that comes with that. For those who think they have all the answers, the unpretentious Virgo Full Moon may help with self-analysis and better self-understanding.

For each of the zodiac signs, this Virgo Full Moon holds a different significance.

For Aries, emotions over work and disruption to routines will be running high.

For Taurus, there may be a mini crisis in a love affair, or with a child.

Gemini will be navigating tricky and shifting family dynamics.

Cancer is working out how to give voice to emotions which may hurt others.

For Leo, it’s all about managing resources, finances, bills and responsibilities.

For Virgo, of course, it’s figuring out how to be of service to others without neglecting yourself.

Libra is having moments of angst, worry and bad dreams, and feeling a little lost.

Scorpio may be losing friendships over differing opinions and sensitivities.

Sagittarius is craving recognition, a well done, a pat on the back.

For Capricorn, these uncertain energies create restlessness and hesitancy.

For Aquarius, emotional debts have to be paid now.

And for Pisces, love is all-consuming, both for better and for worse.

Whatever is going on in your life, however – whatever kind of emotion you need to release, and wherever you need to stop hankering after perfection, embracing the energy of the Full Moon can help you.

Meditating under the light of the Full Moon would be helpful for anyone; if you can’t or don’t want to do this, try simply sitting indoors at a window from where you can see the moon, and simply gazing, allowing your thoughts to drift. Lunar energies will direct your consciousness to where it needs to go. You’ve got this.

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