Discover the Science Behind Your Heart’s Intelligence – FREE Heart Coherence Practice Online Workshop

Cultures around the world have believed the heart was the epicenter of the body and responsible for our feelings, thoughts, and behavior. Interestingly enough, science today is starting to support this perspective, finding that our energetic heart — not our brain — acts as the gateway to our higher self.

Our heart is more than just an organ that circulates blood throughout our body — many in modern science believe the heart is more powerful, healing, and transformative than we ever realized.

The heart, with approximately 40,000 neurons, sends more neural signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. Our hearts are so reactive and dynamic that they respond to intuitive signals first — and the brain then follows suit.

Learn what it takes to achieve “heart coherence,” where the heart, brain, and nervous system are aligned and in sync, giving you inner peace, a renewed sense of energy, clearheadedness, and a strong immune system – join us for a FREE online workshop which will tell you all you need to know:

Discover the Science Behind Your Heart’s Intelligence: Experience a Heart Coherence Practice to Shift from Stress and Negativity to Calm and Wellbeing

Research by the HeartMath Institute shows that the patterns of our heart rhythms reflect in our emotional states. When we’re hit with a stressor, we get out of sync, which impairs mental functions and then we go into “fight, flight, or freeze” mode.

Our sympathetic nervous system mobilizes energy, while our parasympathetic system works to return the body to its “rest and digest” mode. When these two systems are out of sync, we experience erratic and chaotic heart rhythms, which leads to internal discord that can take a tremendous toll on our body and mind.

Your host for this FREE event is Rollin McCraty, PhD, Director of Research at the HearthMath, who has studied how positive emotions like love or gratitude can put our body back in harmony and stabilize the rhythms of the heart. In this ideal state of coherence, the heart’s electromagnetic energy transmits waves of healing, inner peace, and wellbeing that not only affects us, but others around us.

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In this free, one-hour, science-based workshop, Rollin will show you what it takes to achieve “heart coherence.” You’ll discover how to reach a state of balance in which the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems stop playing an unhealthy game of tug-of-war with one another, and allow you to shift into a heart-coherent state to quickly help you focus, feel calm, and improve your state of mind.

You’ll look at the science of coherence and how the elements of all things — from atoms to galaxies — communicate at a profound, fundamental level. This interconnectedness, which happens via biological fields and invisible magnetic fields, influences our health and behaviors, and even correlates with major world events like earthquakes and war.

Rollin will show you how you can apply “coherence” — when the heart, brain, and nervous system operate in sync with each other — to be more conscious and intuitive about how you respond to external situations instead of with your same old stress-induced responses and behavior patterns. You’ll learn different ways to better manage anxiety, improve cognitive performance, and connect with a deeper intuitive awareness.

Rollin will introduce a practice called the Quick Coherence Technique, which can help you get in sync and achieve and maintain composure and balance. This exercise will demonstrate how, with practice, you can intentionally develop greater heart coherence anytime, anywhere so you can manage stressful and uncomfortable situations for extended periods of time with less conscious effort.

Grab your free place at this Heart Coherence workshop here and get ready to discover:

  • What heart coherence is and the power of it
  • How one of the most effective ways to be heart coherent is through emotional self-regulation
  • The ways in which negative and positive emotions can impact your hormonal and nervous systems
  • How heart coherence can positively transform each of us — and simultaneously improve social and global harmony
  • A quick and simple practice you can use on the fly anytime you want to self-regulate and shift into a more heart-coherent state

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to understand how your heart, brain and nervous system can truly work as a team – transforming your life and giving you the keys to effortlessly handle stress and anxiety; in these uncertain times, this knowledge truly is a game-changer.

To heart coherence and its incredible benefits!