Plant Medicine vs COVID Anxiety

April 2nd, 2021

By Sergey Baranov

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

What is the spirit of our time?

If it’s hard for you to relate to the word “spirit”, let me offer up the word “character”, which is an expression of spirit in a visible world. So what does this mean and why is it important to understand?

Let’s talk about your life and the kind of people you don’t like. What is their character? Most likely these are fearful, negative and stressful people, who are emotionally draining to be around. Being with them feels like being sucked into a black hole – an all-encompassing darkness that drags you into a state of misery. Currently, the same thing is happening on a bigger scale, except the whole world has become that hole.

The spirit of our time is fear which makes you feel stressed, fearful and negative, just like those people in your life that you tried to avoid. And most likely, you feel like you are being sucked into the world’s drama as we speak. The good news is that just in the same way that you would deal with annoying people, you can deal with the world by simply ignoring it.

You are aware of its presence, and yet you are emotionally detached from it. If you stop watching the news, you will barely notice a problem at all. Aside from the COVID restrictions and masks everywhere, you don’t see people dead on the streets. You see people walking, cars driving. No one is rushing through a red light unless one is drunk. No one is breaking into a bank or raping people on the street. People aren’t jumping out of their windows being struck by COVID like lightning.

Life is normal outside TV. The apocalypse ends when you turn it off. These are different worlds, two different realities that you can choose between with your beliefs just like you choose a meal in a restaurant. It really is that simple and easy when you are aware.

Awareness shifts perspective. This is why the powers that shouldn’t be are so invested in brainwashing; they want to control your awareness. It was Tony Robbins who said that where focus goes attention flows, and he is completely right about it. The mainstream media, designed to capture your focus, has you. This is mind control. You have been hypnotized by your TV which you stare at with glassy, fearful eyes. That’s all it is.

The crisis is happening in your head. It also happens in the head of your friends and colleagues which creates an illusion of global crisis. The optical illusion that has been repeated by the mainstream media over and over again is now in control of your life. It rules it, governs it and commands it. Those who can see through this, are free from it.

Free from the invasive, hypnotic fear that is paralyzing your ability to think. And when thinking is disabled, following the mainstream narrative and commands is what remains. This is a reality for many people who cannot even be shaken out of their trance, unless they ask for help.

As an ex-cult member who spent six years in a brainwashing environment, I see the parallels out in the world. It was Shakespeare who said “A rose by any other name smells as sweet.” I say that a crap in any other wrap smells the same.

So let’s put the COVID madness aside for a moment, and pan out to look at your life as a whole.

What did your life consist of even in a normal world in the pre-COVID era?

Without knowing you I can say with a fair amount of certainty that at least a portion of your life you spent in stress – in the waking time and in many cases the night time as well.

Stressing about everything. Stressing about going to work in the morning, spending a day there, and even coming home, where you’re supposed to put off your guard and rest. But it is not easy to switch off your mind. Even though your body is now at home, your mind is still at work. You eat dinner with your family while thinking that you might be losing your job to the economic crisis. This thought injects poison into your mind. It creates anxiety that keeps you awake at night.

Waking up the next morning, you feel already drained before you even start the day. Tired and irritated, you leave your home to work, which feels like a battlefield. A restless mind has less ability to handle stress and pressure. The problem worsens when your body is becoming addicted to the stress hormone and actually craving it against its own well-being.

Under stress, the body produces cortisol that keeps the body in fight or flight mode. Even though your body is exhausted, it gives you a blast of short-term energy enough to get by, but leaving you more depleted by the end of the day. Adding stimulants like caffeine only enhances the vicious cycle of stress and exhaustion. You feel edgy all the time. Your body cannot rest and fully recover, which leads to all kinds of illnesses. You get sick and you can’t work because once again you are stressed about your health and the medical bills on top of it. Ultimately you find yourself in a pit of mental and physical disease, desperately wishing for healing but your body has come to rely on stress as a temporary source of energy. You have become a stress junkie.

Your spouse most likely is going through a similar process, which only adds to the problem. Tiredness impacts your thinking and your mood. It has a negative effect on your personal and professional life. You start to think that you need to consult a therapist to cope with the growing pressure. But even the best therapist who would suggest you spend time in nature, cannot get inside your head.

You can be told a thousand times to stop worrying, but this won’t help you actually do it. You don’t have control over your mind and you cannot command it. Your words do not penetrate your skull. You begin to feel like you are a prisoner of your mind trapped in your own head.

You begin to take psychiatric drugs which only numb you to pain while turning you into a zombie. Breathing, walking, talking and yet mentally and emotionally absent in your own body. Pain killers just make you numb to pain. They are killing you, not your pain. The pain is still there, you just don’t feel it for a little while. Then it comes back again.

Life is manageable only between the pills. Your reality becomes a medicated trap. Suicidal thoughts begin to creep in. All this tragedy can be triggered by just one fear of losing a job. How many more fears can trouble your thoughts on a daily basis? Some conscious, others unconscious that are harder to see.

It was Carl Jung who said that “Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” But how do you actually do this in practice? To make it happen you first need to become conscious and shine the light of awareness on your unconscious mind.

Seeing your shadows takes on a new meaning. You start seeing that which is hidden from your waking consciousness. This process requires a spiritual awakening, which in itself needs an energy boost in excess to your daily consumption of energy beyond that which gets you through your normal life. You just don’t have enough fuel to explore your consciousness even if you knew how to.

This brings us to the next question: what are the sources of energy that can be utilized for this purpose?

Where can we get our inner battery fully charged?

Nature is a nuclear power plant that allows for a limitless recharge if you know how to use it. Sacred plant healers and teachers are Nature’s arms that are open to us at any time.

Huachuma (San Pedro) cactus is one of those amazing arms that works for me and many others who come to work with us at Huachuma Wasi, our healing center in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru. There are others and you have to find that which works best for you. While this medicine is always a potentiator for healing and awakening, here in 2021 it is becoming a necessity to maintain our sanity in a world of chaos.

Plant medicine takes you out of your apathy and ignites your will to live. It makes you excited to live again and work towards your healing. It gives you both the energy and the guidance to navigate through your sickness, and come out of it stronger than ever before.

Although there is currently no science behind this claim, since it hasn’t been thoroughly researched, I can tell you with certainly from my personal experience working with Huachuma medicine for fifteen years that it has a direct influence on your central nervous system that recalibrates it back to healthy condition, among many other benefits. Your chronic insomnia gets cured while allowing your body to heal itself, which it can’t do under constant stress.

In fact, as I write these words, one of our guests who is currently staying with us came with a severe chronic fatigue that has been devastating his life. A successful businessman from New Zealand and surfer at heart, instead of riding long waves and enjoying the fruits of his work he was stuck in his bed thinking about his life instead of living it fully.  And his recovery is visibly progressing here with Huachuma on a weekly basis. Just one example to mention from many.

Even though the environment of stress has become normalized in our society, you have to realize that it is not how we are supposed to be. This awareness is the first step towards your healing. From here you can pursue your natural state of being which is healthy, vibrant and happy. And once you have made this commitment, this is already half of the battle. The rest is simply logistics.

The Great Awakening

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