Making Executive Decisions in the Boardroom of Your Life

March 24th, 2021

By Robert Puzey

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

When I was at the height of my career, enjoying excellent health, great friends, colleagues, family, etc., why would I want to stop the merry-go-round and deliberate on what my life might be like twenty, thirty years in the future?

During a recent radio interview, I was asked whether, during my heyday, I ever stood back and appraised the success I was having and thought about how lucky I was? At the time, I was too busy writing more songs and thinking about the next hit to stop and contemplate my present situation.

Now, many years later, I look back and think, wow! What a fantastic time that was. That was my moment, my golden period in life when I had all my success. What I’d give to repeat that success!

I hear you say, I do thank-my-lucky-stars that I have achieved what I have and have the friends and colleagues that have helped me in my career. But so often, that momentary thankful thought is left behind, as the next thing in life steals our attention. And how difficult it is nowadays to find a quiet moment for repose and deep thought!

I guess the secret is to stop in our tracks and consciously become aware of ourselves and all that is happening in our life. To decide, I will do this, and I will stop doing that, etc. That stop in our track’s moment may come once or twice in a decade. I remember many occasions when somebody announced, Robert, I will begin practising yoga, or I will regularly meditate; I desperately need to improve my lifestyle. Four years on, I have bumped into the person who had all the good intentions, and they repeat exactly what they announced four years previously, Robert; I am going to start practising yoga, blah, blah, blah.

Life is continuously passing us by like an ever-flowing river. When we put off that decision to improve our life quality, remember, ten years into the future, you may be looking back and thinking, if only I had begun that plan of action. For whatever reason, the day will come when you reflect and ponder; ok, I had a whale of a good time, but perhaps if I had done this and not done that, I would be in a much better position now.

This may all sound a bit depressing, but in fact, this could be the most significant moment of your life! There are methods (visualisations/affirmations) that can make you look and feel younger in a matter of days, even hours! In the same package, there comes spiritual fulfilment, happiness, and a sense of belonging to something outside your social network and life!

If you want to improve your life and secure ongoing good health and save yourself prematurely ageing, you must stand at the crossroads and make an executive decision – where am I right now? Do I need to change direction?

A change of direction may entail stopping self-harming habits, the practise existing in your inner universe, as you did as a child. It could mean refusing to take on every task that comes your way, so that you make time for walking outdoors and admiring nature and being with those you love the most dearly.

No one is here permanently. We leave this plane with a one-way ticket; no one yet has returned. Every day we hear about people with a terminal illness, suicides, fatal accidents, murders, causalities of war, and so on. Day-by-day we are walking on cracking ice.

We live in a crazy world that is getting crazier. Yet the craziest thing is that we close our eyes to the fact that one day it might be us on the receiving end of a tragedy and carry on with life, walking through a muddy minefield whilst whistling. This is what the yogis call Maya (the illusion of life): although we know that our life is limited, we carry on with all our hopes and dreams, desires, and goals, as if we shall live eternally!

So, a fair statement would be, if a bullet has my name on it, what is the use of becoming acutely aware of myself, appreciating nature and those I love the most dearly? 

In a brief second, I was brought to the crossroads, forced to make executive decisions in the boardroom of my life. I took the path to spiritual enlightenment, and through certain practices, have glimpsed other dimensions that are out there. Therefore, I know that it is imperative to improve your earthly life and prepare for your ongoing life or the existence that lies ahead of you.

Try this: 

Sit quietly with closed eyes in your hideaway. Imagine you have been summoned to the boardroom. The board of executives sit at a long polished oak table. The chairman is engulfed in a purple-yellow shimmering aura. He floats up to you, and you receive his voice telepathically.

‘I want you to make an executive decision today. It should be something that will significantly improve your life. When you have made your decision, i.e., to meditate regularly, decide upon a plan of action to carry it out. You must never allow today’s executive decision to leave your thoughts.’

When you are ready, tell the board of executives your intentions. The illuminated chairman returns to his chair. The board of directors give nods of appreciation regarding your life-changing decision. Sit quietly for a few moments before returning to the physical plane. Put your plans into action.

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About the author:

Robert Puzey is an award winning songwriter (Ivor Novello awards in the category of ‘Songwriter of the Year’ and ‘Most Performed song of the Year’ (‘I’m in the Mood for Dancing’) 1980.

Robert nursed his late wife, Kath, though her five-year battle against bowel cancer, during which time Robert extensively studied hatha yoga (he is a qualified hatha yoga instructor) and began to experiment with novel brain exercises in the field of ‘mind over matter’ / ‘spirit over worldliness’, achieving some quite revolutionary and fascinating results from his work.

Bringing us up to date, Robert has formulated a complete programme – ‘Use Your Brain to Elongate Your Cell-by-Date’ – of rejuvenating exercises with easy to use instructions. Robert lives in north London and writes self-help material.


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