An End and a Beginning: Astrology Forecast March 14th – 21st, 2021

March 15th, 2021

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

This is the last week of the old astrological year and, just as with any psychological re-entry, we need to tread carefully and be gentle with ourselves. This is not the moment to push ahead, to jump into the New without walking the last steps of the old with awareness – this week is the Moon Dark time of the entire annual astrological cycle.

Mercury is just out of his retrograde shadow, as the Sun and Venus align with the Galactic Centre-our Homing Signal-before crossing the World Axis Aries Point.

Your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies are tired. Your clarity and focus are waning.

Take some quiet time to reflect on what and who you are naturally and unconsciously withdrawing from and what and who is withdrawing from you. To notice which old sources of joy are drying up and — critically — which new ones you must learn to recognise.

How do you receive the message? You stop resisting. You simply let it in.

The Aries Equinox March 20 2021

Illuminating the last degree of the last sign and the first degree of the first sign, this is Alpha and Omega – the End and a Beginning, the bridge to the invisible, infinite Source. At the Pisces/Aries cusp, there is a point where the two ends of the circle meet – a space through which life can enter and exit. This Zero Point of the zodiac corresponds to an opening to the transcendent, extending from 29° Pisces to 0° Aries. Here there is a zero sphere, a cosmic fissure, linking us to cosmic influences and transcendental worlds.

The Equinox Sun balancing day and night is conjunct centaur Chiron – an initiatory archetype creating fresh new patterns of living. Chiron functions as a holographic influence, promoting wholeness, balance and integration in an era of fragmentation and radical imbalance. Over the next few years, expect to evolve through several radical shifts of identity as Chiron bridge builds and repairs the inner fracturing and splits. Evolving your own unique blue print, you are letting go of your old story and wounds passed down from your heritage, your ancestors and collective consciousness.

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The Chandra Symbol for the ARIES Equinox:

Repairing and extending a stone wall in the spring.

“Earth existence embraced with a fury. You become ready and able to do what is asked or needed and to put nothing in the way of each next thing happening, right on schedule. You actually become a hardy vessel for strong Earth usage. It is the initial phase, the radically new cycle taken up with a passion, with a huge desire for things to do, problems to solve, worlds to streamline. Tremendous for activating will; intended for nothing else.” Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: March 14-21, 2021

During the last few days of the astrological year, leave whatever no longer serves you behind in your dustbin of personal history. As Venus and the Sun converse with the Galactic Centre, pay attention to nudges from your better angels. On Saturday March 20th, the Sun returns to Aries at the Equinox. This marks your personal new year so look back to intentions you set around the beginning of January 2021. Are they still relevant? Or are they old dreams that have dried up? From Saturday, Venus joins the Sun in your sign smoothing your path. This is the perfect time to make changes to your appearance, to reach out to others and to remind yourself of how loved you are.

The warmth returns.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: March 14-21, 2021

If March 13th’s soft Piscean New Moon stirred up nostalgia for times past or people no longer part of your life, see if you can decipher the message underlying the feelings. What emotions and soul connections are currently missing in your life and how might you recapture them? The energy shifts quite markedly on Saturday 20th at the Aries Equinox-others will be wanting to push forward, to start new projects but for you a Taurean, Aries is your deep 12th House, the engine room of your chart. All your fire, your passion, your exploration is happening inside. Your dream life is very active now so make sure you journal all the insights so you can retrieve them after April 21st.

A deep dive into your inner landscape.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: March 14-21, 2021

The beautiful Pisces New Moon on March 13th lit up the pinnacle of your chart, delivering messages straight from your Higher Self. Don’t be in any hurry to rush into something new this week as there is so much to reflect on, digest and midwife before Saturday’s Aries Equinox. Which old sources of passion or long held dreams have now dried up? Gently release them and watch them dissolve into the ethers, creating a fertile void for the green shoots of the new to appear. Pay attention to friendships, networks and your communities-they are reflecting mirrors of who you are.

Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you should invest your life in it.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: March 14-21, 2021

Last Saturday’s beautiful Pisces New Moon probably set you dreaming about broadening your horizons, reaching for a long held cherished dream and imagining a better way ahead. Please don’t dismiss this as fantasy-your Higher Self is speaking directly to you, nudging you back on track with tantalising glimpses of a brighter future. Anything connected with diversity, crossing borders, boundaries or cultures is well starred. On Saturday March 20th, you will definitely feel the energy shift at the Aries Equinox as both the Sun and Venus cross the pinnacle of your chart. This starts a few weeks of becoming more visible at work and also of being recognised for your contribution.

Life has bigger ideas for you than you do.

Leo Weekly Forecast: March 14-21, 2021

Last Saturday’s beautiful Pisces New Moon probably took you quite deeply into releasing self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour or recognising that many of your cherished dreams no longer hold any juice. The next step is to let them go and to start to trust your instincts and intuition to nudge you in a new and probably unexpected direction. That will start to kick in quite strongly on March 20th at the Equinox when both the Sun and Venus return to fellow Fire sign Aries. This is your 9th House of expanding your horizons, so anything to do with teaching, mentoring, coaching and studyingsomething out of your usual comfort zone is very well starred.

When faced with a choice, take the option that lights you up.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: March 14-21, 2021

Last Saturday’s beautiful Piscean New Moon cast a spell over your relationships, reminding you of how much you are loved. Any one to ones -in person or virtually- strengthen the bonds, enabling you to build rapport with just about everyone. On Saturday March 20th, you’ll notice the energy shift at the Aries Equinox as the Sun and Venus enter your 8th House of life’s big questions. If issues arise connected to intimacy, money or commitment, face them head on. You may have to remove those Neptunian rose tinted glasses, but it will help you see who has staying power and who is keeping secrets.

Trust your instincts.

Libra Weekly Forecast: March 14-21, 2021

While you’ve been busy dealing with day -to- day commitments, your Higher self has been trying to get your attention through vivid dreams. March 13th’s stunning Pisces New Moon was a definite nudge to drop your logic and develop your sensory acuity and Knowing. Opportunities may arise to take on a new role at work highlighting your newfound burst of creativity and bright ideas. Then from the Equinox on Saturday March 20th in your opposite sign, it’s all systems go for the last 10 days of March. Put relationships -personal, social and professional-forefront and centre stage and prioritise them over everything else.

 Build bridges, mend fences and strengthen the ties that bind.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: March 14-21, 2021

Make the very most of this week to March 20th when the stunning Pisces New Moon continues to send out ripples of love, enjoyment and creative inspiration. Revive a hobby or pastime that got left by the wayside and just have fun with it. After the Equinox on Saturday 20th, the energy shifts into work mode. Instead of sticking your nose to the grindstone, lighten up and make sure you use this opportunity to re-balance your health, your wellbeing and your routines. These have probably changed out of all recognition during the lock down so make it a priority.

Gently remind yourself that you customise your life around your needs, not the other way around.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: March 14-21, 2021

This whole period starting at the beautiful New Moon on Saturday 13th looks set to give your spirits a lift. The magic is to be found close to home, either literally where you live or outside in the garden or the surrounding neighbourhood. Take time to relax, to unwind and to put heart over head in everything you do. If you feel an urge to buy something for your sanctuary, choose something meaningful and beautiful that will give you years of pleasure. From March 20th at the Equinox, the Sun and Venus in fellow Fire sign Aries light up your angle of self-expression and creativity. Whatever you are passionate about-do more of it, whether at work or at home.

Soul centred living.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: March 14-21, 2021

Communications of all kinds are in the frame for the next ten days now that Mercury has left his shadow retrograde zone. Pay attention and you could pick up some useful information but remember to doublecheck all your own texts, emails, posts to save crossed wires or misunderstandings. From the Equinox on Saturday March 20th, expect the home front to take up more of your time and attention. With both the Sun and Venus in your 4th House, ask yourself:” Does where I live reflect who I am now or who I used to be?” If it’s the latter, feathering your nest by re-decorating or buying some new pictures or houseplants will lift your spirits.

Creating a supportive home base.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: March 14-21, 2021

Perhaps last Saturday’s gentle Pisces New Moon inspired you to spend money on something beautiful and also meaningful, something that spoke directly to your soul. It is a perfect time to spring clean your finances by getting right up to date with your incomings and outgoings. If this feels like a chore, just remind yourself that money buys you freedom by giving you more options and start a rainy day/running away savings account. On March 20th at the Equinox, the Sun activates all your connections so anticipate incoming messages, texts and calls. Some interesting information is on its way.


Pisces Weekly Forecast: March 14-21, 2021

The soulful ripples from Saturday’s beautiful Pisces New Moon continue through the week inspiring you to make a deeper connection to those you love and also to the natural world itself. This marks your personal New Year and is worth a heartfelt celebration. Set an intention to create more love, relaxation, pleasure and enjoyment into your life over the next 12 months. From Saturday March 20th at the Aries Equinox, take a look at your income sources and see if you can find some new ways to be paid what you’re worth. Think about the value you add to your workplace or clients or others and lay claim to it.


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