Anger: Does it Exist?

June 29th, 2021

By Harry Krueger

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

All negative emotions have at their root the divisive energy of anger.

Without the false belief of believing ourselves to being something that we are not (aberrant mind), there would be no anger.

From childhood we have been subtly coerced away from the completion of our maturing process. Those responsible for our decent into darkness (not sharing in the light of the Beloved) are our care-takers (family, friends, the educational system, government and social institutions).

If we were not deceived by the ones who falsely claim to love us, we would discover through Life’s Natural maturing process that our grand-design would automatically be enjoined with Creation (the Beloved). That unification makes possible for pristine awareness (the soul) to never have to make choices in its daily responses to living challenges. Pristine awareness would immediately discern that its content-less (pristine) nature is the canvas upon which Life Expresses Itself.

It is not possible for pristine awareness to experience the state of loneliness because its intrinsic nature is that of aloneness. That state, even when in the company of others, never loses its original face (aloneness).

Pristine awareness does not depend upon the company of others for its sense of being, but rather in its Eternal aloneness.

In other words, while enjoying the company of others, the state of aloneness precedes all relationships. When relationships are temporarily interrupted, there is no feeling of loneliness. Loneliness demands to be constantly occupied because its false nature is emotionally dependent upon the other (thoughts).

In our divisive state as aberrant mind, whenever our false beliefs are not being fulfilled or when others intimidate us so as to create doubts about our beliefs, we become upset and angry, because deep within we have doubts about our identity. That doubt is always there in the background as the cloud of un-knowing.

Anger is a stealth form of death. Anger is the only means we know in how to protect those false beliefs (ourselves).

In order to effectively persuade another, it must be done through the Heart (Life’s Covenant). That friendly persuasion neutralizes the others false persona so that there may be a plausible chance to be heard. With the judgmental energy NO chance is possible.

To be forever free from anger (including all of its proxy forms of negative emotions) the Beloved has provided only one exit, the door of apperception (a seeing that is beyond aberrant mind and sometimes referred to as meditation).

Begin the path to freedom from the known (past incarnations of aberrant mind) by simultaneously being aware of the outer environment and oneself. That beginning is also the first and last step to being free from anger and all other negative emotions. If anger exists as something that is self-generated, then our existence as a human race would be short lived.

Our Unification with the Beloved (Life’s Covenant) as the “Way, The Truth And The Life” is also my wish for you.

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About the author:

California-based Harry Krueger has spent the past 40+ years working to awaken humanity to concepts of peace freedom and consciousness.  When he was 35 years old, he discovered a book by Sri Krishnamurti (which he read 7 times in a row) and it changed his outlook and consciousness forever. Harry is now 92, and has never looked back.

Through his writing, Harry explores the glorious reality of who we human Beings truly are, and offers insights to help us to break through the false identification of who we are not.

“Life is real (and only then) when living the attentive life”

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