Demystifying the Herbal Formulas of Chinese, Ayurvedic and Western Plant Medicine for Enhanced Healing, Immunity and Resilience – FREE Online Workshop

If you’re like many of us, you probably have a cabinet full of medicines for everything under the sun. But do you ever stop and wonder about alternatives that may be safer, more effective, and far less expensive than what we’re buying over the counter?

If you prefer a holistic form of healing that allows you to take control of your health — with prevention and the treatment of symptoms in mind — then look no further than plants in the great outdoors.

But how do you get started with natural medicine? Why not join us for a FREE workshop which will set you off down the path of natural healing:

Demystifying the Herbal Formulas of Chinese, Ayurvedic and Western Plant Medicine for Enhanced Healing, Immunity and Resilience – FREE Online Workshop

Our host for this empowering hour is David Crow, one of the world’s leading experts in botanical medicine and grassroots healthcare; David will explore highly effective plant medicine formulas and how they serve different functions when they are consumed.

Discover how herbal medicine works on a holistic level, strengthening the body from the inside out — not masking symptoms, but providing an effective, safer, and more sustainable approach to healing.

David will show you several reputable store-bought herbal medicines — what’s in their formulas and how they aid different ailments ranging from digestion problems to stress.

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In this fascinating hour, you’ll discover:

  • Some of the most important formulas found in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Western plant medicine traditions — some dating back over a thousand years — that do everything from building up your immune system to supporting liver and kidney function
  • How to use readily available herbs and spices to create 3 formulas, following important principles of herbal compounding, for common digestive problems
  • How to create blend infusions, decoctions, tinctures, powders, and essential oils
  • Three ancient formulas from Traditional Chinese Medicine for treating the physical consequences from different forms of stress
  • A classical Ayurvedic formula for rejuvenation — and how to know if it’s appropriate for your constitution
  • How to demystify the formulas of plant medicines sold in stores

David will share his knowledge about how certain plant preparations promote healing through their mineral and vitamin content. Some herbs can be used to cleanse your body and increase your energy, while others help filter and eliminate the many toxins we absorb or ingest as part of daily life.

Learn how pharmaceuticals today are largely prescribed to mask symptoms without getting to the root cause of the illness. That’s alarming because not only can the synthetic nature of drugs create toxicity within the body, such drugs can become ineffective and cause other health-related issues after long-term use.

Plants, on the other hand, contain many of the same compounds we have in our bodies, which enables cellular recognition and the ability to break down compounds. With proper medical supervision, many people can confidently turn to plant medicine to free themselves from prescription medications and their long-term side effects.

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We’re so focused on our busy lives these days that we’ve forgotten how to care for ourselves, prevent illness, and treat simple ailments when they occur.

However, after David’s workshop, you’ll be able to confidently walk into any pharmacy, natural product store, or health food store, and buy a high-quality botanical formulated that works best for you.

We’ll see you there!