Your Most Important Investment in Life is Not Your House

June 21st, 2021

By Sergey Baranov

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

As many people expect government issued fiat currency to crash due to the reckless and irresponsible printing of money in the United States, a new way of panic investment is underway. Zimbabwe, one prosperous country in Africa, was a place where many moved into in search of a better life, and was devastated by hyperinflation plunging its populace into economic disaster and starvation. People who lived through it can see parallels with what is happing in the United States of America today, ringing an alarm. Of course, this alarm is real and reasonable measures must be taken by individuals to protect one’s hard earned money. That is the reality we live in, and an adequate response to this is expected from intelligent people. But the financial advising should be left to the experts in the field. Do your own research and make the best decisions for yourself. Here we won’t be talking about the money, markets, and investments.

How many people actually understand that currency is not limited to money? Money is needed to live in the modern world, and financial education is important, but it’s not the only thing one should worry about and spend sleepless nights to figure out how to make and protect. Money is like food, needed to sustain one’s life. But we eat to live, we don’t live to eat. At least I don’t. Obsession with food is a mental sickness just like an obsession with money and sex. When one thinks about dinner as soon as they eat lunch, they should see a therapist. The same goes with sex. I don’t think about sex, I have sex and when I’m done, I don’t think about doing it the next time. Just like with the food. I keep my mind occupied with a range of more important things that deserve my attention and energy. My body’s needs are taken care of in the background.

Have you ever thought that your time is actually the most valuable currency you have in this life? Your time is your life that is moving towards its completion as we speak. What do you do with it is what actually matters. It is a subject for another book but to boil it down to a tangible understanding of the subject matter, I would have to speak about mind parasites, which most people don’t realize exist and these are the demons one should be guarding one’s mind against. These are not scary looking dudes with horns and pitchforks. These are much smarter entities that have a pleasurable appearance and thus, are so much more dangerous. You might be surprised hearing that the whole entertainment industry is essentially demonic. Not in a more blatant sense which is obvious while looking at some performers on a stage, but in a more subtle way that is invisible to your eyes.

These are the chronosphages, which means from ancient Greek the time eaters, Chronos (time) phages (eater). You can see its visual representation at the Corpus Cristy Clock, also known as the Grasshopper clock, a large sculptural clock at street level on the outside of the Taylor Library at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. Below the clock is an inscription from an late 4th century translation of the Bible from Vulgate 1 John 2:17: mundus transit et concupiscentia eius (“the world passeth away, and the lust thereof”). The wisdom here is reminding us of the transitory nature of life and the importance of not wasting it on material distractions, because they all pass anyway once we perish. A mechanical evil looking locust is placed on top of the 24 carat gold-plated stainless steel disc. Possibly, it was made of gold to carry a message that time is gold and warning of the time wasters represented by the evil insectoid.

Of course, symbology, should never be taken literally, and the time wasters are not actual mechanical demons waiting for you in a dark alley. The time eaters are all around you and their appearance is rather pleasant and innocent. They are in your phone, in your computer, in your TV, especially the news channel, even in some people. All of these are infested by time-wasting demonic entities which live off your attention, a life force energy. You are being devoured without even noticing. Your most valuable currency is being traded for a farce. You have been robbed while giving an illusion of retaining your wealth.

I began to feel the inevitability of passing of time when I turned 40. And the more I became aware of it, the faster it went. A scary feeling indeed. It’s like watching your parents die and you cannot do anything about it. The only difference is that you are now watching yourself die in slow motion and you cannot stop it.

Modern culture created a lot of ways of distracting ourselves from this fact, but being distracted doesn’t mean we are saved from it. There was a lot of music, food and flirting happening on the Titanic right before it hit the iceberg.

But if this wouldn’t be bad enough on its own, it gets much worse when you lose your physical or mental health in this demonic casino. And what are you without these things? Can you live a happy life while being depressed and anxious? Will more digits on the screen showing you how much you have in the bank give you a sense of well-being while you cannot hold yourself together unless jacked with antidepressants and anti-psychotic drugs? Does your relationship fare well under stress, confusion and fear? What about your professional life?

Does anything function as you would like it to be? The answer is NO. Nothing is properly functioning and your life becomes rather a burden to carry on with than a ride through wonderland. And when your inner world crashes, it’s often louder than any Wall Street crash. When you lose your mind to fear, nothing can bring you peace and joy. You might be physically present with your children but mentally and emotionally absent from them, making them feel lonely, confused and even scared.

Actually, one of our guests who came for a ceremony last week, was embodying that. Being an intelligent and self-aware person, he could see it in himself but did not have the power to change it. He could not take himself out of this inner darkness in which he felt stuck. His face and his energy changed during a ceremony and he went home in a different state of being. He told me that if he wouldn’t come, he would plunged into a long-lasting depression, something he had been struggling with for many years before the pandemic. He was truly standing at the door of mind darkness.

If you read my second book The Mescaline Confession: Breaking through the Walls of Delusion, and the latest The Cactus of Sanity: Huachuma in the Time of Chaos, you would remember where I speak about the urgency of returning to Mother Nature and using her gifts for personal healing and growth. But the time of warnings is over. We are living in a mad world as we speak and greater madness is only ahead of us. Those who have invested in their spiritual connection, which equals sanity and mental health, will do much better when the next storm arrives. Those who have used plant medicine to deepen their connection with themselves and the world of Spirit, will mentally survive through the madness, while others will have a much harder time. Personally speaking, my spiritual connection and my family are the main assets in my portfolio, one whose value always remains always high and is not affected by Elon Musk’s tweets. This stability is what helped us move through the 2020 crisis with sanity and well-being intact while Peru was shut down for ten straight months.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with mining cryptocurrency and doing other things in the world of finances. These are useful tools one needs to live their life. I do it too. However, I spent most of my time mining consciousness and generating internal heat to light my way. Not only it is by far a more interesting thing to spend my life doing, but it pays back immediately with a strong sense of connection and well-being. And while the world around me is falling apart, my inner world is solid like a rock.

I’m sitting on the grass writing these worlds surrounded by the mountains from all sides. It’s so peaceful here. I wish I could make you feel it for yourself. But words cannot convey an experience, they can only lead you to it.

Huachuma is a spiritual shield I use to protect my body, mind and spirit from the fear and confusion that has been and still is constantly injected into the collective mind. It works well for me and those who come to work with us. Other sacred plant teachers can do it for you as well if you know how to work with them. Simply chewing on a cactus or attending an Ayahuasca ceremony won’t do it for you. Plant teachers teach through silence. They don’t impose themself on busy minds. Learn to quiet your mind and open your heart so you might hear the whisper from another world.

Discover the gold mine within yourself and mine it all you want. It’s all yours anyway. And while all markets crash, you rise from within like a Phoenix regardless. By all means, protect what you have externally but don’t forget to protect your inner world from pollution and aggression of fear. When your inner well is polluted, poison is what you get out from it. Fear is the mind parasite that must be expelled like you expel parasites from your intestines. Both are harmful and can be lethal. The problem with it is that this is not something we ever thought about, let alone have ever had to deal with the way we do today. Mind parasites do not appear on a screen, and therefore do not exist in the scientific world. And how can there be a cure for an unknown sickness? Your therapist might rush to give you a Xanax or any other drug of choice, but this won’t fix the problem.

This is a spiritual matter and the proper medicine for it is plant medicine with proper guidance, which alone can reach down deep enough into your soul. A soul that science tells you does not exist – but somewhere inside you intuitively know it does. Science is a blind octopus with many sticky hands. But with all the things it touches, it cannot touch the essence of life.

Plant medicine can teach you many things, but perhaps the most important are the lessons of the heart, and being a leader of your life. Heart consciousness is where true life begins. The rest is mind. And you know where it takes you.

We are living in times of increasing chaos which I believe will reach its crescendo in the following years. By then, insanity will become the new normal and life will resemble a psychiatric asylum more and more. For some it might appear as the end of the world, for others, a new beginning. Whichever is the case, social Darwinism is upon us and these are the times you should take your sanity seriously and do what it takes to protect it.

Huachuma medicine is the spiritual well I am drinking from to sustain my spiritual well-being, but you have to find the one that speaks to you most. All plant teachers have the same capacity to illuminate you, it’s only a matter of having a greater resonance with a particular plant. In a similar way, we fall in love and live with one person. Grandparents don’t compete, they are too old and wise for it – the same goes for our sacred plant teachers who are our spiritual grandparents. They are simply here to help us find our way through darkness, confusion and fear, discover our inner light and light our lives with it while helping one another. It’s time to drop your fears of the unknown and embrace it wholeheartedly, for you might get stronger and wiser on the other side.

Immunity to mind control is what I’m getting at here. Mind control that has been perfected by cultural mechanisms and social engineering. From all the possessions you might have in your life, self-ownership is the greatest. Otherwise, who is living your life in your body? I would offer a new term, spiritual capitalism, that simply means cashing in on your life experiences and enjoying the dividends of the gained wisdom. It’s a free market in which you only compete with time.

Make your profit daily and enjoy the fruits of your labor. It’s the only guaranteed investment out there and it’s all yours when you are conscious of how to use it.

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Sergey Baranov is the founder of Huachuma Wasi, a healing center in The Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru. He is the author of Path: Seeking Truth in a World of LiesThe Mescaline Confession: Breaking Through the Walls of Delusion and The Cactus of Sanity: Huachuma in a Time of Chaos. Sergey’s passion for life on Earth and its preservation is the driving force behind his work. You can contact Sergey at

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