Unleashing Your Multidimensionality: Parable of Lao Tzu and the Dragon

June 22nd, 2021

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

On one of the walls at Openhand HQ in Glastonbury is a favourite painting of the ancient mystic Lao Tzu playing a small harp, and in so doing, unleashing a mighty blue air dragon. It’s an inspiring picture for sure, and to me, sings volumes about unleashing our greater multidimensionality and what can transpire when we do.

It’s about breaking open the limitation of the small “I’ – the identity, then with subtle feeling perception, connecting and embodying the majesty of the higher dimensional self.

Belief is Not Enough

When I came across the painting I was completely mystified by it. The picture of this diminutive and humble monk playing to an extraordinarily colourful, mystical and highly alchemical creature. At first part of me identified with Lao Tzu, but the deeper I looked, the more I was engaged by the mighty dragon. The painting narrated a progressive story that spoke into my own journey at the time.

I was exploring the tremendous creative power of the higher self, expressed as a blue air dragon – it’s a metaphor of the nature of the Toridal Flow that animates all life. What does it take to open up enough to activate and animate this Universal Torus?

Belief that it’s possible is essential. But belief by itself is not nearly enough. It has to do with the art of transcendence. You’re drawn through life by the possibility that there’s something much greater than what you witness merely on the surface. Through deep meditation and challenging the limitation of the bodymind ego, you start to unfold into the quantum field, from which all crystallises. This is totally magical when you start to experience it in the beginning – random acts of divine magic manifest around you in life.

It’s so awe inspiring, that at first, you can’t quite convince yourself that you’re actually doing it. That is until it starts happening plentifully, and you witness it adjoining the times where you have really opened up.

Breakthrough into The Quantum Field

When you hit this point, the likelihood is that you’ll experience the realisation that centering and embodying yourself in the quantum field is the place to really be in life – the only place to be! This is the field of truth, where the crystallisation of it so often leads to limiting distortion. What if you could simply live in this divine flow?

To experience the maximum amount of higher dimensional creative flow, is to reach the precipice where all small self identification has disappeared – you become the flow itself. To achieve this is spiritual mastery. I believe we’re all destined for it, but you have to really commit to attain it, you have to be all-in. What this means is first activating the flow – the dragon – by opening up, surrendering and letting go. You then have to align with the sense of rightness that starts to flow through you in daily life. But this is only the beginning, it only gives you the taster of the dragon, which is still somehow separate to you.

As the power of this mystical energy starts to speak into you, it’s going to move you in such a manner as to test and activate all the inner ties of limitation: in the mind for example where you doubt yourself or where you have poverty consciousness; on the emotional plane where you struggle with setting boundaries in relationship; or in the physical where you seek the crutch of soft comfort. This is where becoming the monk is essential – you have to apply some of the ancient practices in your life to feel the contracting attachments and break through them. Here at Openhand we apply the Breakthrough Approach, which is a modern synthesis of some of the ancient wisdoms…

Explore the Openhand Breakthrough Approach

The Dragon as the Universal Torus

The more you become that which is challenging the small “I” identification, all the fears and ties that hold you back, then these ties transform into the strings that play the multidimensional music – each distortion breaks open to reveal a hidden gift of the soul. The more you then play this melody, the more you unleash the power of the dragon. You find yourself becoming the dragon: it expresses and speaks through you – it manifests magically around you. You start to unleash the phenomenal power of the Universal Torus.

“Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with worry and fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dream. Water them with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success. Always be on the lookout for ways to turn a problem into an opportunity for success. Always be on the lookout for ways to nurture your dream.”
Lao Tzu

The Dragon is a mystical being. In the painting it looks powerful, alchemical and strongly imposing. But under its mighty creative power lies a deftness of touch aswell. It can articulate sweetly and softly, speaking into the tiniest moments of synchronicity. Or it can swoop and blaze and storm. It all depends on how the universal flow is wanting to animate at that time. It does so with compassion but never weakness, strength but never crushing, creativity but never overriding. It’s purpose is to unleash the same kind of creative power in those it comes into contact with – to animate the flower of life in all.

Understanding the Metaphysics of the Universal Torus

Healing Your Wounded Dragon

I share my short parable of Lao Tzu and Dragon with you so as to inspire your practice and inquiry. It’s simply beyond words at what can transpire as you progressively break down the many layers of the egoic self. It’s a mighty challenge indeed, but mightily worth it. Each layer unveils a new gift of beingness, a new string to your harp, which begins to play a melody, so sweet and so compelling, that it can’t fail to conjure the mighty mystical dragon of the Universal Torus into your life.

And to start you on your quest, I felt to share this Openhand video on healing the wounded dragon, which offers some essential pointers on how to break down layers of the ego that limit. If that inspires you, it’s followed by a link to a download meditation you might practice.

“Healing the Wounded Dragon”.
Meditation MP3 audio download

A deeply moving meditation designed to help heal the wounded dragon within: for both men and women, to empower our lives courageously.

Listen Freely Here
Download: £3.00 (GBP) (approx US$4.00)

In alchemical support

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Originally published at www.openhandweb.org and reproduced here with permission.

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