Activate a New Level of Reality With Energy Medicine for Accelerated Healing and Manifestation – FREE Online Workshop

The “new normal” arising as the pandemic wanes brings hope and positive expectations, yet perhaps you’re still feeling lost or stuck… or just plain burned-out from the chaos of the past year and a half. Many are recovering from a landslide of unexpected changes — job challenges, financial trials, new health issues, loss of loved ones, even confusion about identity and purpose.

The good news is that we each hold within us potent energetic forces that can help us create the changes we desire in our lives… quickly and continually. These forces are accessed with the help of outside powers, such as energy radiated by light rays, electromagnetic scalar waves, and even the healing energies of spirit allies.

Think of the Herculean moments you’ve heard about, such as when a mother lifts a car to free her child from beneath a tire. According to preeminent intuitive and world-renowned healer Cyndi Dale, this level of will and strength is more attainable than you may think. It’s a matter of learning to work with the forces within us and the energetic powers around us.

Join Cyndi for a FREE online workshop to find out more:

Activate a New Level of Reality With Energy Medicine for Accelerated Healing and Manifestation: Learn How to Access Swift and Profound Transformation

During this fascinating online workshop with Cyndi, you’ll learn how you hold generative and degenerative polarity forces within you that affect your physical and emotional health… and life.

Degenerative forces, for example, may be creating stuck energies manifesting as allergies, low self-worth, or unhealthy relationships. And these and other problems may be empowered by generative forces that are upholding them.

Cyndi will show you how to clear stuck forces and realign misguided ones to create a harmonious energetic balance that enables you to heal and move forward in your life… and enjoy greater fulfillment, vitality, and joy.

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During this self-empowering hour with Cyndi, you’ll:

  • Learn how to renew powerful energetic forces within you — and access empowering invisible pathways around you — for fast and profound healing and manifestation
  • Discover that you hold generative and degenerative forces and how they can be used to cultivate and amplify beneficial energies — and break through and clear stuck and unbeneficial energies
  • Discover the 4 pathways through which you can access healing generative and degenerative forces, powerful innate qualities, and the help of spirit allies
  • Learn about the Power Pathway used by the ancients and shamans, and how you can access it for swift, potent, and continual change — in all areas of your life
  • Experience a powerful guided visualization to identify a generative or degenerative force within you and access the Power Pathway to feel the “love in motion” effects of balancing these forces and how this can help transform a life issue

Are you ready to transform following the unprecedented challenges of the last 18 months?

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It’s time. Access the energy you already have and learn how to bring about the profound healing and manifestation you so deserve.

To positive change!