Discover How to Fortify Your Physical and Spiritual Immune Systems on a Quantum Level – FREE Online Biofeedback Workshop

Western medicine’s approach has always looked at just the anatomical and biochemical model of healing. It wants to figure out what hurts and provide some wondrous pharmacological elixir to fix it?.

And how’s that working out for us?

Well, we’re sick and getting sicker. Seventy-seven percent of older Americans have at least two chronic diseases, and that’s projected to double to FOUR debilitating long-term ailments in our aging population by 2035.

Modern medicine wants to “cure” what ails us, but it doesn’t have a clue how to “heal” us.

It’s time for a different approach. Join us for a FREE online workshop to learn how you can cultivate vibrant health by learning how painful memories and insecurities can create energetic patterns that hinder your wellness on a cellular level:

Discover How to Fortify Your Physical and Spiritual Immune Systems on a Quantum Level – FREE Online Biofeedback Workshop

Your host for this empowering hour is Mona Delfino, author of The Sacred Language of the Human Body, energy medicine practitioner, and shamanic teacher, who believes that we are made whole when we are truly healed. She contends that to find wholeness, your emotional, mental, and spiritual selves must be in sync with your physical body.

That’s because your physical body acts as the conduit for any traumas held by your emotional, mental, or spiritual selves. When negative energies aren’t dealt with, the body is the last to know, but the first to show — trauma gets stuck in the body, showing up in the form of dis-ease.

In this free, one-hour mini-workshop, Mona will show you how trauma in the body is remembered and stored on a cellular level. You’ll see how when negative energy is left unattended, blockages can occur and manifest themselves physically. Your biological responses, your specific pains and illnesses, aren’t random — they are the result of your hardships and how you’ve responded to them, going as far back as childhood.

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During this online event, Mona will delve into how emotional insecurity is the overarching cause of illness. Insecurity is insidious because it’s the starting place of doubt, fear, and misunderstandings.

Your brain, nervous, and immune systems, as well as your adrenals, create a complex interrelationship between your body and mind. When you begin to recognize that your insecurities are constraining you, you’ll see how to treat them as a toxic malignancy, knowing that they need to be excised for true healing to begin.

In this informative one-hour event, you’ll:

  • Look at your own insecurities and recognize what it looks like to move from fear to freedom
  • Discover what a “pain body” is and how you can liberate yourself from it
  • Do a biofeedback practice to support yourself through a specific insecurity where you’ll work on being able to shift your thoughts on the spot
  • See how you can look at past memories to heal yourself
  • Be able to recognize how your perceptions of the world around you relate to your sense of self-worth

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As you start clearing negativity and fears, your innate healing energies can kick in. You’ll feel your aches and pains begin to subside — and that momentum will then carry itself into your thoughts and feelings, lifting you up with a boundless buoyancy.

And that, in turn, will begin the healing of your true essence — giving your spiritual immune system the boost it needs to truly heal and thrive.

Mona will lead you in a life-changing biofeedback practice where she’ll have you step into your biggest insecurity. You’ll settle into a deep, quiet, all-knowing place inside yourself where you become the observer. You’ll watch this distant “you” talk about your fears and you’ll support and guide yourself — so you can find resiliency, get unstuck, and open to an opportunity that you might have been too afraid to explore before.

When the darkness of negativity lifts, you’ll feel healthier and happier — and better equipped to act and live more boldly in the world.

We’ll see you there!