A Forever-Young Guide to Ageless, Pristine Perceptions

June 3rd, 2021

By Harry Krueger

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

The most important question in the life of a human being: are my thoughts my own as they are being self-generated? If not, then I am not. If not, then I am an aberration whose false creators are friends, family, the education system as well as government, religious and social institutions.

As we presently function, nothing, nothing is as real as I (pristine awareness) am.

When seen through the eyes of love (life’s covenant), we hold the following truths to be self-evident, a truth that is innate to the human spirit.

Wherever there is a response to a living challenge that has a conditional view point, that response is from a past conditioning (indoctrinated) that has been given by others (family, friends, the educational system, government and social institutions). That past (which includes traditions and cultures) as the content of our false beliefs are stored in the memory-senses complex.

The purpose of this unique complex is to be an indispensable tool for daily living. They are (in most part) those things that are necessary for the functioning of the living organism. The basic maintenance of the body requires food (which includes air, sun and water), clothing and shelter.

The knowledge on how to improve the quality of human life is through the advancements of various scientific explorations. These necessities cannot be fruitful without the pristine functioning of the memory-senses complex.

So, why is it that that same instrument is also responsible for chaos, confusion and corruption in our lives? The function of the memory-senses complex is to serve the body as a true and faithful servant.

The memory-senses complex (in its pristine state) does not make independent choices that are not part of its grand-design. In other words, it has no personal preferences of likes or dislikes. It is simply a marvelous instrument for the survival of the body. Within its pristine grand-design there is no autonomous entity that can self-generate as an independent I. So, how did this imaginary phantom (I) materialize?

A very long time ago, after our arrival on earth (Life’s Quantum Leap), we have accumulated through the process of pristine observations the necessary information for the maintenance of human life. Without the objective workings of the memory-senses complex, we could not maintain our existence.

Somewhere in chronological time, the vast accumulation of recorded memory cells (images) began to believe that those images were innate to its true identity. That false belief was the beginning of our fall from Grace (the separation of our soul from the Beloved).

After the separation from the Beloved (the Original Fall), we were no longer a two-awareness being (Life’s Covenant) capable of effortlessly responding to life’s daily living challenges. That moment, when the images (imagination) replaced Life’s Covenant, our prime-directive was temporarily replaced by false imaginations (machinations). We were expelled (excommunicated) from the life of Living Relationship and began to function as an evolutionary species.

As one awareness beings (the semi-hypnotic “sleep” state), we are presently living the “sin” state and so “missing-the-mark” of our Ordained Heritage. As one awareness beings we can only witness living challenges (relationships) through the prism (prison) of the ever- expanding misinformation given by others. Presently NOTHING, NOTHING is ours as being pristine.

Our grand-design does not provide for the memory-senses complex to be a “Light Unto Itself” and where thoughts are self-generated, but rather that complex is to be a servant unto the Eternal (the Beloved).

Unfortunately (and to our detriment), the natural process has been usurped by an imposter, called aberrant mind.

Mind is a stain upon the soul when it pretends to be the rightful heir as the canvas upon which life Expresses Itself. Instead we have become the emotionally, immoral, infected psychological clones of aberrant minds dark imprisonment. We are breathing the psychological pernicious air that is choking our spirit and so making it impossible to objectively discern that those whom we believe love us are the culprits responsible for our present dilemma.

Our caretakers are also responsible for implanting divisiveness into our souls where previously none existed. Our false persona (egoism) has no roots in reality. The divisive state is also the cause of our many psychological diseases, such as: anger, hate, resentment, doubt, jealousy, pride, maliciousness, deceitfulness etc. There is no such thing as a healthy ego or a beautiful mind.

The divisive state (the lacking of a double awareness) is also the cause of our aberrant behavior towards others. These emotional judgments cause the memory cells to deteriorate. The pristine cells are a necessary function for our daily survival.

As part of our grand-design, the many active recorded memory cells are periodically dying and prior to their demise, transfer their content to new cells. That is why there is a reasonable assumption the elderly can enjoy similar cognitive powers as the young. If memory cells are ageless then why do many seniors suffer from various mental disorders?

It was never intended that as part of your grand-design, an artificial psychological virus (aberrant mind) would become an extension of memory’s functioning. Aberrant mind is destroying the sensitivity of the pristine memory cells that are occupying the same space where the emotional cells reside, thereby desensitizing our cognitive perception. In other words, the virus as aberrant mind is making possible for anarchy and insanity to reign.

It is reasonable to assume that a lifetime of emotional responses to living challenges is responsible for the destruction of the brain cells. These damages are the causes of various forms of senility in seniors, including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Is it possible that prior to the demise of the memory cells (before that process becomes irreversible) the toxic virus (aberrant mind) can be canceled before spreading into a physiological pandemic?

Our only path towards redemption (again being reunited with the Beloved) and from inevitable destruction (wandering aimlessly in the darkness of hopeless thinking) is through the forgiveness (canceling) process of apperception (a seeing that is beyond mind).

Salvation from the path to Hell (Pandemonium) is realized when we remain FULLY ALERT (see illustrated cover) from the moment upon awakening from sleep and maintaining that pristine alertness (“Praying Unceasingly”) throughout the day (“…And It Must Follow As Night The Day…”).

Whenever there is a living challenge, pristine awareness (the soul) makes it possible to objectively witness our past and present responses that we have judged as either good or bad, right or wrong. That objective observation erases (cancels) from the memory cells past indoctrinations (forgiveness). We are now free from making life choices and so, once again regain the purity (innocence) of our souls.

Through the Grace of apperception we are no longer in captivity to aberrant mind. (“Free At Last, Free At Last, Thank God Almighty, I’m Free At Last”).

That seeing as choiceless awareness again makes possible to be the Eternal canvas upon which Life Expresses Itself. But first, our indoctrinated past must “die” (the ending of the engrammatic memory cells we call self).

Pristine awareness is ageless because it is not a physical appendage of the body, thereby making it impossible to deteriorate. Therefore pristine awareness is forever young.

Because the elderly are not as physically agile as the young, it is prudent that prior to any activity we begin by being firmly grounded (centered). This is achieved by being aware of the outer environment and self simultaneously. That state makes it possible for the body’s Intelligence to be Active in the process and so making it difficult to stumble or fall.

As an example; when the above mentioned grounding is applied to every-day living, such as: while being engaged in conversation, working on the computer, watching television, eating, all forms of exercising, sitting still or walking, etc., NEVER lose the simultaneous perception of the outer environment and oneself.

“…And Upon This Rock (The Covenant of Objective Clarity) I (Intelligence) Will Build My Church” (The Foundation Of Pristine Understanding).

 There are no separate ways of living (one for the body and one for the spirit) when we are under Life’s Divine Umbrella (Life’s Covenant).

We Are One.

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About the author:

California-based Harry Krueger has spent the past 40+ years working to awaken humanity to concepts of peace freedom and consciousness.  When he was 35 years old, he discovered a book by Sri Krishnamurti (which he read 7 times in a row) and it changed his outlook and consciousness forever. Harry is now 92, and has never looked back.

Through his writing, Harry explores the glorious reality of who we human Beings truly are, and offers insights to help us to break through the false identification of who we are not.

“Life is real (and only then) when living the attentive life”

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