Shamanic Wisdom: Reconnect with Nature-Based Wisdom Traditions to Awaken and Heal – FREE 5-Day Online Event

During these times of rampant division, confusion, and unrest, many are longing for balance, groundedness, and restored wholeness. Do you find yourself silently thirsting for the healing balm inherent in nature and nature-based traditions… as well as to your own wild wisdom?

Join us in a journey with world-renowned elders, mystics, and sacred lineage-holders to discover the transformational power of Earth-based traditions — to gain clarity and personal insight, and to reclaim your sacred place in this world.

Shamanic Wisdom: Reconnect with Nature-Based Wisdom Traditions to Awaken and Heal – FREE 5-Day Online Event

At this completely free event, you’ll experience shamanic teachings and practices to guide you through a process of rediscovery, hearing the guidance of Spirit, and living an authentic, empowered life.

You’ll discover teachings from across the globe — from the Amazon to Europe to Africa and more, from more than 40 esteemed global teachers and healers. While each tradition may radically differ from the others, they all emerged from similar core perspectives that point to the same universal principles.

Explore philosophies, practice, ceremonies, and rituals from Pervian, Andean, Incan, Mayan, Celtic, Nepali, and First Nations traditions (and more!) for spiritual connection and deep healing… with nature, ourselves, and one another.

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Whatever your life’s path or calling, this incredible FREE event will grant you access to not only traditional Indigenous practices but also teachings that integrate time-honored wisdom with more contemporary psychology and spiritual systems.

The renowned guides who are speaking in this gathering represent many diverse traditions that can help you connect with the spirit allies and resources you need to create healing and regeneration at all levels of your life.

The simple techniques you’ll receive can help your nervous system integrate and digest the sheer enormity of the global change that’s happening — enabling you to face the future with more groundedness, calm, and readiness.

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  • An introduction to ancient Inca solar codes of Inti Muju — and how to integrate the practices to begin a path of healing and transformation
  • A simple yet powerful Indigenous ceremony using your breath, the sacred element of air
  • The “great reckoning” we are living through — and how it is an opportunity to sit with the uncomfortable to bring about compassion, new awareness, and deep healing
  • How modern-day shamanic practices have evolved from ancient wisdom traditions — and why we are at risk of losing valuable healing methods
  • An understanding of these times as fulfillment of prophecy
  • The spiritual wisdom that animals offer to inspire us to live a harmonious life
  • What “wild wisdom” is — and simple ways to practice and develop your wild wisdom to regrow your mystical roots
  • Powerful methods to reestablish your connection with the natural world as the blueprint for a harmonious way of living
  • A life pattern for human beings to follow based on the unity of the Skyworld, Celestial Beings, and Mother Earth
  • A unique process to activate and create a bridge between our own body and the outer universe through chants, rituals, and appropriate offerings
  • Effective ancestral practices and ways to embody steady, grounded service through the demands of the times
  • How to embrace the dark for healing — dissolving your fears and claiming your courage
  • The return of the Divine Feminine as a way to co-create a humbler, more just, and holier way of being
  • Who the “hidden people” are — and why they are critical to a healthy, vibrant environment
  • Timeless techniques for staying centered during times of intense change
  • The power of owning your impact on the earth as a sacred responsibility
  • How to heal personal and generational trauma, and thus heal your relationship with the entire Universe
  • How to harness “future porting” as a process to tap into the wisdom and guidance of your future self

This life-enhancing event is designed to help you find a clear pathway through the chaos, disruption, and confusion of our present world — and discover deeper states of unity, sacred connection, and heart-healing that’s available to you.

We hope you’ll join this special event to receive deep insights, rituals, and guidance for sacred living from some of the world’s most revered elders and teachers of this ancient path from diverse Earth-based wisdom traditions.

The knowledge of our ancestors and elders is needed now more than ever — as we navigate through times of illness, ecological suffering, painful division, and societal disruption.

If you want to play your part as an earth-centered community guide who travels between worlds to gather and transmit healing information – don’t miss this amazing Shamanic Wisdom event

We’ll see you there!