Super Full Moon: Astrology Forecast April 26th – May 2nd, 2021

April 26th, 2021

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Get ready for the 1st of 2021’s 4 Super Moons – a Full Moon on steroids at its closest to the earth anchoring an April 24-30 shock window. This April 27 event will bring strong geo-cosmic disturbance, since it is conjunct volatile Uranus in Fixed Earth sign Taurus, amplifying the revolutionary Saturn-Uranus square that is all about shock and awe. It’s a period when strong storms and seismic activity are likely.

A Super Moon is planetary in scope, so there’s no limiting the zones of Earth’s atmosphere, seas and crust that are subject to the Super Moon tidal effect. The astro-locality map draws a longitudinal bead straight north-south through China, the Korean Peninsula, the southwest tip of Japan, Indonesia and east-central Australia. There’s also a vulnerable horizon arc that sweeps north easterly through the Pacific Ocean to cross over the US Pacific Northwest, and from the southwest coast of Canada crossing north Central Greenland before dropping down through Northern Europe.

Amplifying the intensity, Pluto is stationing to turn retrograde on April 27/28th. There will be issues around control at both a political and personal level as Sun /Venus/Uranus/Mercury all square Saturn in Aquarius from Taurus while Disruptor Eris squares Pluto in Capricorn from Aries.

As well as shaking the planetary crust and moving the oceans, Super Moon energy fries and fritzes your system – physical, emotional and etheric. Know it is a Global effect. Don’t make it personal; rest. Accept the deep transformation we are in. We all need extra rest in order to hold the balance. Finding and then following the natural rhythms and flow of your unique energy signature becomes hugely important for grounding. Your mind is way too small and undeveloped a tool for this high level of vast Light energy.

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The Chandra Symbol for Full Moon 8 Scorpio:

A simple man with white hair. He has an angelic countenance.

“Split down the middle between advanced and retrogressive dynamics. Karmically a hybrid mixed from opposite sides that seldom go together. Grafting onto an exceedingly inward nature a pointed and driving ambition to become somebody. Yet your inward nature contains within it a host of retrogressive pulls of great power and intensity, and your newfound footing in the world of self-mastery is tense and pressurised by shadows of the past threatening to engulf whatever territory you can begin to make your own. Everything being right where it needs to be for the impossible to occur and all of the chains to be cut loose.” Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale.

Aries Weekly Forecast: April 25-May 2, 2021

During this last week of April, what you value and how you value yourself becomes increasingly important. As the Sun and Venus cross your 2nd House of money and resources, make sure you are walking your talk. This is doubly important as Pluto slows to turn retrograde at the top of your chart in your career zone. His x-ray vision will reveal anything you’ve kept under the radar, so integrity is essential in all your dealings. The Super Full Moon on the 28th will feel tense as it at odds with restrictive Saturn in Aquarius. Everyone will be extra sensitive so tread carefully.

No game playing.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: April 25-May 2, 2021

The week opens with a beautiful Mercury Venus conjunction in Taurus, making your heart sing. Slow right down to smell the roses and do something special just for yourself. This is extra important as the days around the 25-28th are likely to feel quite intense. The first Super Moon of 2021 falls across your opposite sign of Scorpio at odds with restrictive Saturn in your angle of career. At the same time, Pluto slows to turn retrograde. It looks as if one important partnership is changing and evolving. If anything, it’s likely to deepen and move to another level of commitment-either that or end once and for all.

Knowing who and what really matters.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: April 25-May 2, 2021

As Mars leaves your sign, it looks as if money will either start to flow in or flow out-hopefully both at the same time. Just be aware that splashing the cash now could lead to a shortfall down the line. That said, if you get the urge to splurge on something you’ve always wanted, do it on April 25th when Venus meets your own planet Mercury in Taurus. The days between the 25th-29th are going to be intense with a Super Full Moon on April 28th across your angle of health. Since Pluto slows to turn retrograde at the same time, clear as much of your agenda as you can and use these days to make your physical and emotional wellbeing your priority. If there’s a self-defeating habit you want to quit, now’s the time.

Self -care is not selfish-it’s essential.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: April 25-May 2, 2021

Now that Mars is back in your sign, you can start to recover some momentum and begin to heal from the self-doubt that has had you questioning yourself for so long. It’s set to be an intense week as Tuesday’s Super Full Moon in fellow Water sign Scorpio is in an emotional angle to your Sun. It’s a time when memories and nostalgia arise, taking you back to your childhood. Don’t get caught up in regrets for the past but find some ways to remind yourself of your own playful side, to enjoy some creative downtime just for the sake of it. Anything to do with friends, children and pleasure is your recipe for happiness now.

Leaving the past where it belongs.

Leo Weekly Forecast: April 25-May 2, 2021

Expect to be noticed more than usual-hopefully for all the right reasons! With the Sun, Mercury, Venus and planet of surprises Uranus all crossing the very top of your solar chart, both you and your actions will be highly visible. On April 25th, make the very most of it by polishing your public image and using your voice to make a difference. The days from the 26-29th are likely to feel intense with a Super Full Moon at the base of your chart as well as change agent Pluto slowing to turn backwards. The Scorpio Full Moon is reminder to strengthen the ties that bind at home with your tribe, to put down deeper roots and re-connect with people who have helped shape you.

Belonging is a feeling, not a place.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: April 25-May 2, 2021

On Sunday 25th, your personal planet Mercury merges with Venus in fellow Earth sign Taurus. Make sure you seize the day and squeeze the juice out of it-it will feel good to be alive. Between April 26-29th, the Super Full Moon and change agent Pluto slowing at his most impactful to turn backwards will make everyone extra sensitive, so tread carefully. Luckily, the Full Moon in Scorpio is at a harmonious angle to your Sun in your 3rd House. As the Sun conjuncts awakener Uranus, some news out of the blue might take you by surprise starting some deep and meaningful discussions. Doublecheck all your communications-texts, social media posts, messages, emails- to avoid crossed wires or misunderstandings.

Softly, softly.

Libra Weekly Forecast: April 25-May 2, 2021

Mars moved to the pinnacle of your chart on April 23rd giving your career and public image a boost for the first time in 2 years. If you’ve been wanting to make a move or to cast your net wider, do it now while you have a winning edge. On April 27/28th, the first Super Moon of 2021 lights up your money zone in Pluto ruled Scorpio. Some big questions emerge about value. Are you under selling yourself or underearning? Or are you over promising then under delivering? If you are just treading water or floating aimlessly, Pluto slowing right down to turn backwards will awaken the strength to stop sabotaging yourself.

Time’s up for procrastination.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: April 25-May 2, 2021

Now that Mars has moved into fellow Water sign Cancer, start planning a trip or a holiday. If that’s not possible, explore the wide horizons of your mind and start a new course of study or write a paper, a blog or even a book. The last 10 days of April are all about your relationships. With Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus in your opposite sign of hedonistic Taurus, spend some time with those closest, strengthening the bonds and creating new memories together. The annual Full Moon in your sign falls on April 27/28th and is a Super Moon on steroids at its closest to the earth. Prepare to feel extra emotional and nostalgic as memories of happier times gone by surface.

As the saying goes:” Don’t be sad because it’s over. Smile because it happened”.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: April 25-May 2, 2021

Now that action planet Mars has moved into your 8th House of life’s big issues, it’s time to look at any self-defeating habits-especially financial-and start doing something that moves you out of your comfort zone. This means paying down debt or calling it in, re-balancing shared resources and finding some creative ways to add an income stream or two. This is especially important as the Super Full Moon on April 27/28th shines a spotlight on your 12th House, the engine room of your chart where your unconscious created those bad habits in the first place. On the same day, Pluto turns backwards in your money zone- cash may flow in or flow out but make sure what you invest in worth it for the long term.

Nailing down your priorities.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: April 25-May 2, 2021

With the first Super Moon of 2021 on Tuesday and change agent Pluto slowing to maximum impact to turn retrograde, it’s going to be an intense week ahead for just about everyone. However, as a solar Capricorn you are one of the lucky ones. A gathering of the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Awakener Uranus in fellow Earth sign Taurus is nudging you to seize the day, to stop and smell the roses and to enjoy life’s pleasures, both big and small. Anything connected with love or romance is well starred around April 25th.Pluto has been in Capricorn since late 2008 changing your life from top to bottom and back again. Now that the Great Eliminator is pausing, take some time to acknowledge just how far you’ve come.

The storm is over.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: April 25-May 2, 2021

Home is where your heart is for the next three weeks as a beautiful gathering of Sun, Mercury, Venus and awakener Uranus cluster in earthy Taurus, the lowest part of your chart. Make the very most of this harmonious astrology by connecting with your family and tribe, even if it’s just virtually for the time being. Make some definite plans for a gathering and a celebration. Meanwhile, do a spring clean and de-clutter of where you live. Add some greenery, plant a garden, open the windows. The Super Full Moon on April 27/28th is on steroids and lighting up the pinnacle of your chart. Your career, business, service and public reputation is undergoing a shift this year and as Pluto slows to turn backwards, think about your long term plans.

Notice how your interests and passions are changing.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: April 25-May 2, 2021

A gathering of the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Awakener Uranus in earthy practical Taurus is in a really helpful angle to your Sun. Give yourself free rein to read, study, teach, write, blog, podcast-whatever has your name on it -and get your voice out there. Be on the lookout for some interesting news on April 25th.The days between April 26-29th are going to be intense for just about everyone as a Super Moon on steroids lights up Scorpio just as Pluto slows to turn backwards. Let your imagination run riot with innovative ideas and make sure you capture them all before they disappear. Anything to do with collaboration and diversity that benefits the wider community is very well starred.

Making a difference one idea at a time.

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