Psychedelics in the COVID Era: Yes, We Can

September 9th, 2021

By Sergey Baranov

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Do you know how it feels to be right after a very long time of being perceived as being wrong and looked at like a crazy person? Not crazy in a clinical sense but crazy in a sense of making awful predictions that are completely detached from reality at the time. Well, it’s a mixture of feelings. It feels good for the ego to be vindicated but at the same time, it feels bad for the spirit to see all the suffering and pain in the world that I have seen in my visions a decade ago.

Quite honestly, I would rather be wrong and seen as a conspiracy nut or whatever other derogatory term people might want to use to label me. It would be so much better if my darkest visions of the future had simply been hallucinations forever remaining in my mind. I would prefer to sustain the insults and down looking from people who would point fingers towards me: “Here is a doomsday guy who has never got it right”, they would say with an arrogant smile. Meanwhile, I wish the world would be fine, as we knew it prior to covid plandemic.

But the reality speaks otherwise.

It was 2010 when I had my first vision of the future during a Huachuma ceremony. We were at the ancient sacred site with a few people when the sky began to change. From a blue, it has turned rather fast into grey and then nearly black within a short amount of time. A storm was coming.

It is always beautiful to watch the lightning and hear the echoing sounds of thunder in the mountains. It’s an amazing feeling and scenery. A rainy season in the Peruvian Andes allows for deep introspection that is accompanied by the power of Nature.

I was sitting there watching the dark clouds moving towards one another from different sides. I was expecting lightning and thunder to shatter the silence that usually precedes a storm. Minutes after, there was first lightning followed by a powerful thunder. Its echo kept bouncing upon the mountains around us slowly leaving the site.

While I was sitting in the ancient ruins observing the celestial show and thinking how beautiful life truly is, I drifted into lucid dreaming in which I was transported to the United States, which I had left a year prior in 2009. But it wasn’t the place I lived in for 8 years. It wasn’t the America I knew. It was a place of great chaos, suffering, and pain. I was moving through the streets seeing buildings and cars on fire, people running around for shelter, others are laying on the ground motionless. This heavy, awful vision was accompanied by an extremely negative feeling of despair. I woke up from it with another deafening thunder.

The contrast between the world I saw in the vision and the world I was actually in was shocking. It was like waking up from a nightmare in your bed. The peaceful, beautiful mountain terrain with which I was surrounded at that time and the ancient human-made power place we came to visit, were serene and so much more joyous to observe. For the first time, I actually doubted my vision, while discrediting it for just having fears and a worry for the future. I tried to tell myself that this horrible vision was nothing else but a residual memory of some Hollywood movies I’ve seen in the past.

But the vision persisted. it became like a background for my mind. Like a screen saver, it was a reminding me of itself all the time. I didn’t know what to do with it. I couldn’t forget it but I also couldn’t share it with people because it was so dark, heavy and at the time completely unrealistic. When we approached 2012, the year that according to some interpretation of the Mayan’s calendar was signifying the end of a cosmic cycle, there would naturally be some doomsday sentiment. I associated my vision with it and thought that this might all come true then. I began to share this with some friends with the intent to warn them about the coming social collapse. But when 2012 came and nothing happened, people called me names. And rightly so. My dark predictions didn’t come true. The chaos that I saw in my vision in 2010, began to unfold 10 years later, when the world has observed American cities being engulfed in flames during the violent riots that gripped America in 2020.

Although I felt somewhat relieved, thinking that my apocalyptic vision was just a hallucination that I could put to rest, I kept thinking about it. It just was too real to ignore or forget.

But this wasn’t over. Another disturbing vision came five years later, somewhere around 2015 when I saw the end of humanity. After an awful journey into a future run by the machines, I returned to Earth feeling shattered. I remember that day walking home while hearing the song being played in my head by the Doors called “The End”.

This vision was so real and shocking that I lost sleep over a week after that. I have described it in my second book The Mescaline Confession: Breaking Through the Walls of Delusion. This vision felt differently and much more hopeless. Obviously, it wasn’t a local event anymore. I thought that perhaps I am going crazy and that’s how crazy people see the world. But there wasn’t much craziness in all of this other than the end result. In this vision, I could actually see the dark forces which were gathering themselves above Earth like stormy clouds before the storm. It wasn’t scary but very sad.

“Does it all have to happen? Is this an inevitability or a probability?” I was silently asking the cactus spirit. I didn’t get the answer at that time. I had to wait longer.

Five more years passed when I had a third disturbing vision. I described it in an article here and in fact, I included it in the latest book The Cactus of Sanity: Huachuma in the Time of Chaos. In the third vision that I had on January 1st, 2020, I was shown the world we are living in today. I felt it approaching us and could smell it in the air. I published this article on January 12, 2020, two weeks before we heard about COVID infection in China for the first time.  In this vision, I saw great changes coming into our world but I wasn’t shown the trigger. When we have heard about the COVID outbreak in China, I knew that was it.

And here we are, September of 2021, actually living in the New World Order, which was officially born on March 16th of 2020 when a global coordinated effort was made and an order issued to shut down the planet. This ugly monster is just one and a half years old but its destructive power cannot be ignored by anyone on the planet. No one can believe how fast the world of freedom that we have been enjoying has vanished. Literally overnight.

Life was going in one direction and suddenly, it went another way.

I was born in the Soviet Union under a Communist regime. I grew up there and I remember it. We were saved from it by emigrating out of there in 1989, two years before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Then, I thought, this nightmare has been left behind. We moved to a free country which has democracy and freedom at the time. But not for long.

Another emigration followed and I came to America, the land of the free and home of the brave, which today is looking more like the land of the slave. Apparently, the evil spirit of Communism has not evaporated in the fire of history but has persisted through it to the modern-day. As you can clearly see, there is nothing theoretical about the rampant tyranny under which we all are living now. It’s all a fact that is staring you in the face and there is simply no turning away from this. It is in all directions regardless of where you look. The New World World dictatorship came through medical tyranny, which is now sweeping the globe. Suddenly, once free people began to feel like prisoners, literally looked down and locked up in their own homes. Being put under house arrest without committing a crime. Plans for the future and travels have been canceled and life is being put on a torturous pause. The NWO medical tyranny that dictates its will to the presidents and prime ministers of countries, knows no borders. For it, it’s all one world that is governed by the powers that shouldn’t be. Being long in the making, global governance has finally been announced with an iron fist and a mandatory deadly injection. And this is all just the beginning. This ugly monster is growing fast and when and if it will reach maturity, which I think won’t take longer than a decade or sooner, while eventually merging with Artificial Intelligence (AI) it will be unstoppable. This, I believe, or perhaps even half of this time is the window we have to change the curse for humanity. The world in 2025 will be already far gone into dystopian tyranny.

But the answer that I was seeking and mentioned above, about if it was inevitability or probability, did come later. And it was hopeful.

The end of humanity was shown to me as a probability, not an inevitability. I have seen a crossroads in which our species were standing. One road leads to a better future for all and another to oblivion. It was up to the people to chose the course. I saw this during the pandemic of 2020, when alone with my non-human friend and faithful ally, the Huachuma cactus, I was walking in the mountains away from all this insanity and fear that was unleashed on all of us during the last year.

It was as clear as day that the solution to this global crisis was simple. It was unity among the people, coming together from all walks of life and standing up to the dictatorship of the New World Order. This in fact was the antidote to the evil agenda to enslave and destroy humanity. It explains the tremendous efforts that we have seen in the U.S. to divide the people and create racial war. What a great way to make people hate one another while distracting them from the real threat! This division, however, has now grown into a new kind, the vaxxed and the unvaxxed. The same pathetic, corrupt, and evil media that was working overtime in order to ensure the maximum amount of racial hatred, is now working overtime to present the unvaxxed as sub-humans and a danger to society, which is obviously absurd. Why would the people who are vaxxed be afraid of those who aren’t if they are protected by the vaccine? And if the vaccine does not provide you with immunity against the virus, then first it is not a vaccine, and second why take it? The point of a vaccination is to protect you from disease.

But apparently, the cancel culture and its mindless campaign of canceling everything, has also canceled reason and common sense, thus essentially canceling itself. It’s as dumb as cancer which kills itself as it killing the host.

If you haven’t read history and are unaware of the Nazi-style segregation, I suggest you look into it fast, for it is exactly the same textbook that is being played out today. The unvaxxed are the new Jews. It was an American philosopher George Santayana who in his work “The Life of Reason: Reason in Common Sense”, said: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. So truthful and prophetic.

When I was growing up, I liked reading history books. Even the darkest episodes in it I found fascinating. How was it possible for people to fall into the Dark Ages of Inquisition when innocent people were burned at stake? How was it possible for 20 million people to die from starvation during the Stalin regime? How was it possible for the six million Jews to leave their homes and found themselves being stripped naked and killed in the gas chambers with their children? How was it possible for the government to do mass killings via man-made famines, executions, forced imprisonment, and labor? This is history, not theories. How could these heinous crimes against humanity be done? But an even more urgent question I’ve had while reading history, was: “Can this happen again in our time?” I was asking this question myself when I was in my teens. It felt so unlikely then. The world seemed to be civilized.

Unfortunately, today, when I am asking myself this question again, the answer I hear in my mind is YES, it can happen and most likely it will happen in the very near future. Auschwitz 2.0 might be closer than you think. And the yellow star that was once put on the Jews in order to dehumanize and justify their murder, is now being put on the unvaxxed, those who believe that their bodies is their choice, and everyone else who has not lost an ability to think. We are entering an extremely dangerous time starting this year.

If we don’t come together and disobey the illegal, immoral, tyrannical ruling, our children will inherit a world not worth living in.

This is the time to speak up and speak out and stand firmly against tyrants. And if you think about it, there is nothing to be afraid of. What is scarier than having our children live in a Mad Max world run by new Hitlers and Stalins? You are scared to be censored or fired and lose your income but prefer to keep your job while losing your soul? What a great time to self-reflect and see how screwed up our priorities in life actually are.

7 years ago I wrote an article called New World Order for Dummies which you can read here. I guess that those who laughed at me then, ain’t laughing now. But it’s not the time for feeling good by getting even. It’s the time for unity and sanity if we want to have a future.

Meanwhile, while humanity tries to come to its senses, Nature is available, continuously and graciously providing us with an abundance of healing energies. We are living in a world in which connection implies Wi-Fi, when in fact, we are more disconnected from Nature, and now from one another, than people have been in any time in human history. Lost in a holographic, digital illusion, which the lords of our world wish to impose on us even further, to a point of merging us with the machines, we can barely see beyond the veil of digits. Our phones, which have already become an extension of ourselves to a great extent, are getting closer to us, and eventually they might become small enough to be swallowed. Dehumanized and microchipped humanity will be easily guided by Artificial Intelligence, which will be controlled by the same people who are selling us gadgets in nice boxes. While swallowing tech might appeal to some in the future as being a lovely dish, personally, I will remain faithful to nature and will keep consuming plant medicine, which is the best therapist one can ever swallow.

Keeping your human connection and your sanity intact, it’s just a good idea that is constantly reinforced through psychedelic experience. Of course, it implies intent, set, and setting, a subject that has already been discussed, but if these conditions are met, positive results will follow the experience.

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About the author:

Sergey Baranov is the founder of Huachuma Wasi, a healing center in The Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru. He is the author of Path: Seeking Truth in a World of LiesThe Mescaline Confession: Breaking Through the Walls of Delusion and The Cactus of Sanity: Huachuma in a Time of Chaos. Sergey’s passion for life on Earth and its preservation is the driving force behind his work. You can contact Sergey at

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